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  1. Drool, drool, drool ! Are the front mounting areas hard enough to keep them original?
  2. Great cat asses! And great T-shirt! And the great job at all. Also great to see the familiar faces. The only thing I didn't figure out - were the buffalos walking around the trucks??
  3. Wish you to live forever to fix them all Nice truck!
  4. It's early series NM-1 or NM-2 produced in 1940. A rare beast, only 87 examples of NM-1 and 107 of NM-2 were built. Sure re-equipped with that dump body. If my memory serves well that picture was posted earlier by Al (57BCR) and he stated it was Celli construction company truck. I might be wrong on that though.
  5. Great photo. The cab looks custom made by some facility. It does not look like a home made cab and I think I saw similar ones on other modified NO's.
  6. Thank you. Prob the sun made it looking just about as real diamonds. I'm not a real fan to polish aluminium. Have way beyound of enough to at the moment.
  7. Grabbed this somewhere on the net some while back.
  8. What are those rear fenders? I don't remember any store offering such style. Look made of SS to me.
  9. A few more pics from someone's gallery. Not almost sure the chassis relates to the truck but all the files were named in the same manner.
  10. This is how a factory B-model looked with that setup. As I was told the front axle and the transfer case were of the same style as Mack NO had. Maybe excepting the gear ratios. For some reason I think the frame rails are stepped at the front to clear up the drive axle. NO was made that way. But I'm not sure for the B.
  11. Congratulations and best of luck to your son Mike. I wish i could grip the steering wheel of that green animal.
  12. Of the things the media talked locally I heard of plans to make a net which could operate separately if Western countries shut down the interweb access. I doubt it will be done soon and done completely. But everything is possible. And not difficult to figure out that if a switch is put in between it could be pulled into off position be either sides. If such thing happen I wouldn't be able to post on a daily basis but have reserve abilities to say hello to the community
  13. No, I'm not anti Volvo. I always liked these (Shame on me, I feel I might be toggle switched off the site)
  14. Upps, I thought I devorced with another woman. So looks like someone married me and i didn't know about... Ok, I broke up multiple times during the recent years so could forget a case or two
  15. And they were very proud of representing it in early 90's or so. Further development allowed them to make W12 out of two VR6 blocks unified in a V. And they produced them in series. Probably continue at the time either.
  16. I can't tell for CXU but I was being founding that switch on a CH. It was located on the engine side of the firewall. Somewhere in the middle behing the engine or closer to the driver side if the memory serves. A small untit mounted to the wall with two wires attached and an air hose to supply air from brakes. I could find it easily because my R-model has the same setup and mounted in the same area. It sure could be different on your truck since it's newer but at least a point to start looking.
  17. I like the way they look in that color. And sure like to see those old trucks running.
  18. I found a couple of pictures of Matt's truck which could put some light on the matter of question. But seems like you have to provide the figuring out yourself.
  19. Welcome! We like truck pictures and stories behind. If you have technical questions put them in the forum related to the subject. Plenty of info is already typed there either. So worth patient readng as a start. Vlad
  20. T2070 has 0.60 top hole. The same for T2060 and T2080. T2090, T2110, T2130 and T2180 all have 0.71. That's why you would like faster rears if go to the most any multi speed transmission. Actually you should count T2070 as a 5-speed (T2050) with two crawl gears. The same for T2060 and T2080 with one and three crowls. They were designed for vocational jobs the most to eliminate shifs in traffic. The additional low speeds spreaded the use toward construction jobs when you operate a dump, mixer or concrete pump chassis driving in a city but need really low speeds for special tasks.
  21. Ha-ha-ha! If you take that synchro out just send it my way
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