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Found 842 results

  1. Anyone know where I can find a decent CS (conventional) Mack Midliner Cab? Preferably older the 1992 so it already will have the brown interior. Any vintage will do worst case. Thanks.
  2. Looking to purchase the complete crossover fuel line brackets for a Superliner 1. Thanks Doug
  3. Would anyone happen to have a Superliner Hood Bezel (top plate) that they are interested in selling (see picture below)? To make things more difficult, I am in Australia (but would of course pay for postage). Difficult to come across one in good condition down here. Thanks
  4. I am in need of a nice rust and damage free driver side door for my 1985 Superliner. If anyone has one they want to part with, or knows where I can find one, please let me know. Thanks, JDK
  5. I am in need of the L & R hood hinges, plus the lower brace that runs between them, to replace the badly rusted out pieces that are on mine now. If anyone has any for sale, or knows where I can locate them, please let me now. I really doubt that these are still available. Thanks, Jack
  6. I am in need of a exhaust bracket for my 1985 RW, Superliner. Left or right side will be fine, and the closer to SW PA the better. Thanks
  7. Looking for some mirror brackets for a B77 Mack, has the L cab. I imagine L model Mack brackets would work also. Mainly need top part of bracket but will purchase whole assembly. Thank you for your help!!
  8. looking for two performance counts signs for mack ab 540=309=4973
  9. Anyone out there have a left hand exhaust stack bracket, so I can change my single stack Mack (Superliner) to dual chimneys. The closer to SW PA. the better. Thanks
  10. looking for hub pilot hubs for 88 superliner
  11. 88 superliner looking for exhaust bracket left side outboard add dual exhaust
  12. I am looking for a set of new or used frame rails for a Mack RD triaxle. I would consider buying a whole truck as a donor truck or a truck that is partially stripped down as long as the frame is good. Current frame is cracked and spread due to the rust in between the double frame. Call John 724-244-1314
  13. I am searching for a master cylinder for a Mack L85. Oringinal Part # D2Ha-2140 GA Possible Wagnor# MC75998 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  14. Ok, in my clumsy stupidity I dropped and cracked one of my lenses yesterday when I was changing a bulb. Ugh. Anyone have a lens?
  15. Anyone out there have a set of decent Driver Door Hinges for a B-Model I could purchase? Respond here or e-mail me at greasley@cox.net. Much appreciated.
  16. I'm looking for a left and right B-61 headlight panels. I prefer them to be in relatively good shape...no rotted through or bent up ones please.
  17. Ok folks need help. I have a 1946 Mack E, type 45 Pumper. I need a dayton style tube wheel rim. The tire says it is 7.00 x 20. So I found a 7.00 x 20 rim. it's to wide. Measuring the old rim it is 5 inches wide. Any Ideas where to find one. used is ok. I have all the books from Mack Muesium and and order/spec sheet from '46. Those numbers are no help. UGH!
  18. eddeere

    Air Horn

    Need the spacer that goes between the cab and air horn on a B model. Ed 513 889 7777 or edstoffregen @hotmail.com.
  19. Last year at Macungie so many people opened the driver's door if my H614 that the latch broke. It is not rebuildable. The latch on my L model appears to be the same. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? Thanks. Mike.
  20. I am looking for a steering gear box and pump to convert my f model from air assist to normal power steering. I am assuming I can use a box off an r-model as well as the pump. Is this correct?
  21. Looking for a clean, unmolested RW Superliner, preferably in the Midwest. The more original, the better. I want a well-loved one to play with and preserve.
  22. looking for seats for a bronco 66-77 front only 540-309-4973 jerry
  23. looking for a 15 inch donaldson air cleaner can . can do without the top as long as the can is in good shape. or can use the whole thing
  24. yellowmack

    Mack EH

    Hi, I'm looking for a Mack EH ( preferably restored ) to buy. We are looking for one as a cab and chassis to mount a small dump box onto, or with a dump box already. When my dad & uncle started our business in 1945, we had several of these ( I believe they were used ) trucks, but not knowing the exact year of them, I'm not certain of that. We do have some early photos, and best I can tell, they were the EH. If we can find one, it would mean a lot to maintaining our company history! Thank you, Don
  25. My father drove for Matlack Inc. for 35 years. They went out of business in 2001. I was wondering if anyone knows of an R Model that was part of their company fleet. My plans would be to restore it. Thanks for any responses to this.
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