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  1. Looking to sell my '64 B53. Had it a few years now and just haven't done much with it. Time to find it a loving home. Has END673 engine, air start, 17k front axle with power steering, quadruplex transmission. In mechanically good shape, starts and runs great, clutch is good, shifts well. Needs brakes. Body needs work but isn't terrible. I do have the fenders, took them off to start working on it. Fairly complete truck. Hate to part with it, but I just have too many projects and never seem to have the time or money to devote to it. Used to be a mixer. Located in upstate NY. I have $4800 into i
  2. Should also add though, it's not camelback, but walking beam. Which leads to a quick question...my rears are only rated for 34 or 36k. Why walking beam? I thought that was typically only used on very heavy applications. Kevin
  3. My '64 B53 has the one-piece welded pedestal, as mentioned in (3). Actually, the mounting area of the pedestal has 5 holes in each mounting location, but they only drilled 4 holes in the frame.
  4. I assume the pistons would be a little shorter for less compression? Or to help with detonation? What about rods and crank? Bigger?
  5. Just another quick question- What are the differences between the turbo and non versions of the END673C? Aside from the turbo, obviously. Manifolds? Internals? Injector pump? Thanks! Kevin
  6. Hey guys- Dumb novice question. How do I get the inside door panels off my B? Seems like the window tracks and everything are welded to the inside of the panel. Kevin
  7. Hell yeah buddy. Just saw them in Buffalo a few weeks ago. Clarence's nephew Jake played sax and did a damn good job.
  8. Got it running today. Had to use that mysterious "other" timing mark near the front of the pump. Kevin
  9. Anyone have ideas? I'm at a loss here. My next trick is to just start moving the timing 5 degrees at a time till I get something... Kevin
  10. The timing mark on the pump is on when the flywheel is at 28deg BTC. I watched for the valve overlap as stated, and timed it there. When it wouldn't start, just for giggles, I tried it the other way as well- as in turned the crank one rev and back to the timing marks. It smokes and kinda fires the first way, nothing the second way. So I'm pretty sure it's timed to #1 cylinder. Is it possible that the flywheel timing marks are off? Kevin
  11. Hi Guys, I pulled my injector pump to fix some oil leaks, and after reinstalling it I can't get the engine started. I re-timed and primed the system per the book. Even tried the timing both ways- to both Nos. 1 & 6 cylinders just to make sure I had it timed correctly. I cracked the high pressure lines at the injectors and cranked a bit to bleed whatever air was in the lines- I do have fuel to the injectors. She fires sometimes when cranking, but never actually starts. Smokes like hell though. Whats wrong? This a 673C engine with PSM (rotary) style pump. Thanks, Kevin
  12. Live and learn I guess. Yes, I should have made a couple marks before I pulled the pump. But, who's to say it was timed correctly before? Although it ran ok. The manual I have shows how to align the pump timing marks so I'm good there. I'll have to get under it and pull the flywheel inspection cover and look for the timing marks. So #1 cylinder is the rearmost? Thanks guys! Kevin
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