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Ok guys, Where does a non Mack mechanic find out what Gear ratio's i have in my 1967 R-400 ?

The fellow i got the truck from said his father was always pissed cause it had a top speed of a blazing 58 mph. even with a 18 spd trans.. I know the older Macks are not speed demons but i do need to make a little time if i do start hauling with this rig. If i can change the ratio's is it mega expensive or are used gears still available?. I do live in a extreamly hilly area of the country so might need to keep the gears i have, I dont know. any help or opions would be great. thanx E.S.D. :idunno:

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The ratios should be stamped on the top of the carrier where the part number is...I can also look it up if you get me the model and vin off the truck (if the rears are original) otherwise, you'll probally have to dig into it and get numbers off the ends of the ring & pinion gears. Then we can work from there. It is hard to find new parts...you may have to find good used stuff to change the ratios...

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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Hey Barry, My VIN # is R403S2145 , I looked and could not find any ratios anywhere on my rears, Thanks for the help in looing these up. Oh Yeah, Did you have any luck on finding those NAPA 1237 Oil filters for my 465c scania mack engine?. Thanks again. Empire State Dog :idunno:

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