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  1. Welcome to the jungle! You have to start an engine of your bike and look for. Try to find a truck in the best condition you can. Depending of your pocket of course. You'll have a lot of to do around a project anyway and it's nice when you get some quick results. And constantly move a project, slowly moving but never stop!! Vlad
  2. Happy Birthday ! Have nice Mack's and be smily !!!
  3. Excellent photos ! Did you make this funny collection just in one shop ? I thought for first the yellow dress is about banana skin Vlad
  4. I like how looks blue Cruiseliner at the first photo. That one is too impressive with a Superliner kind of the grill. All the trucks are looking nice, good weather makes them especially shiny. Vlad.
  5. I can't believe she hasn't any fuel filters. Just follow fuel lines in direction from tanks to a fuel pump and you wouldn't miss them. You wrote about some "pass". Do you livin' the area of nice snow toped rocks as on your avatar? Vlad.
  6. Probably there aren't 24's of tubeless type. They are of 24.5. Anyway you need tubeless type rims/wheels to fit tybeless tyres. Some weeks ago I learned a strange fact. I dismounted wheels in a wheel shop and had to transport them home. There were 2 of 11.00-24 and 1 of 11.00R24.5. Both were from Mack's. Putting them in a car trailor I wanted to save space. I had the idea to lay 24.5 tyre just ower 24 rim keeping in my mind it must come on with a bit of freedom. My surprize was too big when I took the problem putting it on - 24.5 tyre didn't lay around because it had always the same inside hole size as 24's outside! I can say, 11R24.5 tyre has proper size to be fitted on 24 inch rim! I looked tyre's sidewalls and noted they are different - 24's had the place around for the rim's wall and the 24.5 had it of a smaller higth. So making a mix of 24's and 24.5 isn't a way. Taking to account manufacturer's recommendation it is seriousely uncorrect and dangerous. But how about just a fact that 24 inches and 24.5 inches are the SAME size ?? Vlad
  7. Larry, does your trailer get a racing car on board? I suppoesd it's a camper. So surprized a bit by your need of the sleeper box to fit on Mack. How powerfull is the race car? Vlad
  8. Please keep posting your problem, I'm going to work around worn compressor. Vlad
  9. David, Thank you for the nice sharing! Sorry I haven't plans to take part in Macugnee with my trucks though will visit it one day myself. Very good be seeing these Mack from my far away. Vlad
  10. How do you guys want to drive 6 year's not started truck? I'm afraid of the engine came stuck. Or maybe not? END with a triplex - good stock. Although I like 3 axle and H63. As it would seems to me of that kind I'd be moving my back on a soufa looking owerseas. Vlad
  11. It's just the one more subject to learn that an amount of money doesn't determine a wellness. And one more time to trust that the best one is the only self-made. At least self-created. If somebody doesn't like green interior he is unlimited to coose any other. But he must not to be surprized to loose the value selling it. How was absolutely true written a time here, this is a job for love, not for a profit. Chomed wheels look good. New tyres also. It hasn't green dash but the dash is done very nice and clear. The modern style fifth wheel is a nonsence. My .02 Vlad.
  12. Larry, Why do you think LJ but LF ? Although I like them both. Rear tyres of the B clousest to R look to be good. Vlad
  13. The door is of nice color and pre-primered for some graffity. Vlad
  14. Interesting to know what level of restoration they call "perfection". Vlad
  15. Does the show going on whole a week? Nice looking pictures! Especially the last one. Vlad
  16. Thank you for posting. That green with sand B is the SuperB! It's good to keep the most attractive shots with a high resolution. Vlad
  17. Thank you for the link. Aussie Cruiseliners looks to me more attractive than Americans. Vlad.
  18. You didn't count Mack trucks. And didn't noted are they live inside/outside
  19. It's good to restore the truck that you love. Especially when it is a running TRUCK, not a couple of pieces of old iron. A way of jumping from one project to another "little better" isn't good experience. On my mind. Vlad
  20. Too glad, Congratulations! How many do you have at the moment?
  21. Hello everybody, I noted this sign at the sticker inside the cab of my Canadian-made R model. Would like to paint the big ones on doors or maybe sides of a sleeper. Does anybody have a good quality picture of it? Mine looks too little to reproduce. Although not having any luck googling it. Vlad.
  22. Some extra shots for you. These are DM and four-axle Superliner.
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