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  1. Finally I got it!!!!! A bad Stemco Auto Drain. It was malfunctioning in such a way that it seemed to be the governor or the unloader valve. Once I put the unloader on shop air to control the compressor it helped a lot to diagnose. Thanks! J
  2. Does anyone have the schematics for the air system on the 65' B615? Still struggling a bit. I can get it to pass the pretrip air test. The air compressor will pump up to 90-105 psi and I hear some air leaking out the Stemco auto drain. I took it off the tank and the tank did not have any air in it. The tank with the manual drain on it did have air. Thanks J
  3. Ok Great! One last question, for now. How do you know when it is a push type of cylinder compared to a pull type? J
  4. Can you fill me in on the TYPE 20 Chambers. I did pull my chamber apart and found just like you said. Seal Wagner # AD29-56 and a rusted/corroded cylinder. I did find the $235 rebuild kit online.
  5. Can you help me identify this chamber? It has no markings on it. It was removed from the rear of 1965 Mack b615. I have two on the truck that need to be fixed. Next question is, do I rebuild them or replace them? Thanks for the help!
  6. Anybody have a wiring diagram for this truck? If I turn all the lights on in just the truck the breaker trips in a few minutes. If the trailer is hooked up it will happen sooner. Then in a few minutes it will come back on. I don't think I have a short maybe just a bad/weak breaker.
  7. Yea she's a sweet ride. Good to meet you as well Mike. You should have told me you were going to post some pictures I would have put the Bulldog back on. ( Didn't want anyone to get any funny ideas, as I was with the roller for most of the time) You should have asked to see the truck closer and hear it run. I kind of gloss over at shows sometimes because I get bombarded with questions. Sorry. My friends and I gave everybody a show when the festival was over using the winch to pull the steamer onto the trailer. I guess most of the general public never saw such a thing. I grew up around it so it's second nature for me. Boys and their toys!!
  8. Thank you all for the wishes and the solid info you gave me. Thank you Fuzzy Buzzard for those numbers, that makes it super easy. The next trip I make will be this week to take the steamer to Hay Creek festival. I will have the truck and roller at the show all weekend. Thanks again!
  9. Here’s the story. I have recently acquired this Mack B615S 1222. It was purchased from my Dad's company. They ordered it new from Mack. So technically I am the second owner. The company did heavy hauling, crane work, millwrighting, ect. This truck was used to pull a 200-ton capacity trailer. (that is not a typo 200 tons! ) The truck has some neat features I do not see often. First is the extra set of dual wheels that bolt on to the back of the truck. They are not driven but do have brakes. I do not use them b/c of the trailer I am using. The best part of the truck is the winch mounted on the back of the truck. It is perfect to get the steamer on the trailer when it is cold. I contacted Mack Historical and on the build sheet it is noted to have a winch put on it. (something about how the exhaust was run). The engine is the original V8 END-864 with the 7220 Quadruplex trans. The amazing part 32K miles. The truck was keep indoors, well serviced and in excellent survivor condition. As for my intentions…. Before my Dad retired and sold the business, I got my CDL. I am not a truck driver but obviously am very comfortable using heavy equipment. I did a few hours of training and passed the test on a modern 10 speed. I tagged the truck Antique, permanent Pa. trailer tags and will haul my 1918 Case 10 Ton Roller around to a few shows a year. I am learning how to service the truck. I first started with an oil change. Had all the part #s from Mack. Had a Mack service station up the road, not any filters available, fuel, oil, or coolant. I guess that is why the Historical Museum puts all those contacts in the back of the book. So I got one at Napa. My first question #1 I used 7 gallons Rotella T4 15w-40 is that OK? The book calls 20w-40 or 10w-30 at 30 deg and above. I am also curious about the exhaust brake. I see it is a valve on the pipe and It is air actuated. #2 Do I turn it on at the top of the hill then turn it off at the bottom? It does not automatically disengage when I press the accelerator. It also does not seem to do much. At 25 tons combined I really don’t need it. I do not want to stress the exhaust valves/springs. #3 don’t use it at all? As for the engine. As I am finding out not one of Mack’s best. Before I got the truck I heard that they use to break the cranks, then they would drop a gas engine in the trucks. Now that I have spent hours researching the truck I am even more nervous. That being said, this is what I got. The biggest tip I see is not to lug them. #4 is that lug them below operating 1700RPM ? The range is 1700-2300 as per the tag in the cab. I have been trying to keep it between 1900-2300. #5 Any other tips? The Quadruplex!!!! Holyshit…. To my credit I did not have anyone to show me how to use it. I learned from Twin Stick Pappy on Youtube. I am not as good as Pappy but my skills are improving. Certainly, makes you learn patients when shifting. The downshift from 4th lo to 3rd high or 3rd lo to 2nd high is kicking my butt. I have found that downshifting a bit early, without overrevving, helps. I am sure the comments will be “more practice” and “match the road speed”. But I will throw it out anyway #5 any other tips? Quick story about the trailer. I picked it up and the lights did not work. Went thru and cleaned the grounds and plugs (3 on that trailer) No lights. Pulled the light, power to light. Tested light, it worked. Retested trailer with volt meter -12V…. shit pos. ground truck ….. polarity sensitive led lights on the trailer NO BUENO…. So for $60 I put incandescing lights back on the trailer. My last question, for now, is about the Dry-Slippery air switch on the dash. #6 Does it limit the front brakes or does it engage the second drive unit. I’m confused. So that has been my journey so far with the truck. Sorry for it being so long but I am new to this and have a lot to learn. Every time I get out of the truck I pull my earplugs and say “that’s a man’s truck!” Hot, loud, smells like oil, I love it. I am a young man and will own this truck for a long time, but I believe we are caretakers of this equipment for the next generation to enjoy. Thank you in advance for your help.
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