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Found 12 results

  1. We are looking to provide high quality (as good or better than home), but reasonably priced mattresses for Pinnacles. I need to gather data to understand the various sizes I would need to come up with, then which models that they fit. Is there any way to figure this out based on the VIN or is it more specific? I have poked around on the Macktrucks.com website and looked at the body builder stuff and have not come up with anything. Thanks for any and all help.
  2. Thanks to Fifthwheel for the hook-up on the Can-Am Bunk. Its in pretty good shape for sitting on top of a trailer for as long as it has. Fair price and loaded by crane to boot. It was a wonderful trip into Mass. and it was a pleasure to meet your friend Wayne and his son. Always a pleasure meeting more truck nuts...... Thanks again.
  3. Has anyone had success installing a sleeper on rails to an air ride R Model cab? I have seen that forum member Murranji is doing one but I really don't want to pull the R Model cab off again to mount the rail. Is there a way to mount some rails while leaving the cab mounted in the normal way? I have just spent considerable time repositioning my cab to a custom height and have had a walkthrough cutout done to suit a CH sleeper. Both cab and sleeper are painted and the next step was to mount the sleeper in a fixed position and attach rubber sock to the air ride cab. Have had delays with installers and now I am thinking I would prefer to have the sleeper attached to the cab instead of the chassis (with a couple of air bags at the rear of sleeper). The cab is sitting about 4 inches higher than standard so I have plenty of room underneath. Has anyone done this without pulling the cab off to mount it on a rail? Finally got everything in place and I don't want to go through that again - particularly given that cab is freshly painted. Any tips or photos?
  4. Hi, I hope I can get some urgent input from those in the know. I have someone fitting a sleeper to my R Model in the next few days. The R cab is on air but the sleeper will be fixed to the chassis and connected to the cab with a rubber sock. All brackets have been made and are ready for mounting but I just want to be sure we are doing the right thing with respect to the fixed sleeper height. If the cab is propped into its operating position as if full of air (ie. level), should the cab and sleeper openings line up or should the sleeper sit slightly lower than the cab? If so, by how much? My installer was thinking that the sleeper should sit about 15-20mm lower than the relative operating position of the cab so the sock is not over-stretched when the cab is in its resting position. Anyone have an opinion on this? Thanks
  5. Hey all, I've been doing some research to find who the manufacturer of the integral sleeper cabs was for the B Model? I know that this same manufacturer also made integral cans for other trucks as well, but I can't seem to come up with a name. Let me know. Thanks, CJ
  6. Anyone have a line on a sleeper similar to the factory sleepers installed on Mack Superliners??? Were they made by Able Body??? I have a decent sleeper to work with (Canadian Alumi-Bunk) (out of business) but want one with cut outs for the exhaust to be cab mounted with mufflers. Must be mid/highrise and at least 60" long and preferably over 86" in width Just need a good shell the rest I can handle. i priced a new one similar to below and we are talking $15,000. (Mama won't let me.....) Something similar to below would be optimal. Thanks.
  7. From the album: 1958 B67T Tilt bed

    The Freightliner sleeper is in good shape, and the upholstery is good in it too, this will come in handy! The bottom storage box is locked, and no key, should be fun finding out what is under there! Jimmy Hoffa? Lol
  8. From the album: 1958 B67T Tilt bed

    I deal in antique cars, so I will have to make some ramps, it has a tilt bed, so I will be able to haul two at a time when I need to, as I have a 20' car trailer
  9. I've almost convinced myself it wouldn't be a smart move to purchase this truck but I need a second and possibly a third and a fourth opinion to help convince me before I make my final decision. The truck is a 1999 Mack CH613 with a high top sleeper. It has about 900,000 miles on a E7-427 Mack engine and 10-speed Fuller transmission. The owner rebuilt the engine himself and after about 1000 miles an injector went bad. God only knows why but the shop he took it to completely tore down the engine, put the parts on a pallet then put both the truck and pallet outside. He believes it was because they thought he was just a "dumb ass truck driver" (his words) and didn't know he was actually a Certified Diesel Mechanic who rebuilt the engine himself. When he got the truck back the wrecker that towed it home didn't bring the pallet of parts. He only has 2 of the piston and rod assemblies, the turbo and possibly the rocker assemblies. The liners are not there but all the external parts (fan hub, alternator, starter, a/c, accessory drive, oil pump, power steering pump, harmonic balancer) are all still on the block. He said he couldn't afford to rebuild it again, especially with a rusted head and crank so it's been just sitting up for the last couple of years now. In his opinion the crank and head are too badly rusted to reuse and the truck will need a complete engine replacement. My friend, who has not seen the crank, thinks it can be polished and reused. We're looking to cut costs by repairing the engine instead of replacing it. Also we could possibly cut costs if it could be trailered the 160 miles to our shop but with the sleeper measuring approximately 12' 9" high the owner believes it will need to be towed by a wrecker. The owner is asking $3,000 for the truck. I think that's fair. Sold off for parts I believe it would bring much more than that. I've searched online and $7,000 minimum for an engine was the best I could do. He said it was an E7-427 engine but I also saw an E7-427 ETECH and I'm not familiar with that so I'm not really sure which one I should be pricing. I don't have a clue about towing so I'm guessing at least $1500-$2000 or more for that. I'm comparing all that to two running CH613's I saw online for $9,900 and $12,500. When you add it all up unless I can cut costs somewhere I'm thinking this would not be a smart buy. Now if you guys can offer some suggestions on how to cut costs or know somewhere I could get a short block cheaper then let me know. I join forums with the hopes of meeting people with more knowledge and experience than myself. In doing so I hope to educate myself and rid my mind of ignorance. Your participation in this discussion is greatly appreciated.
  10. http://www.ebay.com/itm/170946642749?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_101wt_1141 http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Mack-CH-CL-Vision-Granite-truck-Cab-Flairs-/00/s/OTk0WDc3Nw==/$T2eC16dHJGIE9nnWrdEFBQrQrd577w~~60_35.JPG
  11. I am looking for a new mattress for my Superliner, I need to measure for sure but I believe it is a 34" wide mattress with two corners notched for the exhaust notches in the sleeper does anyone know where to get a replacement?
  12. 2007 model makes A/C, heat and 110/ 220 volts. Kubota diesel engine with new, reman starter motor. All duct work, tubing, etc. taken from a 2007 CH sleeper. Call me at 603-239-7008 Thanks, Phil
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