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  1. Wow that sucks, but thanks for the info. I apreciate it. Im in fombell so beaver run is just as close. I was wondering how long that would last. Seems like everytime we were at the airport there would still be planes trying to land. O-well i guess.
  2. The b has been in and out of the garage all winter. Ive been trying and toying with many ideas and this year will be different thats for sure. gonna have to learn how to drive her all over again. will be hittin every truck pull in the area. Have also gotten into the "flashlight drag races" summer time needs to hurry up and get here.
  3. Ive spent all winter toying/playing/and modifying my girl. Im so excited for this year to start to see what she can do. After workin with her for over & years, its time for an old dog to turn some heads of electronic minded people.
  4. Here is a video of My Cummins Powered B83 in the final round of the drag races following an all day truck pulling event this past summer. Was a blast to streach her legs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR4uij0h33s
  5. I had a 78 R-700 and changed it over to budd from dayton and it was a simple swap. just changed the hubs. the brakes were all the same, and even the bearings.
  6. Ive been told so many ways to lock a set of mack rears to give maximum traction and im trying to clear it up. My rears are 44k mack rears without a power divider and i use the truck in truck pulling and bobtailing only. Besides welding the penuts, is there any other way or is that it ???
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