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  1. I never checked the parts ## since have no access to Mack parts list but the attachments of the carrier, lower spring (walking beams) clamps (elephant pads), brake spiders and the sizes of spindels to suit bearings are the same. So if you know the rating I see no reason avoiding swap one by the other. If you go that way note the size of the spindel to accomodate a hub seal. Typically Mack axle has one of "typical Mack" seals but once I got a housing where additional sleeves were installed (and I couldn't remove them) so larger ID seal went there, that one crossed to some trailer axle.
  2. Personally for me no need in the picture since my shifter fell down either You could even take it off just sitting in a driver's chear. I found that spring's design very strange. It was (probably) originally welded to a steel cup which bolts on to the cab plate and the floor. It was difficult to me to recognize the originality completely because of multiple repairs i.e. welds of that poor spring. Being where I'm being I couldn't find a solid shifter assembly so I ended up ordering custom fabrication of such spring and two still rings I drilled holes in to attach the ends of the spring to both upper plate and lover cap. A hell of a job and I still have not solved issue of having no boot. Right at the time I don't have inside the cab boot either so when you start the engine the fan blows very intensive into the cab and your face. I'm going to order the lower boot at upholstery shop made of leather (don't see other options) and the cab boot is already new on a shelf (avalible from PAI). But currently I don't work on the MH since had to concentrate attention to other projects.
  3. In fact 8 inches could be enough. I'm not almost sure but the idea is to drive off all the cap screws of the compound top cover and try getting it up. It would go but there is a shift fork which wouldn't allow to remove the cover. Even possibly it would but I would say 50:50, didn't measure its length. But it seems there could be another way. The shift cylinder is a cast boss on the down side of the cover. The cylinder itself is a hole drilled in the boss and closed with two covers at each end attached with bolts. The air leak you expect is through a gasket of one of those or through the piston seal. Telling all that I'm about sure you'll be able to remove the covers having 8 inches gap. Possibly the piston too. Another point if you suppose the cylinder as the reason of leak I would try locking every air line going to it for a check. Pretty sure much easier than removing the top cover of the tranny. Find some suitable plug such as piece of rubber, steel ball etc, unscrew the fitting, put the plug into and reattach. Than put your shifter in operation and watch for any difference. Do one line at a time.
  4. Yes, I think between 1 and 2K depending on how hard you want it. Another side of the coin the amount of cash required to get it running and over the road would be 10-20 times more than what you're going to offer for the truck now. So worth to figure out the reason of the entertainment at all. From looking the pic the engine is Mack gasser, the most probably EN-510 or similar of different displacement.
  5. Wow! A whole lot of cool pics this time. The Superliner is my favorite but nobody would argue Pepsi is a good deal Nice B-model too.
  6. The banjos used both for Camelback or Walking beam are the same. Even those were used for Neway airride at certain applications with bolt on brackets for equalizer beams (normaly they are welded to banjos). Another point earlier 44 banjos were cast iron (up to about 1990) and than later they became a welded steel style. Look the same as 38's but (too probably) harder to bend and heavier. From what I saw about the attachments you can swap cast housing with fabricated and vice versa. And no big issue is seemed if you even put one cast and another steel in the same bogie. Of broken axle spindle i saw at one of those a marking was stamped into its surface with a part # and "replacement spindle" or so. From that I suggested you can (or could) order such part and change it right on the truck. That one with the marking had a massive weld seam where inserted into the banjo housing, looked like someone did that in a shop. And that weld was initial reason to note the marking.
  7. 12000 front end expected to be FA537 Mack axle. The steering knuckles are the same on later version FA538 13500 (or 14000?) axle. I think the most Mack axles of that rating in a frame of 1985-2000 years would have knuckles (with spindels) of the style you need. Sure checking out the axle # (stampet on the axle beam) would make things smoother.
  8. Alastair, thank you for the comment. I sure noted that now I type much easier than before and feel the order of words better. The issue (and respect to our members) the community is not critical to my skills and take me as is. It's comfortable but I don't see my mistakes. At the same time during the years when reading posts on here I see many phrases repeating so when I start saying another way I feel that I'm wrong. Worth to admit it's a very pleasant way of studying English to me since I both study the language and Mack trucks Of writing in other languages I could do it relatively suitable in German until hoocked up on here. Now much less German communications because of more connections with English speaking people. But you are not a person who should feel ashamed of lack of any skill as long as your craftmanship is so high. Unfortunately it's a trouble to me to get GB visa so looks like we could meet in a different country only.
  9. You are right on the steering shaft to pass V8 engine. Something similar could be seen on RS700 with V8. Neat old truck, I like the powerplant combo and steel dash cab. Starting price seems very attractive and I don't see any bids so far.
  10. No news from the TS for a long time. I too hope the blocks were put right and the wood was hard enough.
  11. Aren't F cabs also on springs? Or only those with torsion bar?
  12. Price is a needed thing indeed. But more important thing is the ratio. You can count teeth on both gear wheels and let us know. It could be 13:19, 14:17 etc. A man could figure out the list of complete carrier ratios he could use you gears in. Also a question is what do you mean by a long pinion housing? A housing for a power divider? Or a long housing for a long power divider which was used in B-models? Usually pictures of actual parts help to find a real buyer either. Ok, and the better place to put your thread is "Parts for sale" section. Vlad
  13. Seems opposit to me. When I write I have time to form my phrases. Also I'm able to keep attention to grammer. And after all is written I read over and put some corrections (I also do that when type in Russian). When you speak you put ready phrases, no time to think on how to use a word. That's why I prefere to write correct. I'm getting used to correct forms so when time to talk I could do it automatically. Another story is prononsation and recognizing people's answers. Real communication is required for that but I don't have much of. On the other hand language is a tool you should have a reason to use. So if I live in America or talk with people every day I would try to put my speach to perfect level. And as long as I just travel ocassionally and exchange letters with friends some fluent grade of English satisfys me. Actually English is a part of my hobby which makes the life more interesting and helps to see things wider. So i just enjoy it without putting extreme efforts into.
  14. Yes, many of them. But there are areas which look different. Mostly were the ground is sandy.
  15. Actually Soviet Union restricted plenty of people's rights and abilities of what we at modern times count as normal. I just cannot imagine how really things were bad before and during WW2 since a lot of blood was spilled and people were killed without a court or just ordered to actions followed to death with no chances to survive. I didn't live those days so only try to figure out the truth from modern publications because local propoganda was always doing perfect job of stating how beautiful life in the country was and is. Of what I remember very good of living 14 years until the end of USSR people were ordered to live along Socialistic rules. Every man MUST be employed to government service, being not employed for more than a month or two was a crime. Women were exception, could provide household job but the most preferred to work. Education was for free (and still is in many cases) including colledges and universities. But there was a point. If a person got hight degree it meant he was not allowed to work for a "worker" job. He must be an engeneer, scientist etc. He couldn't work with a lathe at a plant, drive a truck or operate a showel or doser. The matter was the state spent efforts for his education so he must pay back. And that makes sence on my mind regardless was limiting man's rights. Basic work time was limited to 8 hours a day 5 days a week and 28 PAYED days off once in a year. Men got retirenment in 60 and women in 55. The size of retirenment payment depended on the time the person was employed and was actually sufficient. At least during 80's years when I was informed on that. People were allowed to travel all over the country's land including Socialist republics such as Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazahstan, Latvia, Litva etc. Exception was multiple "closed" cities which were different "strategic" facilities where production of military materials and equipment was located, space industry and so on. People lived there as in normal cities but the territory was fenced with guared gates to enter and exit. Those who were inside could go outside with no limitations (but usually didn't need that much). Others couldn't go in without special permission. There are still some areas of such style (for example submarine bases) but much less in number. Travels outside of USSR were impossible. Including Socialist countries like East Germany, Poland, Yougoslavia and others. Those were behind the USSR border. In fact a person needed and exit visa to get off. Sure some people went to foreign countries but that required such visa and must be reasoned. For example my dad made 2 trips to Cuba and 2 to Poland. But those concerned his job. He provided development of Laser equipment and side products (the main sure was for military) were medical setup for eye surgary. Soviet government supplied that equipment to those countries so he was ordered to go there and provide start and run in to operation. The duration of stay, location and amount of money changed were strictly controlled. Lucky people were those who had long term job in foreign countries, especially Western ones. Those people could import high quality goods into SU including clothes, cassete recorders and cars. The problem of shortage of common goods in the country was a follow of main efforts put into military production, space research and other strategical means. Now i think there was a reason of studieing a WW2 lesson so that made sence. But the issue was Socialist economy was the government economy and actually was in many cases inefficient. Interesting that nowadays many mostly older people complain about current layout and say that it was much better at SU times. But it seems to me that those saying that are who by some reason felt themsef very good because they got good position or were able to steal and satisfy their needs (and those latter kind ones were many in number). Or another possible reason is (as it seems to me) people remember time when they were young, healthy and active as their best part of life. And Socialism or Capitalism gets a role of a side matter.
  16. I mentioned 25 years since things got a big change overhere after Soviet Union collapsed. In relation to our subject I would admitt 1st the end of Cold war which meant greatly improved flows of import of different goods into the country including commercial vehicles. And 2nd reason I explained before is Socialistic economy meant prohibitation of any commercial property for citizens. State had a total monopoly on all production facilities. You could buy a car but not a truck. You could buy a garage to store your car but couldn't open a shop in it and start commercial repairs. That way nobody here owned trucks in the past. And since that just a few people have hobby trucks now - because not many old ones were saved and also because there's no culture of private trucking so no interest in collecting its artifacts. Speaking of the time the first Macks found their way to Russia I don't have quite corect answer. My suggestion they might be imported in very beginning of 20th century - before WW1. I haven't found facts so far but for example there were FDW trucks supplied to Tzar army about 1914 or 1916. Also I have a documented source of Hurlburt trucks sold in Russia in 1917. So importing Macks into the country during the same times seems quite possible. That later there was time when Bolsheviki had wide cooperation with American companies during late 20's and 30's for supplys of different industrial equipement and technologies. One of the most well-known projects was a newly built Ford plant which took a name of GAZ factory in Gorky (Nizniy Novgorod). So also too possible on purchasing heavy trucks including such famous brand as Mack. I read on some Russian technical web-site about Mack ladder firetruck in service in Moscow before WW2. Unfortunately no documented proof survived. And there's info of the same state of truth of some AC dump trucks supplied for oilfield service. in early 30's. That's true indeed about Lend-Lease suppliys. The fact is about 700 plus military Macks of model NR were shipped to Soviet Union during WW2. Unfortunately no detailed info on those supplys of were they shipped new as PKD sets of used trucks which transported goods through Iran. The most probably both ways. Also not really many documented facts describing that story but there's sufficient artifact as one such truck which survived (only one known) and it is mine now Telling further during the times some single units of L and R-models were imported during the Cold War times mostly to provide road tests and than later take apart to investigate technology and materials for reasons of local automotive industry. And much later, after opening Soviet Union border (nobody could go outside of the country before 1990 excepting those who had government missions or served state contracts) some used Mack trucks (along with plenty of different vehicles) were imported into the country by private persons and companies. There was a latest times remarkable page of Mack history in Russia. About 2009 or 2010 a company in the city of Saint-Petersburg (Russia) started importing Visions (actually Pinnacles with MP8) on a wide basis. They supplied about 100 or 150 trucks during 3 or 4 years. Those trucks were new and the company had official distribution from Mack. Unfortunately drop of oil costs in 2014 made that business inoperatabe and import cancelled. They still have 3 unsold trucks made in 2013 and many sold ones cruise Russian highways so you can see them down the road from time to time.
  17. That's a good way of things Paul. If I were searching something for decades I wouldn't miss a chance to make a 5000 km trip to grab that.
  18. That's a pretty interesting fact. Thanks for sharing on here.
  19. This is an option with a kind of hard nose, like B-81 or 87, not the big aluminium radiator.
  20. You spotted them clever man LOL! Some while back the truck had four headlights which were close to the original setup. The guy I bought the truck from said he installed those Lada's for better light since old American beams are blind indeed relating to European pattern. He gave me leftowers of that set and I sure will keep my final MH truck look factory.
  21. I also noted the position of the door handle in the manual doesn't look the way I would put it on. Some while back we discussed that matter and got to idea of mutting it different than at that factory pic.
  22. An easy reason - you don't sleep in a sleeper ... And sure I don't lock a door when sleep in a tent
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