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Found 17 results

  1. I have a 92 CL-700 with an E9-500. The engine brake works great when the engine isn't super warm, (i know, not the time to be running the jakes) but when it gets to normal operating temperature, it won't turn on. When I let off on the pedal, I can hear a buzzing coming from the dash but nothing happens. Occasionally if I leave it for a long time, the jake will eventually come on, but not always. If I leave the truck idling with the switch on, the jake will randomly come on and the engine will sound like a drowning water buffalo. It's a great truck other than that, leaves all our other ones in the dust, but I'm scared that I'm gonna end up with an unwanted hood ornament made by Ford, GM, or Chrysler if i can't get this brake working.
  2. Just got back from Canada and very happy. I closed a deal on 2 complete E9-500 MH's both run when parked, air ride 3.86 and 4.17, a spare complete E9-500 and a ton of MH parts. New exhaust in boxes. Good bumpers, grills, glass, visors, perfect tanks, no rail spread. Mack 18 in one, 12 spd in other and 13 Fuller on spare engine. Super nice guy had them for 10-12 years and did not have time or money to complete one. There was another MH E9 and spare engine that was not for sale. He has to sell off his stuff because the farm is going up for sale next year. Property taxes are killing him. Didn't really want all the stuff but it was a great deal that I could not pass by. From what he said there are a lot of E9 MH's up there by Vancouver because of the length laws and need for big power years ago. Thought I was done with the old dog rescue with the last one but am saving a lease one more. The dog house is almost full. I was so into looking at everything I did not take one photo. Is there more MH guys out there? They kind of grow on you.
  3. I am selling a full set of exhaust manifolds and turbo off an e9-500, from a 1995 cl713. The parts have 750,000 miles on them. The turbo was rebuilt at about 700,000 miles. I replaced them because I found all new manifolds and a 600hp turbo. The manifolds have pitting on the mating surfaces, but still function well. The turbo is a stock 500 hp unit and was working perfectly when removed. The fan clutch, from the same truck at 600k, was replaced in a failed attempt to fix a heating problem. The parts are located in western Colorado. $200 for all the manifolds, $200 for the turbo and $75 for the clutch. Offers welcome. Buyer responsible for shipping costs. Thanks for looking.
  4. Selling my 1986 RW due to health. It has 400k on inframe. It has an E9 500 backed up by a T2090 and 4.42 Mack Rears on Spring Suspension. It has all aluminum wheels and a wet kit that goes with the truck. With the truck I am adding in a COMPLETELY rebuilt AMBAC Fuel pump with 8 12MM Barrell injectors. I will not sell the fuel pump and injectors seperate they go with the truck. I had this fuel pump off another E9 and planned on putting it on this truck but never got around to it. This has always been my personal truck no "steering wheel holders" have been in this truck. If interested send me a PM or call me at 980-295-8880. Do not call after 9pm eastern. Be glad to answer any questions If you plan on exporting it don't even call me. $23,500
  5. 1988 RD822sx E9 500hp,12spd,4spd aux,man planetary rears,winch, new paint,tires truck is ready to work. $40,000 obo
  6. I just picked this thing up in a package deal. All I have is Cat 3406Bs with 13 speeds and now this. I'm on the fence to fix it and run it. I understand they are big power engines. The EC9-400 engine has less than 30k miles on Mack overhaul. Big problem I have with it is the 9 speed behind it. Don't know what its worth or if it's worth more selling the drivetrain.
  7. I have a 1990 v8 500 E9 Mack truck. Recently, the exhaust manifolds in my truck have broken and I need replacements If anyone has these parts please let me know. OR if you know where I can find these parts that would be great too! Willing to pay for what it is worth. Thanks
  8. From the album: CL Build

    Just got the new truck home.
  9. Ok fellas, I am seriously considering purchasing a Superliner with an E9-500 (a life-long dream). This is only possible because it has a spun rod bearing making it much more affordable. I am seeking recommendations from members as to a trustworthy, capable, and knowledgeable mechanic to "go through" this engine. I am not seeking 1000 horsepower either (5-600 is fine with me). I am located in Western Pennsylvania and would like to find someone within reasonable distance. Any suggestions????
  10. I know several people will say block the line off and I have before, but i would like to set my puff limiter to the correct spec, does anyone have the spec for the air cylinder extension and the ple dimension to get the correct number of shims? I have three E9 manuals and none of mine have it, one says to read Master manual page6- 100.10 for the info, thanks in advance.
  11. Well I got another V8 Superliner its an85 with an E9 450, rtx 9 spd and mack 44k 4:64 rears and now I need stuff for it to get it into shape, I am looking for anyone who has any E9 or superliner parts for sale or trade. I think I can get it driveable to make it to the ATHS fall show in Cookeville in September all I need is tires and a wheel seal, maybe some front end parts and lots of elbow grease. I will take any elbow grease anybody has laying around too, I am gonna polish it out and see what Ive got, Ill probably paint the frame and engine and replace some interior parts to get her decent and off we go.
  12. From the album: my trucks

    85 E9 450hp
  13. From the album: my trucks

    85 E9 450hp
  14. From the album: my trucks

    right side E9 450 V8
  15. From the album: my trucks

    85 Mack RW613 E9 450hp, RTX14609B trans, 44k 4:64 Mack rears double frame
  16. It started out sounding like a rod bearing going out ion the aircompressor, on my E9. I changed the aircompressor today, and the rattling noise is still there. I noticed when I turn the steering wheel, the rattling stops. I herd about a factory recall on the asserory drive units. does anyone know what the deal was with that. Any help would be greatly apperiated I run this truck daily and need it back on the road ASAP. Thank you Jeremy
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