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here is a photo of the rh stub axle which failed on the truck recently. because the unit is a right hand drive the stubs lug that attaches to the draglink, broke around the upper kingpin bearing, it had been broken from the rear side for a while , then ripped off when the truck was reversing, It was not picked up 6 months ago during its certificate of Fitness check.


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I've seen this before. An E6 350 Value Liner in Canberra Australia had pretty much the same failure about the time you posted this article. (Last year) It appeared to have been cracked almost right through for some time but didn't actually break off until the steer axle was partially bogged and the operator attempted to back out of the bog. It is probable that the vehicle had also been over the "shaker" at it's roadworthy inspection and that failure also not detected. It may be that there needs to be an international directive to inspect these for this potentially lethal problem. Details if required can be sourced and forwarded.


Tony M

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