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  1. its a fuckit day! if anything goes wrong fuckit. laugh it off

  2. hit a deer.....straightened out my goofy headlight....huh

  3. help. I'm going to buy an old mobile home mover. It has a 5 and 4 in it. I have the basic consept in my head but putting it to use is different. I hear tails that you need to put your left arm thru the wheel in order to shift both sticks at once for the next range. holy crap. I can't find a shift pattern inside the cab. Are there different onces for a 5 and 4? Which stick is what? Or just shut up and drive. Cause I can do that to. How hard can it be?
  4. This is the support topic for the BMT Wiki Article: {title}. Please post here if you have any questions or feedback. You may also comment on the article at the link below. Click here to view the article: {url}
  5. Good morning peeps. It's a nice sunny day. enjoy

  6. Welcome to the forums :)

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