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  1. looks great, I think you'll paint the front orange
  2. I took care of the problem, ground out the rust and pained with POR 15 ,ready for new radials
  3. It is a 3 piece rim by Firestone 1953, thanks for any help
  4. looking for a Safety Rim Ring to replace a rusted one on my 54 Mack LS85 pumper ,fits on a spoke type hub tire size 900-20
  5. looking for a replacement for my rusted Safety Rim Ring on my 54 Mack LS85 pumper ,fits on a spoke type hub, tire size 900 -20
  6. what actually does camel back suppension look like .photo please
  7. that is a sin what happened to the 'L'Mack
  8. yes the 'C' model did have an air assist on some of the trucks ,not very smooth like regular hydraulic power steering
  9. met him once ,not very friendly, oh well
  10. and then again it could have been tank fill source
  11. did the Mack have a pump? rear photo has a 2 1/2 gated discharge
  12. close the windows & ear plugs, guess it will come out of hiding one day
  13. wish I could help but my pole barns are filled right now. the going rate is about $125. I'm told in south jersey.
  14. I agree with my friend FXFYMN also check for any cable(s) that a chafing (rubbing ) on the body/frame.
  15. Is your 54 a 'L' or a'B' my 54 is a 'L' last of 23. did you try NAPA ? also Matt Pfahl in CT. 203-266-6455 or cal little 717-566-8973 in PA. wait a few days cause both are probably in Hersey ,Pa
  16. I always like the R model apparatus ,Is it for sale?
  17. try going on the FIRE APPARATUS section most antique guys just go to that site, I have a 54 LS85 (Florence,N.J. ) maybe you have seen it at Jamesburg muster. I think you truck must be a flat head.
  18. the Cradle of Liberty Antique Fire Apparatus Assoc. muster is Aug.6,2017 (Sunday) at Cooper River, Cherry Hill N.J. 10 till 3pm (no regristration fee)
  19. try to contact Harvey Ecghard ( the author of several Mack fire truck books)
  20. Also try Cal Little in Hummelstown Pa. 717-566-8973 he can rebuild it and has parts
  21. I think you don't need a CDL if it has antique regristration ,in jersey anyway.
  22. It cost $115. plus shipping $10. media blasted ,all new internals ,2 mounting gaskets. turnaround was 3 days too,I'm happy
  23. what type of primer and finish coat id you use?
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