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  1. ...And I would like to see them rocker panels. Vlad
  2. Many thanks! A nice sample of classic ingenuity.
  3. Relisted. Not much of a Mack for the money on my mind.
  4. Yes, I was thinking AITM was offering that MH cab. Now seems I was wrong. Of modelling I got stuck with Mack AC. And seems I stuck tough having them big Macks. There was a Russian guy who built Aussie (or NZ) tween steer MH. He used the same cab as you posted but had to modify it really much as I remember. http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=1166
  5. I think END-457,ED, END-519 (have never seen such mark), END-672 and END-510 all were Lanovas. But the only engine I'm known of having Mack Lanova script on the exhaust manifold was Mack ED (519 c.i.).
  6. Very interesting. Have never heard of that and don't remember anyone ever noted on here. Do you have any factory pics of the setup or description? And I'm sure EQ was just the next heavier series E after EH being driven with common Mack axles, single or double reduction. And the chain driven E had its special model name of ER.
  7. I looked over that diagram and found out my 1988 R had differences to it. I can't tell the reasons for 100% sure but can state it didn't work for me.
  8. It looks like a rare animal. Wonder what is the tandems setup? I can see a chain between the rear wheels/ Did Mack ever used them in tandem E-models? I saw a picture with a transfer case and two prop shafts in a Mack book. Also I saw in person the driveline to the rears of the style B's and later Mack had. But this design seems as another story. BTW whhat does EQ 5D mean& Factory diesel?
  9. Looks like the things are doing cool. Would like to see the cowl patch pieces. Observing your progress I even started crawling over my military Mack cab with a measure band and a caliper to figure out which parts I would be able to order fabricated. The cab has many things in common with your one being basically a L-model cab. But since it's an open one the rocker channels were made different. Consit of lower and upper panels. Your cab has the upper ones only.
  10. Once again, thank you for sharing, very interesting. As long as I know Mack put diesel engines in trucks before having its own diesel. The first series production Mack diesel was ED-519 Lanova introduced in November 1938. And those diesels installed before that date (and possibly later either) were Buda Lanova.
  11. The motor itsdelf must be the same. But actually I have never put my hands on both ot them. So you know, in theory things could be looking smooth. But than in fact under the water stones might be hit. And as more initial differences as more chances to.
  12. Don't forget there were Superliner 1st serie and Superliner-II. The one you have with V8 is Superliner-1. Relating to the 2nd generation (starting from 1985) about the frame, front axle, air tanks, radiator and many other things it's almost different story. Those RW2's were built on another chassis and even by another factory. Vlad
  13. If you're going to build a model of MH you need a frame of MH, RW2 or CL. Neither of them were represented in a model. No 1:24 and no 1:25. And too probably neither model in any scale at all. Cruiseliner frame accomodates E9 and Superliner 1 either and those frames were the same as I mentioned above. R-model rails could get E9 since there were factory V8's of earlier series mounted onto R700 trucks. But neither R600 or R700 chassis had anything in common with a MH about shape. So only way to make a correct model is a custom-built (scratch) frame rails. And they're not simple to reproduce. There's another option though which would put you into a story of special kind. I suppose (about almost sure) Australian MH's were built on R700 style frames. So in theory you could get AMT R-model (which is 1:25) and put MH cab on it. If you use AIM one those are 1:25 too. But right hand steering and many other Aussie things would be "a must" points.
  14. Wow! i see Buda-Lanova diesel for the first time. It's not written "Lanova" on it but from the location of injectors it used Lanova pre-chambers.
  15. Vladislav


    I like what is said above but honestly have no idea of what that milk was. And more honestly understand nothing of. Welcome back to the forum Ernie!
  16. That firewall junction block schematic seems as a big mistery. The question was shown up a couple of times but no good resopnse as long as I can remember. So better switch the turn light in the cab on and put your test lamp to the terminals.
  17. Very interesting to see these trucks. Thank you for sharing. Isn't there a closed cab Mack AC to the right of the Federal?
  18. Those 1.75 inches is an interesting point. That means you can't use RS700 hood combined with CMAC. At least without modifications. Alastair, a pleasure to deal with your technical knowledges about Mack design. I too appreciate such approach in modelbuiding.
  19. Thank you for the info. I don't have a B-model but will keep it in my mind.
  20. Hmm.. i don't remember seeing it. She's a beauty, no doubt. And you're a lucky guy Jim, having such a project finished.
  21. Was it a bumper for a B-model or any other one you found with the dimentions matched? Looks excellent. Nothing compares to polished stainless steel.
  22. Jim, Did you ever posted outside views of your B75? During the years I don't remember seeing any but from these inside the cab shots it must be a very nice looking unit. I even was going to ask this question at Macungie this past summer but we were in contact for just a moment. Good thing I was lucky to meet you in person at all
  23. What are the bushings you are talking about? Does a triplex have rear mount to the chassis? Ot those the engine seats on at the rear? Just have no idea and wonder what a B-model has of that setup.
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