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  1. ok i will look into that as well thanks, i did not mentioned but the purve valve is popping off about every 5 mins
  2. yes just water, it has ad9 dryer just changed filter
  3. 2006 mr688s just replaced d2 because not building air on idle at startup its constantly leaking air out of ehaust port. So i have to idle up to build air but once air is built up it stops also getting alot of water in tanks at the end of the day. Is this signs of air compressor failing i replaced it 2 years ago with bendix reman Any insight i would be grateful!!
  4. I have 2011 chu613 with mp8 (007780) aftertreatment nox sensor not reading, replaced now says out of calibration. Will these sensors calibrate there self after driving or do i have to take to dealer? Thanks!!
  5. so i have a 2006 mr688s (032711) the jack operates great lifting the cab but when i want to go down it will pump up and get solid and not move. The only way to lower cab is to open the line, there's no leaks or damage visible. My question is there a relief valve inside maybe hanging up? Has anybody had this problem before? Thanks!!
  6. is there a proper technique for setting the clutch brake
  7. Hey guys just wondering if the newer mack mru 2015+ with t310 and t318 transmissions, if the clutch still gets adjusted the same way as the older mr688s models? By old way i mean put a wrench on clutch adjusting bolt with prybar have someone step on clutch and push in spring to turn the bolt Thanks
  8. what do you mean by common failure? compressor hose plumbed into exhaust manifold?
  9. yes from dash, ill take a look at check valves should i put a gauge on the wet tank itself to see if its losing air somehow? could it backfeed thru a valve?
  10. no it was doing it before injectors were installed oil sample says soot%0.4
  11. so getting back to this, i have checked ever where for a leak cant find one truck holds air pressure over night also
  12. i have a 2003 mr688s 400hp blowing black smoke in bewteen gears truck runs great no problems. New turbo and injectors beginning of this year, should i be concerned or just let her roll?
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