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Found 842 results

  1. I was driving my Mack truck down the road coming back from a crane job and all of a sudden I thought my drive line lost a u joint. The noise was impressive, and sounded expensive. I immediately pulled over and to my surprise, everything looked OK down under. I carefully got back up to speed, and didn't hear the noise anymore. I forgot about until a week later, when I saw I had lost a light up top, and the noise I heard was the light, still attached by the wires at that point, banging on the cab roof. I have not been able to find a new source for one of these, anyone got a spare from a wreck they want to sell? If so, let me know simkot@ida.net. Thanks
  2. Looking to buy NOS outside door handles for a B61 Mack. Must be in very good shape. call 320-295-8187
  3. Looking for throttle cable for my B61 restoration project. New or NOS if possible. call 320-295-8187
  4. looking for a air cleaner for a 1968 ford bronco 170 or 2oo 6cy 540 309 4973 thanks jerry or bandsind@comcast.net
  5. Hey guys looking for a new tri axle mack dump truck. Just want to know if i should be looking elsewhere. Looking to hear your opinions about these fancy kenworth and petes. I know there's nothing like a mack but who doesnt want to look pretty lol but i do prefer reliablity. Looking for something with a 16ft box or better 44 rears or better 10 speed or better lmk what you guys have fo sale or thinking of it...Thanks
  6. I have a spare parts distribution company which provide engine and other components for boats. Our truck is not perfect for long distance services. So we decided to exchange it and buy a new one. I read some articles like this http://www.truckloancenter.com/blog/buying-truck/your-complete-guide-to-choosing-a-truck/ to get an idea of choosing a truck that fit our needs. Ours is a startup company. So buying a new truck would be more expensive. So getting a used truck with no major complaints would be helpful. If somebody has any information about such trucks, please share it here.
  7. Anyone know of decent B model hood latches available? I need one at minimum.
  8. Does anyone know who can do head liners for b model with the L model cabs
  9. Anyone know someone that has the pattern for a black pleated/diamond headliner for B model cab? My original headliner is falling apart at the seams, literally and I don't want the beige anymore. I want to make matching door panels.
  10. I have an 86 RD685S with the gray interior, I would like to buy the two replaceable top pieces of the dash....The one above the speedo and tach and the one above the right side gauge cluster (the piece that the ashtray is recessed into) I'm not sure what model years or other models are the same but if anyone has these parts to sell at a reasonable price and could respond with the part #s I'll check mine and see if they are the same. My local Mack dealer has the piece that holds the ashtray....but wants $100.00 dollars for it, I'm hoping to find one for a bit less, I didn't ask about the piece above the speedo but I somehow doubt they're on sale either. When I get to the truck I'll get the #s from mine and post them. Thanks in advance
  11. Still on the hunt for an excellent condition center headliner mounted combination dome/reading lamp for my MH. This lamp is mounted in the headliner of Level III and Level IV interiors. This is not the lamp that is mounted above and at the bottom of the driver's and passenger's doors. The early style (used in 83-91) is 22MO349 (aluminum base) and the later style (used in 92-93) is 22MO4234M2 (black plastic base). There is another version of the later style (22MO4234M) that was installed in Roadway CHs. The "Roadway" lamp can be modified (connector change) to work.
  12. Im looking for a pair of rear carriers. Tandom axles.... Crd92s or 93`s Prefer one junk one right now to see if it will fit in my axle.
  13. hey everybody looking for a b61 cab 62-65. little rust as possible. can do without the doors and fenders. thanks
  14. Contact me by phone or text 304-704-6475. Still looking for good B Model Doors
  15. The RH steel air tank on my MH has a leak caused by rust under the support strap. The tank has two compartments. The approximate tank size is 12" dia X 16-1/2" length (welded seam to seam). The overall length would be about 19". I would like to find an aluminum tank as a replacement but open to anything that is in good condition. I can get a new one from Mack but $3xx. I am also going to check a couple local truck salvage yards to see if I can "match" one from another truck brand.
  16. I'm looking for a 18000 lbs or 20000 lbs front axle for a 1980 Mack Superliner. The axle itself should be the same as an RD axle but the tie rod arms on the spindles are different because of the axle mounted steering box and drag link. Many thanks, Josh
  17. Just curious if any body has a complete red, brown or blue diamond tuck cruiseliner interior or parts of an interior they would be willing to part with? The Cruiseliner my brother and I have currently has a plain Jane brown interior but we would like to fancy it up if at all possible. Send me a PM if you know of any thing that would help. Thanks, Josh
  18. Looking for 12 speed trans., specifically "old" style with "mud stick" (trans. model number TRTXL 1070), rather than newer style (TRTXL 1070B).
  19. Hey guys I know this is a long shot but my autocar should be sold next week and I would like to buy a b model any model with a 300 Mack motor and a quad I've seen a few trucks around with this combo. Let me know if u know of one for sale thanks
  20. Hey guys I'm trying to find preferably a b 81 with a longer frame to make a tri axle. let me know thanks. I'm gonna be swapping the motor and trans anyway so the condition of that really isn't important I'm just looking for a solid cab,frame, and sheet-metal let me know thanks
  21. I am in need of grill shell, aluminum piece that holds the headlight to the fender, and a few other little things.
  22. part # 240GC585 piston new or used would like to purchase 1-piston and set of rings has to be this # just trying to find one
  23. Looking for a used CL700 Day cab. The truck has the E9 engine. Would like one with the dash/doors intact but am open to pretty much any option. Thanks
  24. Looking for at least 2 but would buy a set of 5 roof light lenses for our 1977 R-model. The lense itself is stamped with part# LS336 & the base part# KD518 SAE PC68. If anyone has them or could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
  25. I need a gray dash [ the big part that mounts to firewall to hold all other panels] for 86 superliner or r-model
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