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  1. Your fabricator made a great job! At least as long as I can see it on my screen. So far I haven't found a shop which could made such 3D curves. The most of them are newly organized small companies with laser cutters and straight bending presses. Good thing they do exist though. Once again, thanks for the reference pics.
  2. Good point on the bell housing, thank you. Actually the potential use is in a hobby truck. So not many miles are planned. This doesn't bring much worries on the input shaft cond too. As long as I know the engine was taken off just a week back. The matter of the rust seems the truck was parked with another issue (rears) for nealy 5 years as I was told. My main question at the moment is the ratios. Originally I had T2090 with 40% steps between the shifts and now T2070 installed with about 70% which is not what I like. So that unit with 6 speeds in the main box might be a compromize. Depending on the step lenthes and the top gear ratio.
  3. Vladislav


    About the same headach at me if anybody is of interest.
  4. Wow!! Looks much more exciting now! I'm sure you know what you do by my fingers will be kept crossed. What is the plan for that big 3" U-channel at the bottom of the back wall? Are you going to make a new one? Right at the moment I'm waiting for such part from fabrication but that one will be a straight piece. Hope to get it in the shape by cutting-welding-grinding. My new sills (or rockers?) are also in that order. At least I hope the shop folks will be able to bend what I have drawn
  5. Vladislav

    1989 Mack R Model Fire Truck Extended Cab

    The thing I hope the most the truck will go to someone's collection being not taken to a set of really fresh parts or redone into a working horse to do commercial job as a tractor or dump.
  6. Vladislav

    Rare MH613 dump

    On the other hand a day cab with that long wheelbase doesn't look like a typical MH tractor. And the milage is really small being proofed by the interior condition. They also announced a 18000 front axle.
  7. Vladislav

    1989 Mack R Model Fire Truck Extended Cab

    That's really nice. Here special lights and sirens are property of the government services. And the authorities don't like concurence. As you know America and Russia are a bit different stories
  8. Vladislav

    1989 Mack R Model Fire Truck Extended Cab

    In my country if you're going down the road with even DISABLED but still mounted red or blue light on the roof you would loose your licence for a year or two. Nice and interesting looking R.
  9. Vladislav

    Rare MH613 dump

    By a chance I adopted a couple of pics of MH cement mixer from some trucks for sale site. It was Spanish if the memory serves.
  10. Vladislav

    Rare MH613 dump

    Is that common to have a 9-speed transmission and a 38000 rears in a dump truck? Doesn't look like redone from a tractor but makes thoughts.
  11. Vladislav

    Birthday wishes to Rob

    Not the worst snowy day, isn't it? Best B-day wishes!
  12. Vladislav

    Australia's Extreme Heatwave

    Ufff... Maybe it's nice when laying on a beach but I would better showel snow.
  13. Vladislav

    8.25 or 9 inch rim

    Ocassionally I found out that the most of Japanise heavy trucks use those 8 lug wheels. Here are many companies which import used wheels from Japan and for trucks either. I saw pairs of quite good 8.25x22.5 Alcoas for reasonable but had no need in them.
  14. Vladislav

    L model Mack parts

    The picture "in red colors" (above) was taken by an owner of L-model firetruck whan he had an issue wth that brake light switch. That unit is relatively small, nearly 2.5" of the body size, a bit less than a quick release brake valve on modern trucks. Body has mounting holes and an airline attachment fitting of nearly 1/2" At the top of the body (looking at the picture) it has black plastic insert (plug) with two screws - wire trminals - sticking out. The most L-models have that switch mounted on the inside of the LH frame rail right to the right of the gearbox. The sopt you seldom research just using or basically fixing a truck. But if you investigate the area you will find it with not much efforts. It could be easily seen on the below picture to the left of the tranny especially if you zoom it in.
  15. Directional light switch mounted on your steering column, you pull its lever when activate turning lights. Brake light switch is too probably mounted on the engine side of the firewall if your 95 Mack is model RD. Relatively easy to find since that's a kind of sensor mounted on the firewall an air line comes to and two wires attached to terminals with small nuts atop of. The switch is operated by air pressure when you apply the brakes. Sorry I have no idea on where such thing was located on CH, CL, MR etc since Mack produced many different trucks in 95. But i'm sure it operates the same way and its location could be found in the same area.
  16. Definitely you don't need any rust as a structure element. So the way to go! Don't forget to catch dry weather on the back run. A light freeze is the best for the season.
  17. Vladislav

    L model Mack parts

    The switch I need has metal body with plastic plug turned into at the top. There are electrical terminals in that plastic part and contacts mounted inside. The trouble I found the threads of a really thin thread were partly broken. So i worry to have the plug spitten at some time since full air pressure applied to it while braking. I would make a new plug but the threads are SAE and it should be hard plastic, not a metal part to provide insulation. In theory a metal ring could be made with a lathe having required threads outside and a kind of locking shoulder over inside circle to hold the plug in place. The latter should be machined either to allow clearance for the ring. In any case seems easier to find a solid part and just re-install the plastic since the body is blasted and painted a while back. The "red" picture - someone's valve on a L firetruck. The "khaky" pic - the body of my valve, rounded with a red circle. The thing seems being used in 40's years.
  18. Vladislav

    Need rear drop in 3.65 ratio:

    Thank you but I don't intend fixing that suspension. If you even find a set of equalizer levers in good condition they wouldn't be for free. And being heavy the overseas shipping cost doesn't seem as any friendly figure. At the moment I have 2 R-models with almost similar ARD-244 tandem suspensions with Mack axles. Also when I purchased the 2nd truck there was a lot of spares to it including one more mostly complete suspension of the similar truck parted in the past. And than later I could find a rest of another R-model and grabbed the stuff after long negotiations with the seller. He thought he had gold or at least cooper but I told him his threasures were junk. So after a year I could purchase 4 extra ARD equalizers, 4 on-the-rail brackets, two axle housings, two 4.17 diffs with inteaxle lockout and some other things including a hood and 12-speed tranny. This way at the moment I have nearly 3 and a half ARD-244 suspensions to restore one truck. Seems quite enough so far. Hope the rest will cover the needs to upgrate rears on the MH and the 3rd set could be used for one more project if I add a couple of big parts to it since those were batchered.
  19. Vladislav

    L model Mack parts

    i need a air brake light switch. Mounted below the driver's door on the inside of LH frame rail. sure if your L has air brakes. Also i would like to purchase a really solid steering wheel. But seems like a doubtful entertainment about the chances. Vlad
  20. Vladislav

    Need rear drop in 3.65 ratio:

    The worst part is all 4 big equalizer levers were ruined at the rear end where the air bags attached. They were repaired with some corner steel pieces welded onto. The truck in PA had the same issue so looked like it's typical problem for those suspensions. But that's not all. At some point I had all the hubs with drums sandblasted and painted. Also did all 10 rims and put good tires on. And when I started installing everything on the truck I found out the front rear axle housing is bent. The jack shaft didn't lay well to the hub center with its flange. Further investigation showed the banjo was bent at one side backwards and upwards. Even easy to see just observing the wheels position from the rear of the truck. The axles are typical Mack fabricated 38000 or 34000 set but the attachment is special for that suspension. More correctly to say there's no attachment. I mean no brackets or ears welded to the housings. They just put in between the equalizer lever and a lower bracket and tightened up with 4 studs with nuts. I would put an axle off ARD-244 setup I have but would need to grind off the brackets off it. Taking all to account and after long while thinking the best Idea I got myself to is to take away all that exotic suspension together with axles and put a set of Mack rears on ARD-244 airride. To the moment i mostly finished prepairing such set to install in the R-model. I mean took apart, blasted-painted, new bearings, bushings etc. So after I finish restoring the R-model chassis the set which was originally on it will be vacant. The thing that mostly bothers me is to have time and power enough to rebuild one more truck chassis. Let's see, I'm not in a hurry with that.
  21. Vladislav

    Some Texas & New Mexico pictures

    Good score on the classic car shots. Other Dog would give you Kodiakatronomy award for. That yellow R dump makes my mooth water.
  22. Vladislav

    11r 24" Tires

    I was also in need of 11.00-24 tube tyres since that size was original to my Mack. I didn't roam over United States checking out every tyre shop. So using interweb search bought what I could find locally. Those were 12.00R24 West Lake Chinese tyres. Unfortunately no experience riding on them so far since the truck is not ready. But from the outside observation and during mounting on rims no issue seemed. Another Chinese brand I'm familiar with is Aeolus. I bought a set of 2 steers and 8 drives and put them on a R-model. It's not a working truck and no many miles experience. But I drove it for 2 or 3 thousand km to the moment and at least can state they're round Also I can tell plenty of people here buy Aeolus, Triangle, Double Coin, West Lake and other brands and quite satisfy with them as long as I was answered asking. Sometimes I here "I'll buy a pair of Michelins for the steer and the rest of Chinese for the drives and the trailer."
  23. Vladislav

    RS700L wrecker

    Honestly i was holding my breath opening the thread since I thought you built one more model of a RS and this time a wrecker Nice truck.
  24. Thank you for the reference pictures. I see your story is moving along. Glad to observe the pogress. Those side cowl panels also present on my cab. But of easier style having no vents. So the plan is to order them completely new. The issue seem the front and rear edges have double bend with small distance between. Locally the most of shops have limitation on the minimal distance between two bends. So my hope is on personal egeunity or just luck. So far I prepair to open the can of warms closer to the summer.

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