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  1. Went to the show with my boy and a friend on friday,what an excellent show great weather and had great time . Thanks to all that went and made this possible.
  2. If you sell it overseas your just like everyone else that keep giving our country away, I just think thats wrong cant even buy mack parts that are made here , just a shame !!!
  3. The mack 12 speed is a great transmission if you can shift it , its not for the laidback driver ,I've had a couple and no trouble. You do have to make sure the air pressure is ajusted to the right pressure, that makes them shift the best.
  4. hey andy I have a couple of E models ,I will get the serial #s soon .
  5. hay look on the gallery i posted the pics of the b models on there

  6. I was at the show and had a great time, thanks to everyone who participated, it was great !!!!
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