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    Thank you sir!
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    Mack A40

    Hi everyone im fairly new to this site however i just picked up a 51 a40 all original (was stated all original) and in pretty darn good shape. Can anyone please help me get a general idea of what it is worth? I bought it from a collector and am most likely going to resell it. Said it runs good however i havent picked it up yet so hopefully thats really the case. Thanks ahead for any replies!
  3. Hi everyone im new to this site my name is mike and this seemed like a good place to go to get some info about my recently purchased 51 mack a40. I bought it online so i havent even picked it up yet but it is said to be all original and runs great. Can anyone tell me what they think this might be worth? Also does anyone know the engine in these? From what i found its a 6 cylinder 377? Im not a mechanic or anymore knowledgeable than the average joe as far as that goes but im curious ehat im getting in to. Thanks
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