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  1. Did you contact Ralph ?

  2. Contact Ralph Atlenweg at Barb Altenweg [ralphtruckskb8@yahoo.com]

    He has three H67's and is scrapping out one of them. Should have what you need. Tell him Greg sent you.

  3. OK SAC, have done. Thanks v much.

  4. Hi there, SAC B52 said that you know of an H Model for sale in PA. Is it still there and if so, how could I get some photos and other details ? Thanks.

  5. If you're still looking for that emblem, let me know.

  6. That red H67 looks to be unrestored !

    Looks great. Do you know of any for sale ?


  7. Do you know if the PA H67 is still available and if so, could you please send me some photos of it. Thanks a lot

  8. I'm restoring my H67 vin H67ST1041 and would like to conatct anybody doing the same or who owns one. My truck had a 6/71 GM fitted way back when, but I've since bought a 237 for it. I wanted to get a 673T, but........

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