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  1. I ran across this old mack truck frame some1 wanted out of there yard,it has 2 tags on it .i'll try to post a pic of them .but if some 1 has any info on this would be cool ,or where a guy could go to see where I could identify this thing,the only thing I can figure is it might of been a old fire truck for the simple reason I live in the northwoods of wis. and there isn't much up here that lasts that long (salt) .and I found alot of red paint on frame and rims,so I figured it was garage kept most of its life,also I did see a pic on the net of a ladder truck with the 5 spoke wheels and aprox. wh
  2. Name: mack trying to find out (1910) Date Added: 02 July 2010 - 05:26 AM Owner: northwoodsrepair Short Description: it has patents from 1900,1903,1909 how do I post pic? View Vehicle
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