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  1. This is how a factory B-model looked with that setup. As I was told the front axle and the transfer case were of the same style as Mack NO had. Maybe excepting the gear ratios.

    For some reason I think the frame rails are stepped at the front to clear up the drive axle. NO was made that way. But I'm not sure for the B.




  2. Of the things the media talked locally I heard of plans to make a net which could operate separately if Western countries shut down the interweb access. I doubt it will be done soon and done completely. But everything is possible. And not difficult to figure out that if a switch is put in between it could be pulled into off position be either sides.

    If such thing happen I wouldn't be able to post on a daily basis but have reserve abilities to say hello to the community :)

  3. I can't tell for CXU but I was being founding that switch on a CH. It was located on the engine side of the firewall. Somewhere in the middle behing the engine or closer to the driver side if the memory serves. A small untit mounted to the wall with two wires attached and an air hose to supply air from brakes. I could find it easily because my R-model has the same setup and mounted in the same area. It sure could be different on your truck since it's newer but at least a point to start looking.

  4. T2070 has 0.60 top hole. The same for T2060 and T2080. T2090, T2110, T2130 and T2180 all have 0.71. That's why you would like faster rears if go to the most any multi speed transmission.

    Actually you should count T2070 as a 5-speed (T2050) with two crawl gears. The same for T2060 and T2080 with one and three crowls. They were designed for vocational jobs the most to eliminate shifs in traffic. The additional low speeds spreaded the use toward construction jobs when you operate a dump, mixer or concrete pump chassis driving in a city but need really low speeds for special tasks.

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