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Superdawg, A New Lease On Life

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When I started to look for a truck to build a RV toter, I really wasn't looking for a Mack. When a customer told me he had 2 sitting out back that he would sell me for $500 with one of them running,(but with a broken frame and totally trashed from having a log loader on it for years) I jumped at the opportunity. I found another sitting in a pasture for $250. Another was taken in on a job for payment( this one was so rusty that the top of the cab blew off while driving it home!)

SuperDawg, in the beginning

This is what he looked like before I drug him out of the pasture and proceeded to spend the next 2 years rebuilding from one end to the other. I literally drug these trucks home, I used a customer's lowboy and a log skidder to load and haul. I would grapple the back of the frame and drag them onto the lowboy.

My other half looked at what I had brought home and asked " you are going to what with that JUNK!!?

A buddy of mine gave me the KW sleeper that is on it and the flatbed came off of my former F450 Super Duty.

I kept the EM6 300 engine and added a Fuller RTOO9513 tranny and a 3:55 Rockwell rear on air ride. The cab and sleeper are mounted on a air ride subframe also.

Aftr many hours labor and more dollars than I whish to disclose, here's SuperDawg at his finest to date.

SuperDawgs a show winner

We took a first place trophy at the local 4th of July car show last year!

There are still several modifications and additions still forthcoming ahead, but some other projects sort of got in the way :pat: .

We plan to do some extensive RV traveling in the near future, so he will live a life of luxury and leisure I am sure. So far we have pulled the 16K 5er about 15K miles and he gets around 8.5-9 MPG. This truck is also registered as a motorhome.

Here's a pic of him with his Dawghouse.

SuperDawg and his Dawghouse


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Excellent work! Superdawg looks GREAT!

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