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  1. I had to delete some images in my old posts to get avalible room for new ones. The most of those which looked important were not deleted but resized to tiny scale. But that involved some job and doesn't lean me to posting much in the future. Just one more thing you have to track in your mind.

  2. Welcome to the group!

    Is that the EH model truck with a wrecker boom attached to the rear? It was partly restored and painted white with green chassis when showed up at the last time as I remember.

    Anyway good luck on the project.


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  3. 23 minutes ago, paulbrook said:

    I might end up with a set - might need a little tidying. In UK but should ship to Ru without too many issues. The reason that I say I might is that I have a firewall and fenders to pick up in Scotland sometime giving me three sets in all. At most I will need two sets and that means one set will be available. Depends how urgently you need them.

    Sounds very promising. I'm not in a hurry about them, have no less than a year before the time to put them on. Also I have two sets myself of which one is really poor and another in better shape. But with all the amount of labour involved in the project I wouldn't miss a chance to split the length of the story with a set of really good fenders. My preference is to keep the original way of connection two big halves of the fender. There's a seam of a kind a man connects sheets of metal when covering a roof of a house. Putting just weld instead of the original connection seems to me as a crime.

    Shipping is possible to arrange. There are some guys in the UK who ship used car pats to Moscow on a constant basis. I can find the contact info and try to work such enterteinment out. So please keep me in your mind.

  4. 11 minutes ago, paulbrook said:

    Sad and annoying - my circumstances at the time meant I had to sell it, but I have regretted it ever since.

    I now have a pair of LFSWs, I am not sure on the plan yet but I have yet to make any real progress. I have an AC to do first!

    This makes sence. I'm known a little bit about design of your LF's since Stephen wrote me alot back in the day. Unfortunately he went to shade without even saing Goodbuy. To the moment i mostly went through all the chassis of my military Mack which is pretty similar to what you have in your pair. Also a big progress along Lanova engine is achieved. So when you're more close to initiate that project feel free to get in contact. Unfortunately it's complicated to me to get British visa. Otherwise I would be too likely to show up in person to look at the trucks.

    The AC seems to me as a really nice project. Pure mechanic, a pleasure to restore.

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  5. 19 hours ago, paulbrook said:

    Amazingly 10 were shipped to UK at the start of the second world war, and ended up in a quarry in Oxfordshire. I saved one back in the late 1970s (frame number FN1C1181). Sadly I sold it in the early 1980s and I now believe that it has been scrapped. What a shame.

    That sounds really sad. Hope you keep the track on anything like that if shows up.

    Any progress on the LFSW?

  6. 7 hours ago, Rob said:

    No worries Vlad, get me a shipping address and I'll throw this one in a box to you for a spare glass should you ever need it.

    Rob, for the best I would like to get a pair of new mirrors. I sure could swap the dog and use your mirror but shipping could be a headach. I need a bit of time to figure out the best way. If anybody else really needs it I would step aside.

  7. On 4/10/2019 at 8:23 PM, mowerman said:

    I have a new set of them I never used if you know anybody that wants them brand new I’ve had them for years never use them...exactly like that...Bob

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    Bob, I might be interested in them. Sure not for free. The shipping to NJ or DE would be involved.

  8. On 4/10/2019 at 1:53 AM, JoeH said:

    My truck with aluminum shoes also has aluminum elephant pad housings. 38k rears, I believe.  Goes towards your theory of lighter unsuspended weight., But also towards lighter weight in general. Could just be experimentations and innovations to find ways to maximize payload.

    Yes, that's sure for the same reason. I would expect the elephant ears (trunnion support brackets) made of aluminium also used on your truck.

    The point is the relation of unsuspended mass to the suspended. As lower the figure as softer the ride (less hits, vibration etc). So for a hobby reason (no worry for the total weight) both is good to minimize unsuspended mass or to increase the suspended.

    Quite funny when someone comes to my place and see truck parts he use to talk how to make better one thing or another. And sometimes when I ask why it's better the answer is "It's lighter". Than you observe quite funny reaction when my words are "The heavier is better"

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  9. I took apart the most of Canadian assembled 1988 R-model with Neway airride. Found that all the big suspension brackets together with crossmembers were assembled with Grade 5 (not Grade 8 ) body bound bolts. Seemed like the chassis was assembled at the factory that way. The fuel tank hangers and many other attachment brackets were installed using common style grade 5 bolts.

  10. I mean the races of the bearings the interaxle diff assembly (with big bull gear) spins on. Those that attached to the housing by two big clamps, like mains on a cranckshaft. I found them badly pitted in 3 or 4 R-model diffs I've taken apart and 3 of 4 diffs of military NR models I restore. Too large scale of damage to the units which were seen in a working condition until I took them apart. So seems like a typical issue just not many folks are familiar with since not many get that deep into their trucks.

    Those races have very special style. One has threads for a nut to set pre-load and another has a flange. Both are expensive. What was found interesting to me those on the NR (made in 1945) had Mack part## on them and none of any others. The bearing cones were made by Timken. So seemed like Mack produced bearing races(!) at some time. My original guess was they couldn't hold the quality good enough for such precision and wear resistant product such a bearing is. But those in R-model carriers were made by Timken and Bower. So probably the matter is just high stresses during a long time.

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