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Found 110 results

  1. I have a new grilledenser that is an obsolete item for us , it is aftermarket willing to make a deal on it ( MACK 76-83 Grilldenser RW,RWL,RWS 48 x 33 (RD4-3595-2)(hood mounted) 541-912-2549 or will@radiatorsupplyhouse.com
  2. I have the following NOS Mack parts that were from my H67. 236GB311A oil filter with O-ring 48RU278 muffler bracket I tried selling them awhile back with no takers. I am going to bring them to Macungie in June and they will not be making the return trip. If anyone is interested in one or both of these parts, please send me a PM. The first one gets them. I will not ship, only pickup in Macungie. Thanks!
  3. For Sale: 1940 Mack BX with low side dump body,former State of Iowa highway dept. truck.Needs totally restored or use for parts.Cab is very,very rough.24" budd wheels.Will come with 2 additional trucks for parts,a BF and a BG,both tractors.Price is negotiable,I will consider all offers.Pics will follow later this weekend.
  4. Wrecked 2007 Rawhide Edition CHN613,E7-460 480 hp.,489K miles,approx. 3k miles on factory rebuilt Mack 18 speed trans.,44k Mack rears on air ride,3:94 ratio. Truck was laid over on right side and declared totaled by the insurance company. We removed some of the damaged items while swapping parts onto it's replacement and I don't think the cab damage is near as bad as they said(they said it needed new cab,but they only went by pics,never inspected it in person,WTF???)It has rear corner damage where the stack pushed in and the windshield post is slightly tweaked.I had a local body man look it over and he said it was very repairable.The door is undamaged.The sleeper,70" midrise,has minor skin damage on side and on back where the headache rack rubbed it.He said the hood looked repairable,also,but will need alot of work around the headlight and grille area.Right fuel tank is dented but would pop out.The truck ran for a few minutes while on it's side but we've ran Lucas in it religiously,I'm guessing at most it would need the bearings checked to be safe.So much for the damage. We removed the following to put on the replacement truck,tires & wheels(it has 6 steel wheels and roller tires on it now),half fenders,fifth wheel,trim under sleeper and cab,tool boxes,headache rack,deck plate,sunvisor,and rear light bar & mudflaps.I have the other trim(it didn't have chicken lights,the wrecked one did),sunvisor(short stainless)and fifth wheel(had too short of pedastal) that will go with truck.It also has an APU,but the box will need replaced/repaired.It also needs a bumper,but I have a new takeoff I had for a spare that I'd include for an extra $700. We had the truck almost 2 years,it was a very,very clean, dependable strong running truck,it had a new air compressor recently,new oil filter tower gasket,and recent new rear brakes. Asking $20,000 OBO. Will provide pics to SERIOUS buyers.This is a chance for someone that does there own work to get a damn nice Rawhide,cheap. This pic is was taken at the Walcott truck show last July.This is the way this truck always looked.
  5. !986 R686ST,E6-300,runs good,T2090 has issues,4:42's on Camelback,lo pro 22.5's on budds,decent rubber,near new Holland 5th wheel Please,no tire kickers!!!!
  6. 4.17 ratio, air lock powerdivder, low miles on the front one, 1983 year,been sitting for 10 yrs,have both in housings,spoke hubs, 20 inch,camelback setup.
  7. L model drivers door, 2 hinge, NOS complete with glass & vent window $ 800.00 call 860 573 8017
  8. I have the following NOS F model parts for sale,some surface rust and dings from storage,but all NOS sheet metal. R & L front fender/headlight panels 3 headlight panel inner trim 2 RH fenders 1 passenger storage compartment door 1 Western F fender step Will sell as one package or piece by piece
  9. Saw this listed on eBay...Buy Now Price $3000 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1988-Flat-Nose-Mack-Tractor-MH6-/171014995688?pt=Commercial_Trucks&hash=item27d149bee8
  10. $1500 bottom dollar. Sheet metal in good condition. Triplex transmission. Driveline is not connected due to transport. Bought it to be a running truck but we never ran it. Call 615-848-3989 or email cjbowman42@live.com if you have any questions.
  11. LT Macks, 1 1955 LTL orginal 2 axel 262 cummins, engine bad, no trans, 1 1956 LTH 3 axel 262 cummins, jake, runs, many parts. extra spring hangers ft & rear, steel & alum. Rad. crossmembers, tow hooks, engine mount brackets ft & rear. Enough to make 1 perfect LT. Sold in 1 lot. call 860 573 8017 if intrested & I will be happy to discuss price & what parts I have, cond. of trucks . Will email pics. to interested person after phone contact.No interest, Went for scrap.
  12. $1500 bottom dollar. Sheet metal in good condition. Triplex transmission. Driveline is not connected due to transport. Bought it to be a running truck but we never ran it. Call 615-848-3989 or email cjbowman42@live.com if you have any questions.
  13. For Sale: 1960's Fontaine, 25 ton, fixed-neck tandem axle lowboy. Walking beam suspension. Ex-US Navy. Needs restoration. Comes with ramps but not attached. $2500 OBO. Located in Douglassville, PA Michael Yarnall 610 764 8283.
  14. Pair LJX fenders , brackets & hood sills, minor dents very solid. Pic on request. call 860 573 8017. tried to delete and put in parts for sale. did't work
  15. Red Dot cover out of R/Superliner, has 3 round top vents, 2 round on right side, 1 round on left. Color is dark grey,fan switch,2 sliding nobs. i will post some pics tomorrow. has only 1 small crack in one of the mounting holes. Nice used piece I don't know if these are available anymore. I remember they weren't cheap! Make offer.
  16. For Sale: 36" Able Body Sleeper. Flat top, crawl through, tan interior, one stack cut-out. One very small dent. Very nice inside and out. Located in Douglassville, PA. $300 Mike 610 764 8283 Price reduce to $300. It is a very nice sleeper.
  17. Wanting to sell a 1959 B-61. $2500. Duplex Transmission. Runs good. Call 615-848-3989. Email cjbowman42@live.com In Woodbury, TN
  18. It doesn't have an engine. Duplex transmission. Sheet metal is in good condition. We have the hood and it's in good condition. Call 615-848-3989 or email cjbowman42@live.com if you have any questions.
  19. This was a really good tractor.I got it in Jan.'05 with 500K on it,Mack dealer put a new cam and rods & mains it.It was always pretty trouble free,good puller,didn;t use oil.Has 800k now.New turbo & clutch about 1 year before it was parked.In Jan. or Feb.'09 the block heater quit working.Mack dealer replaced it,in March '09,it developed an external antifreeze leak,block had cracked back by the block heater.Found out the mechanic had used a torch to cut old heater out,but they wouldn't cover the damage.I couldn't afford a new block at the time,so a friend repaired the crack.We ran it awhile after and it held.but I was always leary of it,so we parked it.I was always going to find another block and fix it right someday,but I've pretty well gave up on the newer stuff and going to stick with running Superliners. The transmission and rears are fine,air ride had near new bags.The clearcoat has started coming off from sitting,so it looks like hell,hood has a couple minor cracks from tagging a deer.Bumper was new.has a near new drivers seat that cost me almost $1k.Interior is really clean.It has a 210" wheelbase,lo pro 24.5 tires,matched virgin Firestones at about 10% on drives,Alcoa durabrites on outside,steel inside.Front tires are BFG's at about 85 % on Alcoa Durabrites,with balancers.It also had a new steering box about 2 years before it was parked.All that being said,I'd like to have $7500 OBO,or $7000 OBO without front tires & wheels.
  20. I've got a set of heavy rears I got from a friend that was scrapping an old west coast Pete.They are out of LJ or LMSW I'm guessing.All complete,trunion,springs etc.not sure of ratio but I'll check for anyone interested.has budd wheels.
  21. One last chance on this. An exporter contacted me and if noone on here wants it it will be going over seas. It is a shame to see it go, but hopefully it will get a new lease on life. 1970 R685ST. 237, 5 speed, tandem axle tractor. Had is running a few years ago. Rack is stuck on the fuel pump. Green dash. Cab and doors are very rusty. Hood is good. Only has 4 tires on the rear now. Can send other pictures. $1500. Also have rusty but running 1975 R685ST. $2500. Mike Yarnall 610 764 8283 yarnallvmd@hotmail.com
  22. parting out,hood,rad,ATA,steering box,lh windshield sold,good doors,cab shell(interior trashed)frame,E7-400 engine,turns over,good core,have title.
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