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  1. Vladislav

    Superliner I Airline Diagram

    Some extra shots for you. These are DM and four-axle Superliner.
  2. Vladislav

    Superliner I Airline Diagram

    Pawel, your job looks too strange. It's good you made Camelback instead of unknown rears from Italery kit. But rear bogie brackets to the frame... I like them too much though they were made in 40's, 50's and 60's including B models but no R's. I'm not a 100% shure but 99. Look at the pictures I made of 80's DM. You can see the typical R's Camelback. If you have ever seen the R model kit of AMT that one has the same rears. So you have to think strong about untill you have the chassis unpainted. The axle gears, springs and tie-rods looks Ok. Try to look ower Autoinscale Russian model building forum (AISforum) for the post of Rubber Duck replica. It was made quite true. The picture of the frame is on the display. Scratch built "Duck" in 24 and the AMT "R" in 25. All the best, vlad
  3. Vladislav

    Superliner I Airline Diagram

    Hi, Pawel, Sounds like you have a progress. I haven't the scheme of Superliner though most brake line connections are close to each other around highway R-models. Air tanks could have different locations with brake chambers in diff. points due to a kind of suspension and a number of axles. I have some shots from my R688 of 1988 with airride. Lot of pipes around brakes including park sections mixed with suspension lines. Be carefull about this pictures, the truck has too long Russian milege, brake chambers are from KamAZ. In theory I have the book about it but in real that one is in Holland now untill my next visit in July. Vlad
  4. BBQ is good when some stuff was done. Vinny, I'm with you
  5. Never heard owerhere about the Mack project in Russia. I don't remember 70's but early 80's were full of newspapers with cartoon pictures of Uncle Sam with money in the hand and atomic rockets aimed to Russia - USSR. That's all looks a humor now but I can't belive in a deal of our nations during the Cold War time. Vlad
  6. I can't belive that's the real price. Looks like some trade mistification. Vlad
  7. HeavyGunner, how Vinny said, I would be so depressed. I supposed, there are lots of Mack everywhere in the US. So very good the best Macks are always here Vlad.
  8. Waiting for a lot of Australians. I must also to see them real one day. Vlad.
  9. Vinny, I must do it. Though it's a long way so I have to prepaire good. I'm thinking also to come and buy one more Mack that time. But must to realize some of my today projects first.
  10. Nice report Vinny, I have seen less Macks in my country during all my life Vlad.
  11. Vladislav

    Needle bearings for SG-16 steering gear

    I really have too much questions and will ask if you have any time for. Waiting for bearings. Have to go for a sleep soon, now is about 11 pm at me. Thanks a lot. Vlad
  12. Vladislav

    Needle bearings for SG-16 steering gear

    This is an oil seal. The gear works with a transmission oil or a sort of. Original seal isn't an interesting thing because it's relatively working part made of textile wire a bit less then 70 years ago. I'm looking for a rubber one with a spring. And your dimensions were perfect. My need is one piece only. Vlad.
  13. Vladislav

    Needle bearings for SG-16 steering gear

    The working size of the seal is the same as the bearing - 1 3/4. Outside diametr is 2 1/8 for using with original retainer (it's better) or 57.2 mm = 2 1/4 in. for direct fit into a body. The depth is 5/16 for use with a retainer or up to 10 mm naked. The original seal number is probably too old, it was made of clothes - 88AX23. Vlad.
  14. Vladislav

    Needle bearings for SG-16 steering gear

    Rob, I don't need it faster because of Russian post shipping up to 8 weeks (3-4 is very good). I have lots of to do about my project so it's not a matter of time. Can pay by PayPal immediately or by a credit card. There'll be a shipping cost you'll have to add, any your working time for this story is a value also, no problems. So I need two of. The adress is Moscow, Russia. I'll send you it full in PM. I would like it all, Vlad. Maybe I have a reason to look for a seal for same place?
  15. Vladislav

    roof vent square tubes

    You can try to contact Watt's Mack for first about a new one. They has the tread in the forum list. Although they are working too slow with me, maybe they're faster for inside US. Vlad
  16. Vladislav

    Needle bearings for SG-16 steering gear

    I have two steering gears at the moment, both were made in 1945 and always the same excepting the aggregat number. The first one (Russian) was full of water and rust. The second from the spare ex-French army truck is rust and wear- free. Although don't understand the reason of the play. Both have it of equal amount. One set of warm and sector is very good so I don't want to machine them. I can rebore the hole in the body to fit owersize bearings but not the gear set. I have to say Rob, you are very good guy, and I mean not only a help to me but to many others. Vlad.
  17. Vladislav

    Needle bearings for SG-16 steering gear

    Rob, always thank you, Bearing: OD outer cap 54.1 mm - 2.13 In. Length (depth) 38 mm - 1.496 in Shaft ext.D 44.5 mm - 1.75 in Bearing mark says "Terrington". Have seen nothing about "Ross" including Parts list and a Manual. All the stampes are readable at the picture if you download it and look with a high pixels. You can see also "Mack archemoid steering" but no "Ross" Vlad.
  18. Vladislav

    Rim Size 11:00 x 24

    Have looked on rims. They have width owerall 245 mm means 9.645 inches - 9 2/3? The spacer is of 85 mm - 3.346 in. - 3 1/3. Original tyres were 11.00-24 but I haven't any info of what the rim size is. All the manuals I have contein no figures expect of 11.00-24, rims owerwiew got me nothing but "Made In U.S.A." Vlad.
  19. Vladislav

    Rim Size 11:00 x 24

    I have to make a mesurement of my 24's, will do it tomorrow.
  20. 19 5 hole alcoa wheels, and well polished. Nice colors, nice look.
  21. Vladislav

    U ? HUE? HEW?

    Maybe this one was also unturnable right though I like how she looks. Vlad
  22. Vladislav

    24" rubber?

    Joe, welcome to Russia! My trucks aren't looking good at the moment although I'm working on them. The NR originnaly has 11.00-24 but I spent a year looking on them. There is hard border taxing that makes used rubber import unable to me. So I had to by these new made in China. I prefere European or American brands but these I bought looks good. NR is not so high speed truck and will operates with no load. Vlad.
  23. Vladislav

    24" rubber?

    Hello, I can't say about new Mack with though I bought 11 brand new tyres 12.00R24 with tubes just a couple weeks ago. Vlad
  24. Rob, thank you for attention. My wheel story is too long. At the moment I found 2 original alloys and that's all the rest of whole 40 wheels of the four R models of always the same kind imported in Russia. That 2 wheels saw alot of mud, sand and salt on roads. I started to send by Nr120 and continued with a sandpaper for wood. After half an hour working the same area I see deep corrosion in the aluminium, probably near 0,5 mm or more. Have spoken about machine cut them for 1 mm, waiting for an answer. I begin to seriusely think about buying new wheels, maybe the pair in front for beginning. But met the problem by this way also.
  25. Mack Man, I saw the Alcoa sticker on the front rim of LTL. Did you buy the wheel new or kept them during the polishing? Vlad.

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