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  1. Should be in the antique sign business, I guess...$9000 for a Studebaker sign?????
  2. Larry....Congrats!!! lookin good......i'm not a race guy....but I was just thinkin about the feeling you get when going from driving on vehicle to another......must be quite a shocker climbing into the B after that!!! lol thx rusty
  3. Job..I feel your pain....if you know how long my truck has been for sale...
  4. Nice unit at a nice price!!
  5. Best wishes Sir for a happy healthy Birthday!!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday to Maddog and the rest of the crew!!
  7. we used that hole to install a low-flow pee hole
  8. Ain't nuthin crappy about that scrappy....Larry is going to become the northeast supplier for air start equipment!! I can hear the screeeeeccchhh already!! lol
  9. Looking for 4.17 or 4.00 ratio to change out my 4.66..in '59 B61 rear...CRD-78 carrier. CRD-117S would be perfect upgrade, I think. Please forward to anybody you think may have one! or lmk where else to look. thx rustydog
  10. Sorry Maddog..a very disturbing tradgedy.
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