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  1. just buy an eaton easy pedal. 9 spring clutch...  it has 7 padels on the discs. its strong and bolts right on.. if the flywheel is worn, just replace it...   start fresh.. dont know what the issue is... mabey the parts guy is new and dont know about trucks.....  JOJO

  2. Mask's Don't Work!!!!!   

    1. Randy Coronado

      Randy Coronado

      Not sure what you mean.

    2. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      sorry... i was responding to a post, and hit the wrong thing I guess...   dissregard my post

  3. those pictures of the beautiful sunset are awesome...  thank you for those breath's of fresh air... Jojo

    1. mrsmackpaul


      Glaf you liked them, they are actually sunrise, but no matter it is  pretty special to see such beautiful sunrises or sunsets


      I think they only occur in the big flat open country, I never seen them in the mountains 

  4. I know less and less everyday.

  5. I just want a cold beer. Merry Christmas Dog, Jojo 😀

    1. other dog

      other dog

      Merry Christmas to you and yours! I've been wanting a beer for over a week now, they call out to me every time I open the refrigerator.  But when I went to the Dr's. office for that gout over a week ago the first thing the nurse said was " you know, red meat, seafood-especially shellfish- and beer are the worst things for gout". I thought "great, 3 of my favorite things ".

    2. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      So sorry,  I may be on that same path.... Jojo..

  6. Hello again, i checked with P.A.I... I was not able to buy directly from them,  this is the second time I tried recently.. I have a login name and password with them. My question is, Do I have to be a big truck repair shop or Dealership ? Have you been able to buy from them? I found what I need at another parts supplier, the parts were.... P.A.I.... It reminds me of not being able to buy Kent-Moore and O.T.C. tools directly.. Take care, Jojo

  7. Good morning,, I'm glad you like the posts...I'm off to work.. Merry Christmas, Jojo

  8. Howdy, Diesel man..... I'm also new here,,, ,, Bring the knowledge on the Volvo/Macks... There are a lot of folks needing guidance on them...... Of course it's all about the exhaust system, starting at the turbo, or is it 'in Sweden'?// anyway, just having fun ... Welcome to the show, Jojo 

    1. Diesel Man

      Diesel Man

      Hey Joey Mack how's it going yes it is all about the exhaust stuff anymore! I think your on to something with the Sweden thing HA. where are you from and are you a driver or a fixer ? I am from west central Iowa

    2. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      I live in Salisbury, N.C. for the last 15 years.. I was a driver for a few years,, O.T.R.  and then local construction,1998-2002... in Maine driving late 70's R models and Dm's... Ive been fixin them for 21 years now... just fixed an 8LL today in a 99 VHD...  I have an Isuzu NPR that i use for my mobile truck repair.  I am a 1 man show... Thanks for checking in... Stay in touch, Jojo

  9. That is the engine shut down warning.. check coolant level..... Is the "lightning bolt " lit too? If so you can flash the codes using the cruise control buttons,, count the flashes then go to the "web" and look them up.. The codes are in pairs...For example... 8 flashes then 3 flashes... 8-3... This would be for EUP #3...count all flashes until it repeats. Have a pencil and paper ready...Almost forgot..... The light must be on with the key on, and cruise control is "off" then push the bottom of the speed control rocker switch once, and the light  will start flashing...start counting!!

  10. hey there..... I was looking at youre  picture... looks like a CL.... Is it A 454, or A 460, or 460XT??? Damn nice truck... Im currently working on a couple of RW's   Rather do this than work on a Volvo/Mack...  Jojo

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    2. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      Thats Great... You definatley have something there... The 18 speed, and I assume 200 series carriers, either 4:17 or 4:42.... Thats  a strong truck.. I drove a couple of them for a short time, and torque I felt when I let out the clutch, was amazing,,, Jojo

    3. Dirtymilkman


      Actually  3 86 rears. Ran a lot of interstate. 

    4. Joey Mack

      Joey Mack

      Triple Digit Truck!!! Glad to chat with you... Be safe out there..Jojo

  11. Put the lap-top down and Fix-It!!!

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