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  1. Beautiful,back when trucks had real paint jobs and little plastic!
  2. 74 R model with a 237 and 5 speed,the F model had a 300+ and a 10 speed.I worked in the shop in the day changing oil,fuel filters and tires and at night I would ride with one of the drivers named Ritchie.We hauled Budweiser from Newark NJ to a distributor in Wall ,we'd drop the trailer and pick up an empty and bring it to Midland Glass in Cliffwood.We'd drop that trailer and pick up a load of bottles going back to Newark.Couple a turns a night.Ritchie would go in and get the paperwork and I'd go get the trailer and bring it back to him.Taught myself how to shift that 5 speed and the principal of the high torque rise Maxidyne and Maxitorque tranny.All at the ripe old age of 14,great memories and a love affair with Macks to this day!
  3. Swung by today,unfortunately no number on the for sale sign and no one around
  4. Went for a motorcycle ride today and saw this old girl on Rt. 79 in Marlboro NJ.Don't know much about it but it looked to be in pretty decent shape.Little rust on back of cab and frame looked pretty good.
  5. Here's another. Think it's a 77. I do know it had a 300plus with a 10 speed.
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