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Found 6 results

  1. Please could you help me with this CASE its very important. THE VEHICLE was not reported sins 2005 that it was a NON Repairable MACK truck, which the owner in 2005 which the company ordered the Mack Truck from the Plant of mack truck in 2005, and was returned to theseller which was Mack Truck for mechanical Problems in transmission and many other issues.But MACK Truck did not report to Carfax about all the issues and the Trucks was sold for many customersand each one of them returned or filed a lawsuite against the seller.In 2012 more that 4 people were the buyers for this same vehicle and we the last one in the order, are know filing a lawsuit and investigation against 4 companies who new about this situation. Below i have provided the evidense and the proof, i have also forward the information to CARFAX and otherDepartments so this would be investigated. Thank you. Link: http://mackcase.blogspot.com/2015/05/curacao-case-of-none-repairable-mack.html CASE of a None Repairable MACK TRUCK Vin No.: 1M1AK07Y75N005202 EVIDENCE using the detail CAR FAX History Report. (see original) CAR FAX VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT on 1M1AK07Y75N005202 - Order Request to CUSTOM BUILD by MACK for WELL'S BROTHER INC. in 2005. (Picture 1A-1B-1C-1D-1E) On 02/15/2005 Truck went true State Safety and Pre-Delivery Inspection OK Status and Completed as shown below. On 03/28/2005 Title Issued or Updated to WELL’S BROTHER INC, to use Their Custom Truck received Mack Trucks, Inc., from the Plant In New River Valley Dublin , VA. Investigation result will show that WELL’S Brother Inc had serious Mechanical and EATON Transmission Problems with this Custom Build (Blue) Tractor Truck, and had requested MACK to remove this Vehicle from their Fleet and to replace it with a new one because of the problems it was causing their business. So this TRUCK was already declared with MECHANICAL Problems and was Not reported in the CARFAX history by no one or even Mack Trucks inc, Who knew about these issues it had. CAR FAX INFORMATION PRINTED.02/15/2005 563 Service Facility State Safety inspection Completed. Pre-Delivery inspection Completed. 03/28/2005 Pennsylvania Title Issued or updated Motor Vehicle Dept. Custom Build for Well's Brother Inc. YORK , PA (Question what happen) Title #61629106WE01 So what happen with the TRACTOR TRUCK during the 5 years not showing on theCAR FAX Detail? On 04/14/2010 The Truck is reported now in CHICAGO, Illinois where they use the same damaged Truck to sell it to a New owner. Mack knew about the Issues and tried again to see if they could get ride of it instead of declaring it Non Repairable for Parts.AND AGAIN the CAR was RETURNED to the MACK TRUCK Seller, because of theSame situation which happened to the WELL’S Brother Inc, which was the requesterOf the Custom Tractor TRUCK in 2005.Again the CARFAX History was not updated with the information that the TractorTruck was not Repairable and needed to be removed from being used. CAR FAX INFORMATION PRINTED04/14/2010 Illinois Title issued or updated. Motor Vehicle Dept. New Owner Reported Chicago , Il Exempt from odometer Reporting Title #X0104692647 On 03/30/2012 The Tractor Truck was send to Lake Zurich, Illinois where the VehicleWas purchased by an other client or Customer, to fall in the trap.Again the Same Tractor Truck again was Returned to Mack Truck Dealer, becauseOf the same Mechanical Conditions it was experiencing.This is the 3rd Customer which this Vehicle has been in their Possession, and stillAgain MACK Truck Inc. and EATON Corporation Transmission would not report this on the CAR FAX History report again that the Vehicle was returned because of problems. CAR FAX INFORMATION PRINTED03/30/2012 Illinois Vehicle purchase Motor Vehicle Dept. Lake Zurich , IL On 04/26/2012 again the Tractor Truck for was Purchased by NATIONAL TruckCenter in Miami, to be used instead as a VACUUM TRUCK business, where theMack Tractor Truck would custom to hold a 5000 Gallon Tank and all the necessaryEquipment to function as a Vacuum truck, even knowing that the VEHICLEWas damaged and not usable. CAR FAX INFORMATION PRINTED04/26/2012 Florida Vehicle Purchase Motor Vehicle Dept. Miami Florida On 04/30/2012 There was a BUYER who wanted a VACUUM Truck in Lake ZurichIllinois, and requested a Loan to Purchase this New Second hand Vacuum Tractor Truck which was now a VACUUM Truck from NATIONAL TRUCK CENTER, MIAMI.So the same thing happen with this Customer filed a Law Suite against the NationalTruck Center for the sale of the this Vacuum Truck which never had to be put in theirInventory of Vacuum Trucks, and had to pay damages for this act which they had committed. But this time some information was posted in the CARFAX which youCould still read. But they decided again to post the Truck on the Internet even Dow theyNew the Truck had to be removed from their inventory, Again no one reported nothing on this case on Carfax. CAR FAX INFORMATION PRINTED04/30/2012 Illinois Title Issued or updates. Motor Vehicle Dept. New owner reported Lake Zurich , IL LOAN or LIEN Reported. Title : #X2121400036 Exempt from odometer Reporting On 11/07/2012 some one reported that the DEALER which is NATIONAL TRUCK CENTER had to took the Title of the Vehicle while it was in Inventory, and also that the Color of the VEHICLE was Changed now from BLUE to WHITE. THE EVIDENCE is overwhelming, how they try to dispose of the VEHICLE over and over again. And after the 4 times my Business partner which is Rudolph Elsbeth wasTricked to buy this non repairable vehicle where he has suffered many losses becauseOf this Truck not functioning as he had expected. They all knew the VEHICLE was damaged and Non Repairable sins 2005, and stillThey continue on their quest to sell it , which is a Crime because it could have causedHarm to innocent people. I have spoken with the Seller in 2014, which his name is George Gonzalez who works for the National Truck Center and who admitted that they knew that the MACK was not Usable but he was told to still sell it as it is. So again the VEHICLE was Painted WHITE and SHIPPED as a PERFECT GOOD WORKING VACUUM TRUCK to Curacao to the company TWISTER CLEANINGN.V. which is going to file Damages against the following companies which have not told the truth. - NATIONAL TRUCK CENTER MIAMI FLORIDA- IMPORTADORA MIAMI , INC.- Mack Trucks, Inc.- EATON Corporation, Transmission Division. For not reporting the condition on Carfax, and also for selling damaged none RepairableVehicles to Public or companies. Putting people on organization in difficult problemsUsing these kind a of tactics is a serious Crime. CAR FAX INFORMATION PRINTED11/07/2012 Florida Title issued or updated Motor Vehicel Dept. Dealer took title of this Vehicle Miami , FL while it was in inventory Title #0110218135 Exempt from odometer reporting Vehicle Color noted as White. THE TRUCK WAS SHIPPED to CURCAO in FEBRUARY 2013. We will do our best for this case to resolved and that there will be settlementPayment for the owner of Twister Cleaning N.V. for the 30 months whichHe had endure with this Damaged not workable and dangerous Truck. Curacao Intelligence Service (CIS) Curacao Caribbean & International Compliance Solution. (CCICS) Ronald Wederfoort (President)5999 5156118Tweeter :@usacuracaoYouTube - FACEBOOK - Linkedinhttp://about.me/rwederfoort Email: Ronald_Wederfoort@yahoo.com,ronald.wederfoort@gmail.com
  2. I have a 1999 Mack Vision condo with a E7, 427 mated to an Eaton 10 speed automatic. It jumps a little when I give the truck fuel to take off, in reverse or forward gears. I don't know if this is symptomatic of this model, or if it needs transmission fluid. After starting to move, its good, no slippage or jumping, unless at slow speeds as when maneuvering to hook up or park. It shifts smooth as silk. Any info will help. BTW, this site is great for Mack owners and trucking enthusiasts. I've been driving for 24 years, but this is my first truck, first Mack that I've owned( I have been driving a 2013 Mack Pinnacle with the Mdrive 12 speed for 2 years now at my present employer) and I want to treat her right. She's 16 with 852,000 miles. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi, I hope you guys can help me with some questions. I need to replace a T2090 which is currently matched to an EM6 300HP. There are not a lot of good 2nd hand boxes in the local market at the moment and my main choices are an Eaton RTLO1478B (which will need a Mack bell housing and notal mount) or a Spicer 20 speed (which already has the notal mount). My questions are as follows: The Spicer has the bell housing to suit a 866 V8. Will this bell housing and notal mount work with the EM6? Does anybody know what the torque rating is on an EM6-300 so I can work out whether the 14 series Eaton will be ok? The Eaton has a max torque rating of 1450. I have found a Mack torque chart but it does not have a listing for an EM6-300. It has the specs for an E6-300 or an EM6-300L, but not an EM6-300 (ie. without the L). The EM6-300L is rated at 1425 - not sure if an EM6-300 has a lower torque rating than the EM6 with the L. If the torque rating is 1425, do you think that is too close to the max rating for the Eaton of 1450.Hope someone can help. Thanks
  4. I am fairly new to Mack and just working through some compatibility issues. I am restoring a R Model with an EM6 matched to a T2090 9 Speed. The T2090 has an issue and I have been told (by many) not to bother fixing it. I have access to a good Eaton 18 speed (RTLO14718B) but am wondering if it is a lot of trouble to match an Eaton to an old Mack engine such as an EM6. What else do I have to buy to make it mount and work? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I am fairly new to Mack and just working through some compatibility issues. I am restoring a R Model with an EM6 matched to a T2090 9 Speed. The T2090 has an issue and I have been told (by many) not to bother fixing it. I have access to a good Eaton 18 speed (RTLO14718B) but am wondering if it is a lot of trouble to match an Eaton to an old Mack engine such as an EM6. What else do I have to buy to make it mount and work? Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. howdy! just a quick question. I was doin the math on some gear ratios vs. speed and r.p.m,s. will the math be the same between eaton-spicer type rears and mack rears. Mine are 38000 or 40000 lb. example---- my 4.42 gears figure same as lets just say 4.42 eatons? someone told me they did the math different with the macks. thanks for any info u guys have.
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