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  1. Wow! Taht's hardcore.. I went to Boot Camp in San Antonio July 86' you could fry an egg! went to Aircraft Maintenance school up in Whichita Falls Oct 86'real nice up there.Finally got to my duty station, Minot North Dakota winter 87' OHHH BOOOYYY!I was working my way north all along haha.

  2. You too buddy! Feels like Texas today low 90's bet it's hotter there.

  3. HAHA! Man, you think I would know that... That's pretty clevor.

  4. I would use an AC-130 Gunship? but how?

  5. Contact Firemack. he's the guy that sent me the message. Tell him you were asking me.

  6. Not sure? let me find the guy that sent me the message.

  7. I love that picture in your AVATAR H-67 is awesome!

  8. Hey buddy, I've been busy with going to Graduations and my Mom's surprise 70th we just had. Yeah man, those PT-17's are real cool.Happy Fathers day.

  9. Cool, I've been away from the computer since Wednesday..I'm adding some pics of the airshow today.

  10. Thanks for the info... I'll look it up if I get a chance.. I was going to ask someone if I made it to Macungie, but I can't this year.

  11. Haha... yeah your right! you can dress them anyway you want, but unless their chrome their not a BULLDOG. Hey I still have my CDL but do you need a physical to drive a historic truck? Not for commercial use just show.

  12. Found a better looking CHEESEDOG!

  13. Hey, this works better! My brother inlaw is a huge Sox Fan down here in Jersey, boy he really gets roughed over HAHA. Have agreat weekend!

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