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  1. I've given this some thought also. Given the previous Antique Tractor Salvage Yard owners I'd say there's a good possibility there have been things disturbingly rigged up and/or removed and sold. I'll get it sorted. Appreciate all the input. Certainly helps me put ideas together.
  2. Good idea. Come think think of it, I bet I could rig a single 12V battery to supply running power. Then take the two 12V deep cycle batteries, connect in series and give that a shot at the starter. Thanks, you got my wheels turning. Thank you for the response. For the life of me I don't know why I typed that saying 6V. I knew it was 12V with 24V supplied to the starter via the series parallel switch. I work with a lot of old farm tractors that still run 6V positive ground systems. Gotta remember to keep all these things separated in my head
  3. Thanks Jim. I'm just trying to put together ideas on how to start the truck. Make sure it runs and moves before dumping a bunch of cash into it. First research on a 12V starter is looking like give or take $300. As reading in another thread it was suggested priming the fuel system and pull starting in 3rd gear. I have two fully charged 12V deep cycle batteries. Maybe wire them up and give it a pull, see if she fires. Questions on converting 6V to 12V: Is this not a positive ground system? Aside from changing the starter won't I need to do something with the generator and regulator? Is changing the polarity of the Ammeter the only gauge I need to worry about?
  4. Lots of good info in this thread. I assume these trucks will fire if pull started without batteries (?)
  5. What's everyone using for batteries in their B models? Four 6v batteries or has someone come up with a better, more economical alternative? Preference is to keep it a 6 volt system. My truck doesn't have anything in either of the battery trays. And the existing cables, what's left of them, are in terribly rough shape. I'm assuming it was, and still is, a 6 volt positive ground system. *I have been doing some diagram studying from what forum members have posted. Thank you for sharing the info. It's helping me learn.
  6. A little pencil drawing I picked up and had my last name put on the building. This will get framed and put in my office.
  7. Just thought I'd check in. No progress has been made on the truck. Still sitting in the corner of our driveway with LED Christmas lights on it that come on at dusk. Knew it would be awhile before tinkering around and trying to get it running. Itching to get started.
  8. It's beginning to make more sense to me how this assembly works. Thanks
  9. Here's what I have for transmission so far. Since someone's removed what looks to be the E brake and maybe a second shifter?, you guys will know more about this than I by the photos. Why is there an open spot under the shifter knob? Splitter control? Left side of the transmission.
  10. Haven't got the info off the timing cover to find out which engine it is yet. There are some of the photos I took before putting Christmas lights all over the truck.
  11. Nice to know there's someone local. Was in near your neck of the woods today near Rivergate.
  12. Sounds like a story behind this. All pun intended.
  13. Happy Tuesday my new found Mack friends! Sounds petty but one of the first things I want to do is replace the hood ornament. Well that and cab horns. Looks like someone stole the one on Nellie (had to give her a name) and broke it off in the process. The dog was taken from the right side of the hood also. You know, I get why people take these things. Don't agree with it and I HATE THIEVES! But why continue trying to take something when it won't give, only to break it?
  14. The coke thing... there are a few reason I had to quit... After my first middle-east deployment I started popping out kidney stones. Soda/Coke/Pop didn't help the situation. Didn't like feeling like my teeth were rotting away. Didn't like the extra pounds it was causing in the mid section. A few times a year I run marathons. When training, coke is your enemy. And yes... Merry Christmas!
  15. Stopped drinking soda about a year ago except when mixing a little coke with Jack Daniels. It was doing some bad things to me. As for the coke machine, I'm thinking there are plenty of canned alcoholic beverages that can be kept cold in there
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