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  1. Congratulations and best of luck to your son Mike. I wish i could grip the steering wheel of that green animal.
  2. Of the things the media talked locally I heard of plans to make a net which could operate separately if Western countries shut down the interweb access. I doubt it will be done soon and done completely. But everything is possible. And not difficult to figure out that if a switch is put in between it could be pulled into off position be either sides. If such thing happen I wouldn't be able to post on a daily basis but have reserve abilities to say hello to the community
  3. No, I'm not anti Volvo. I always liked these (Shame on me, I feel I might be toggle switched off the site)
  4. Upps, I thought I devorced with another woman. So looks like someone married me and i didn't know about... Ok, I broke up multiple times during the recent years so could forget a case or two
  5. And they were very proud of representing it in early 90's or so. Further development allowed them to make W12 out of two VR6 blocks unified in a V. And they produced them in series. Probably continue at the time either.
  6. I can't tell for CXU but I was being founding that switch on a CH. It was located on the engine side of the firewall. Somewhere in the middle behing the engine or closer to the driver side if the memory serves. A small untit mounted to the wall with two wires attached and an air hose to supply air from brakes. I could find it easily because my R-model has the same setup and mounted in the same area. It sure could be different on your truck since it's newer but at least a point to start looking.
  7. I like the way they look in that color. And sure like to see those old trucks running.
  8. I found a couple of pictures of Matt's truck which could put some light on the matter of question. But seems like you have to provide the figuring out yourself.
  9. Welcome! We like truck pictures and stories behind. If you have technical questions put them in the forum related to the subject. Plenty of info is already typed there either. So worth patient readng as a start. Vlad
  10. T2070 has 0.60 top hole. The same for T2060 and T2080. T2090, T2110, T2130 and T2180 all have 0.71. That's why you would like faster rears if go to the most any multi speed transmission. Actually you should count T2070 as a 5-speed (T2050) with two crawl gears. The same for T2060 and T2080 with one and three crowls. They were designed for vocational jobs the most to eliminate shifs in traffic. The additional low speeds spreaded the use toward construction jobs when you operate a dump, mixer or concrete pump chassis driving in a city but need really low speeds for special tasks.
  11. Ha-ha-ha! If you take that synchro out just send it my way
  12. I wish I could purchase a pair of new rails for my R-model paying 2 or 3K. Those have spread and get lower to the front. My deal is restoring so staight rails wouldn't work. PG Adams didn't treat me much showing no possibility to bend a rail for the spread. Although they were so honest shipping me a 4" sample of what my rail would be if I weld straight channels to my front end the bend radius they can do for 1/4 rails didn't match my frame. So no solution so far. Your project makes my mooth water. It's not my cup of tea to build a custom truck since I prefere stock but the way it gets together looks very promising.
  13. As far as I know at least one truck is in Europe. A guy from Finland imported it from the States. When I was a kid I had a picture of Big Horn cut from some old Russian magazine. It was small and black and white but I too liked the truck. Didn't know they were so few in number produced. I think the magazine was issued in 1977 or so.
  14. Paul, those are very interesting files, put alot of light on the matter. Thanks. I see they note T2060A transmission in the list. Seems like it was done the same way (or even the same design?) as later T308 tranny. 6 speeds on the main stick require different top cover with one additional shift fork and a rail. All that seems done on T2060A. Wonder how the engeneers could put additional gear set into the main housing of the same size as a 5-speed unit had. And sure I wonder how the gear wheels are similar of the seating sizes to the shafts so I could take everything off two or three transmissions and play with until get dirty and upset. Let's see
  15. That's what i keep in my mind. Originally my truck had T2090 and I would keep it but the sliding clutched got worn during the years of unexperienced driving. Locally I could find T2070 with 0.60 overdrive and put in the truck. Affordable but the gear spacing is up to 70% what is too much for Econodyne E6-350. Fast overdrive is good but one more gear between the direct and the over is required. My current idea is to try fixing the 9-speed using parts off the 7-speed but that newer 8-speed unit could make the deal too having the steps of nearly 60%.
  16. Thanks the great Jim, that's what I was looking for. Interesting that the overall length of the transmission (798mm) is almost similar to T2090. The overgear ratio is also similar - 0.71. Definitely looks like T200 and T300 series have a lot of things in common. But too probably many parts of the content could be found different. Ok, my engeneering addiction gets my thoughts in direction of taking apart and combining/modifying everything I find on my way. This time its possible to install the unit as is since no modifications required to. The last point - I should find the reason
  17. Your fabricator made a great job! At least as long as I can see it on my screen. So far I haven't found a shop which could made such 3D curves. The most of them are newly organized small companies with laser cutters and straight bending presses. Good thing they do exist though. Once again, thanks for the reference pics.
  18. Good point on the bell housing, thank you. Actually the potential use is in a hobby truck. So not many miles are planned. This doesn't bring much worries on the input shaft cond too. As long as I know the engine was taken off just a week back. The matter of the rust seems the truck was parked with another issue (rears) for nealy 5 years as I was told. My main question at the moment is the ratios. Originally I had T2090 with 40% steps between the shifts and now T2070 installed with about 70% which is not what I like. So that unit with 6 speeds in the main box might be a compromize. Depending on the step lenthes and the top gear ratio.
  19. About the same headach at me if anybody is of interest.
  20. I am offered to buy such unit locally. The price tag is reasonable but I have no idea on the ratios, body length etc. It was removed from (as they said) 2004 DM dump truck with some kind of E7 engine.
  21. Wow!! Looks much more exciting now! I'm sure you know what you do by my fingers will be kept crossed. What is the plan for that big 3" U-channel at the bottom of the back wall? Are you going to make a new one? Right at the moment I'm waiting for such part from fabrication but that one will be a straight piece. Hope to get it in the shape by cutting-welding-grinding. My new sills (or rockers?) are also in that order. At least I hope the shop folks will be able to bend what I have drawn
  22. The thing I hope the most the truck will go to someone's collection being not taken to a set of really fresh parts or redone into a working horse to do commercial job as a tractor or dump.
  23. On the other hand a day cab with that long wheelbase doesn't look like a typical MH tractor. And the milage is really small being proofed by the interior condition. They also announced a 18000 front axle.
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