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  1. I have a 13 GU with a 3000/4000 series ( I think ) Allison in it. Serial # 6610336363, cooling system is full of trans fluid so my assumption is the cooler is bad. its an internal one on the back of the trans. I'm not finding much literature on it so any help would be greatly appreciated. Is it as straight forward as the parts diagram shows? Do's and don'ts ? Thanks!!
  2. So you still do the harness and the updated oil pressure switches I assume.
  3. Did I see on here that Mack says no longer replace ecm with an oil soaked harness? It has reached the ecm. Working on a 2009 mp7 w/ 07 emissions.
  4. I am replacing an a/c compressor on a13 granite and I can not find anything in impact about r & r. How much oil goes in before install, ect
  5. injector cups. if you do a cylinder balance test you'll see a couple injectors out of wack. I've had a few no code injector probs. It will clog the dpf quick or be doing regens (or at least trying) often.
  6. I have a 13 GU with a mp7 and I had some unuasual codes. we also run a Verizon gps system off the diagnostic connector. codes..spn 251 fmi 12...spn 171 fmi 9...spn 2017 fmi 9...spn2029 fmi 9...spn228 fmi9...spn245 fmi9..spn251 fmi 9,2,13spn 3695 fmi9..spn 641fmi4 spn 84 fmi9 ..spn 91 fmi 9... what do you make of this? I feel they are all related to a common incident
  7. I also have a pending code spn 3226 fmi13 after treatment nox cal value out of range... I cannot get nox sensor values in ptt, why? Ive looked at every test in ptt.
  8. I have a 12 mp7 in a granite that I keep getting an intake manifold temp sensor code. Occasionally its active. The sensor has been replaced as well as the engine wire harness. Checked my connections and grounds, all good. I took a temp reading on the manifold, 110 and the ptt gave me 124. Thoughts?? Thankyou!!
  9. The MP8 would have been a much better application here, but when you work for the state......
  10. It is a shame. we have an 08 tractor that is mainly over the road and that truck has 225000 on it now with oe injectors. How they get used makes a huge difference.
  11. I did the injectors and it doesn't lose its prime overnight. Thanks for the input guys, I really appreciate it. This forum is gold to me as I work on DOT trucks with little factory training. We've been given a decent supply of specialty tools so doing all repairs is possible but a little short on diagnostics. We've been using the graphite paste on all our injector jobs. We do probably more than average amount of injectors because of the truck use. They're plow trucks so they're over loaded with iron and salt and usually travel about 35-40 mph. we don't usually see a set go past 100,000 miles.
  12. injectors are out, 2 of them show significantly more carbon than the rest. That's just a lot of $ for so little miles. Glad its not mine
  13. Thanks fjh, I was looking for confirmation, just so low miles, a little hard to believe.
  14. The 07 emission mp7 we usually see higher temps than that. 2010 emissions those temps are good. I'd say its not getting fuel to the 7th inj or the 7th injector itself.
  15. We've experienced that the connector at the injector gets worn or the wiring becomes brittle from heat. Mack makes a replacement pigtail. Be sure to use oil/heat resistant heat shrink tubing. We've also done complete harness' .
  16. I have a 2012 with a mp7 2010 emissions (spark assist) the problem I'm having is it looses its fuel prime over the weekend, sometimes overnight. I replaced the fuel filter head and filters, one check ball was sticking. Still did it. Replaced the "pressure regulator" on the return side on top of the head, still did it. Did an air in fuel test and it looked great. Did a warm hold function, that was good torque was 60ft# at idle. Did a cylinder balance test and #2 was off the most (+23), #6 was next at -20, # 3 -19. This vehicle only has 37k on it. But its a paint truck, really heavy and really slow driving. Do I have an injector leaking down causing it to loose its prime?
  17. Soooo, been awhile. That unit did end up needing injectors. I did a power balance test and it showed cyl 1 and 4 being off. so when I pulled injectors 3 and 6 were really carboned . as far as the ambient air temp I found the wiring to be ok. we've experienced in the past weird issues with our Verizon gps unit that hooks right into our diagnostic port, so I unplugged that for now.
  18. turckster, on the ambient air temp, I started checking resistance from sensor to bulkhead connector at firewall. at pin 1 I have .6 ohm. on the other pin I get a reading of 5 ohm and another pin in the block of 46 ohms. that tells me I've got a wiring issue.
  19. turckster, the ground circuit has 18 ohm resistance
  20. ok thanks turckster, I understand possible injector issue with the regen often, even though it runs good, I have run into that before. what about the ambient air temp code? It goes active often. the sensor and updated pigtail have been replaced. I checked for continuity from the connector at the sensor all the way to the dash. I have continuity at the dash but its pretty high resistance, 114 k ohm. what am I missing with that? and the 2 wouldn't be related correct?
  21. I have a 12 granite with a mp7(us10 emissions). its been in a couple times now. Has had most of the emissions components replaced. the code that keeps reoccurring is an active code for ambient air temp sensor. the sensor and pigtail have been replaced. The sensor reads correct temp in ptt. The other problem that has been on going is that its calling for a regen often. the last completed regen shows about 50 hours ago. soot level is at 130% dpf, 7th inj, egr, dpf, boost pressure/temp sensor, pre/post nox sensor have been replaced, and the ecm reflashed.... Last time in I did a def piss test and it was good. January it was having the same regen often issue.
  22. the pressure, the volumes were good, it even had me testing def level sensor values. It guided me through a pretty thorough def system testing
  23. yes the volumes were good, diagnostics even took me to the return side, that volume was good as well
  24. ok thanks!! I haven't noticed and cracks but will be sure to look closely now
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