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  1. Ran across this collection of 3 Brockway trucks and lots of parts . Figured I’d post here in case anyone takes an interest https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/castro-valley-3-old-s-brockway-trucks/6977081545.html
  2. Has anyone out there made a modification to the floor to allow easier checking of brake fluid? I'm thinking of cutting a hole and fitting some sort of access hatch or plug so that the fluid level can be checked without removing the floor, or my current method of choice- reach up from under the truck and stick my finger in the reservoir (does this make me a human dip-stick?). Some may view this as a sacrilegious move, but I'm trying to remove barriers to safe operation in hopes that this rig will be cared for and operated into the future. -Pete
  3. PD came by the station today for a quick impromptu photo shoot with their '59 Biscayne. We're going to try and go down to the beach one of these days to shoot some more with a better background.....perhaps after the restoration of the lettering and gold striping on our Mack....
  4. I really like that siren with the front and rear reds. Good luck, its appears to be a great project rig!
  5. I've never been able to upload from a mobile device, but it works perfectly on a desktop.... maybe that helps. Would love to see your type-45 -Pete
  6. Just sharing for the love of the game.... Finding a "New Old Stock" piece that fits your rig is always a treat. They certainly don't package them like this any more. -Pete
  7. I might be interested in that carb if its the same as the one on my '49 Type-45 (EN-330) got a model #?
  8. Well that looks familiar. Although I will admit yours is quite a bit cleaner and shinier, none the less nearly the same simplicity. The principal differences being the horn setup and the pump cooler.
  9. Yes! That matches the 1962 California registration slip I have in the pile of papers I inherited. Thank you for the confirmation brother.
  10. can anyone name the specific make/model of this light? I'm on a quest to find one to replace the one that went "missing" from our rig. Pic is of the truck ~20 years ago.
  11. yeah that looks more like the one in my pic, and the hole pattern matches. Now I know what i don't have kind of disappointing actually because I think the other ones look nicer. At least I'm not the only one with a bunch of stuff that's been painted over!
  12. I was able to scan an old set of negatives which show some of the trucks details before it went off to the prison paint shop ~20 years ago. unfortunately the quality is not good enough to see the details, but the tag loos somewhat different that the examples posted here unfortunately. and there is a smaller second tag of some kind next to the main one. oh well, I don't think ill be subjected to a highway patrol inspection during the annual parade ha ha.
  13. Perfect, thanks j, id never have found that! Pertronix got me the correct part number for the +ground delco distributor, all good there
  14. I hope this isn't a stupid question but.... I can't seem to find any marks on the crank pulley/front cover that would allow me to check or set the ignition timing. Is there nothing to aim a timing light at? Am I missing something here? And a followup question - what should it be set to? I'm planning to freshen up the ignition system including a swap to pertronix electronic "points" but I want to make sure i know how to get it set up right before i take it all apart. -pete
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