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  1. Nice looking dog. Wonder what did they do with it? And where is it now?
  2. Vladislav


    I'm not ready to tell about the outer sizes since the 11.00-24 I have are all deep under snow at the moment. Another thing I was going to tell is the tire inside diameter, where it seats on a rim bad. Reading figures 24 and 24.5 I expected those sizes to differ for 1/2. But once I made a check my surprize was they happened to be the same. So looked to me .5 inch in the marking was added to notify the tubless type of a tire. But actual fitting size wasn't changed. Sure the type of tire sidewall is different between tube and tubless setup so no way to fit one instead of another. But just about the geometry it's possible.
  3. Spent a bit of time. Wouldn't look bad on my mind. Hope you might be enjoyed with the result for the Christmas.
  4. What a beautiful truck you have! There's another Liberty RW with a big sleeper in the Netherlands and as I was told and if the memory serves 4 Superliners more were known existing. MH's is another story, have no idea of.
  5. Vladislav

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Merry Christmas BMT!
  6. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    Let me avoid participation in the common sence discussion with simple apologizes to R-model trailer and Winfall sitizens instead. Oh, and the hat for sure. Thanks for the pictures Tom.
  7. I have doubts on good look of red frame with such painted cab. I might be wrong of cource and final decision is always by the owner. Or by owner's wife sometimes. For the best you may draw a primitive picture of the truck using MS Paint or another graphic program. Too easy to fill areas with different colors to observe general appearance. You would surprize how many variations go away during just first 10 minutes of experiments.
  8. Vladislav

    B Model With Steam Calliope

    Sad thing - the e-bay page said "May not be shipped to Russian federation" Nice color combo.
  9. Merry Christmas BMT! Those Santa helpers could even push me off my wish way
  10. Vladislav


    DM with zero offset cab is a R-model a wrong DM.
  11. Vladislav

    N model pic for Vlad

    Letter N was used by Mack to start naming military truck models during WW2. There were NO, NR, NM, NB, NJU and some others in the line.
  12. Vladislav


    11R24.5 is NOT equivalent to 10.00-22 That equivalent is 10R22.5. That's if we talk about the size. Moreover, the actual fitting ID of 22.5 tyre is the same as 22 tube type one. The same for 24.5 relating to 24 tube. Once i measured them I was too surprized but that's the fact. Another story is putting a rim on a hub. If your truck has spokes to ride on 22 tube type rims 24.5 tubless would fit on. Look on the both of them. Old rims seat on spokes by its very center. Tubless rims have additional rim welded in the center. That inner one fits on the hub and the outer (main one) accomodates the tire. That spicing (difference in diameters) allows installing a tire of 2 inch OD larger. So by fitment 22.5 goes onto "20" spokes and 24.5 does on "22". Overall dimentions are expected by me to be close of 10.00-22 (100.00R22) and 10R22.5. The same for 11.00-24 and 11R24.5. I haven't done sharp measurments and particular tires used to vary of acrtual sizes but in general that rule worked as long as I could find out.
  13. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    I wouldn't decline an offer to clean my street the way as seen on the pic #2. Or better like #3 Tom, which roads do you drive? I made no less that 600 miles during that week in November driving over NJ, NY, CT and even PA and saw only 3 soft nosed R/DM Macks. And the only pic I could make was R-model septic tank from its septic side. I even dodn't see any intend posting it on here. Oh, Ok, I forgot. One RW I saw in he mirror levels up the count What a beautiful bird kicking that f**king snow !!!
  14. Vladislav

    N model pic for Vlad

    Woo-hoo! Thank you Paul! It took me a bit of head scratching to figure out what model of the truck is displayed. Definitely it's NO 6x6. Of original components there could be recognized chassis on 12.00-24 Budd wheels, front bumper with heavy winch, front fenders, hood and grill. Any ideas on where the picture was taken?
  15. The look of the cab is very promising. I just try to imagine the whole truck. No doubt would be great. Wish you smooth way to end up the project.
  16. Vladislav

    super liner cab

    The later (square nose) RD cab is a combo of Superliner left side and R-model right side where air cleaner is attached. I bought such RD cab ocassionally with further plans to convert it into RW in the far future. To the moment it seems to me as you need the upper right corner of a RW cowl to weld in. The right lower area is different also but seems as possible to custom-rework. For the best the whole RH Superliner cowl corner is required. There might be another option - use the cab as is and cut Superliner hood at the right to fit R-model cowl and filter. That's the way all Australian RWs were made. But those hoods were adapted to a R-model cab at the both sides
  17. Vladislav

    Classed as yard art in Vermont

    If pushing doesn't work, try pulling. Hope the guy will be able to build WHAT HE WANT on HIS property.
  18. Vladislav

    1940 MR  Chassis

    I expected more likes to the initial image. Since many of our members better like naked (Winfall) photos.
  19. Vladislav


    ...And all those are 1:25 not 1:24. In 24th scale the most used option is Italery Mack Superliner (sold as a no-brand vehicle). It has many wrong parts but is a popular model anyway. As of reference pics the best way is to attend this web site for a long time and on a constant basis. R-model Mack had many different options on axles, rear suspension, engine, transmission, hood and even the cab. So you wouldn't build a good model using just a couple of ocassion pics. Look over the wiki section of the forum to find a list of different R-models. Look over the types of engines installed and years of production. Than figure out to which particular model your initial kit is most close. After that start looking through old threads for images. Than having a basic understanding try putting a request thread with more particular questions. For example I have 1988 R688ST. But my front end has taper leaf front springs (3 leaves at each side). AMT R-model has multy-leaf front springs. And say RS chassis would have almost different setup. I even don't know do RS600 and RS700 differ
  20. From what I see at the picture the right truck's bumper is off DM or Granite. Sitting in my chair I would go to evil bay and put "Mack bumper" in the search field. Plenty of offers show up and many have model description. Some of them used to be wroong as we all know. But I'd go that way to start basic reference.
  21. Wow! And I was just going to sleep... Now I need a set of such tracks!!! Ok, I will try to remove a set from a dozer tomorrow.... Or they are too narrow... And plenty of snow all over to work outside... Nevermind.
  22. Vladislav


    Congrats on the build done! Seems like almost in time before the white stuff layed down over. Non is the time to fill up. I would advice to no hurry during that.
  23. Vladislav

    Pictures of the Week

    Cool pics Tom, nice to see, thanks. Before opening this thread I thought I was the only member on here who had snow all around. And now I see I'm not alone. Good or bad but I'm home. The trucks in Keystone Museum got some movements since I visited it this past June. Looks like a good sign for old pieces of history. And those Winfall pics are awesome!
  24. Seeing the 1st pictudes I was going to type Wow! But scrowling lower I got to WOW!! with no doubt. Nice clean job. The way it should be done on my mind. Wish speedy recovery to your account. The result is going to pay back the efforts, and looks it's getting its way quite fast.
  25. Vladislav

    Ocassionally in the States

    It has happened that my current affairs got me to New Jersey. Some used BMW spare parts go to Russia on a constant basis but lots of come broken and so. The recipient wasn't happy with the fact and knowning my addiction to everything used and rusty plus my experience visiting the US made me an offer for a inspection voyage. Actually I was paid for the plane tickets having a week to spend for reasons I want. So so far I'm at my friend's place in NJ. Unfortunately he's going to departue to Mexico for vacation with a family and I have a feeling of potential nothing to do. This kind of situation is not typical to me and I already started building plans for the nearest few days. Going to visit Matt Pfahl's shop on Tuesday. The further part of the week needs more work out and taking to account Thanksgiving on Thurthday I found myself open for ideas. What would you guys recommend me to visit in the area of NY-NJ or Easter PA? I even look for a chance to keep anybody's company to put hands on an old Mack truck if someone is going to spend the long weekend in his shop. No income interest, just involvement and accomodation.

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