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  1. I have a 12 speed in my RS700L. Mine is the older one I have a separate stick for Low Low not the air shift on dash. We have a couple RD's with 8LL. Had a CL with 18 speed once. Several 2 stick 6 speeds. A triplex. A quad box. Another R model with a 12 speed with the air shift on the dash for low. A superliner with a Mack 1070 10 speed (same as 12 speed without low). A value liner with a 13 speed road ranger. Having drove pretty much every trans you can get in a Mack except the brand new ones. I personally love my 12 speed. I don't have to shift a lot. Multi speed reverse is great. I lov
  2. The Bills Backhoe and Tree Service truck is not two beds. It used to be Behm Enterprises truck from McHenry. I know the truck. Bill also has my dads old U Model single axle dump still sitting around at his place.
  3. Don't worry apple dog unless you love Jeb it was a waste of your time. Typical media favoring the establishment guys. Bush had way to much speaking time. Carson had hardly any and is nationally polling almost double Bush's. I would bet Trump, Cruz and Carson all had less time than Christie, Bush and Kasich. And the first three all have higher poll numbers than the latter.
  4. I will throw my .02 with you on Ethanol. We farm also. What everybody forgets is the reason the government mandated the RFS and made a 10 percent blend is to use ethanol as an oxygenate to replace MTBE. Remember that stuff and all the links to toxicity problems. I am not saying we shouldn't consider eliminating the RFS. Right now with $30 crude ethanol is at a slight price disadvantage to oil. However, you go back the last several years when the oil companies were bending you over in the 100-140 crude days. Ethanol had a serious price advantage and that 10 percent helped keep the price down. A
  5. Congrats on 30 years. You guys have the nicest fleet of Macks in northern Illinois. Thats something to be proud of in my book!
  6. Correct all the work was done at NI Mack. JJ put a new cab on it around 88 I think so it doesn't have the 76 cab. When we got it the truck had the old twin stick 6 speed with a 300+. It was pretty rough from sitting around and I think maybe Jake had some guys drive it. I couldn't dare leave it alone and my uncle Bill that has the shop in Rockford put an E7400(was originally a 300) out of a garbage truck in it. We also put a 12 speed mack in it. Lengthened the frame and put 3 leaf 38K rears under it instead of camelback which it had. It is honestly a joy to drove the truck. On the back of the
  7. My RS700L says custom built for "Your Mama" on the steering wheel. The guy who originally owned it was Jimmy Wigginton who's dad owned Evanston Fuel and Material. He went by the nickname Your Mama and so thats who my truck was built for.... He died in a motorcycle wreck I believe. His brother Wesley used to have a truck in the area I believe up until at least a few years ago. We bought the RS700 in like 2002 I think from Jake Marsoobian from Gurnee/Wildwood. Supposedly my RS700 was featured in Overdrive magazine back in the day. It was short framed, maroon in color with tall straight pipes whe
  8. I do not believe all dealers had wheel dynos. My grandpa never had a wheel dyno I do not believe at NI Mack until they bought out Rockford Truck sales in early 2000. They had one at the Kenworth shop. They did have a dyno that hooked on to a driveshaft deal at Grayslake though I believe.
  9. Guys, My father in law is a livestock hauler OO in Colorado and has ran off brand trucks all his life currently a 379. Except the truck he learned in was what he claims a 1964 Mack cabover. Based on years it would have to be an F model correct? He claimed his dad owned the truck, and when he started trucking (around 72) he drove that truck for his dad. The only reason I am questioning him is he said the truck had a 211 and a duplex in it. Could you get those options in an F model in 64? I for some reason only though the 673 engine was offered in the F and not the 711 series. I am just question
  10. What trans? Is the cab pretty clean of rust?
  11. Photos of excavating equipment and trucks in action, projects also
  12. 70s and 80s because I love my RS700. However it does have a 1990 E7 engine... The E7 was probably the pinnacle of Mack motors. We have owned many old 2 valves and they are a GREAT motor they just run and run and run and then run some more. Our RDs with E7 and 8LL have been very good trucks. Although I personally prefer the 12 speed trans.
  13. Does anybody have any of the paint scheme for a Value Liner. We recently acquired one I would love to do in a Mack original.
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