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Just some info on Albany Truck Sales, The other day when i was looking for filters for my Mack, I thought I would try the local dealer, What a mistake that was :pat: After first being on hold for there parts dept. for over 20 mins, I was told by the parts counter guy that he was too busy to be botherd looking for obsolete oil filters. He then informed me to call back later and maybe he could "get into it" then. my impression = what a A-- ---E. [sorry for the nasty word] I have delt with this place before in my capacity as a Heavy Wrecker Operator for a large towing company here in N.Y. state. Every time we towed there was a hassle or a payment problem. Well there doing a good job of keeping a bad reputation for the Albany area. Just dont bother looking for help there if your up the creek for parts. It's too bad we don't have a dealership here like Watt's or Tidewater in the N.Y. area. Thank god for computers and Fed Ex. :mack1:

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Yup, have the same issues at local mack dealer here. I used to have connections, but when they got bought out everyone left and now they won't even try to find an air fitting if you ask. Simply disgusting.

I found another dealer(R&R Mack) to deal with and he seems pretty interested in helping...even though it's for a 48 yr old Mack!



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