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  1. I have a b61 with a FA505 front axle I got bud hubs for the front . it had Dayton on the front .Dayton brake drum will not fit the budd hub can someone tell me the part number for the budd hub front brake drum. Thanks
  2. How do I get the door hinges out of the truck side on a b model. I got all the bolts out of the kick panel on the inside its all lose but the panel inside will not come out and the hinge will not come out of the frame.
  3. If they do make them I'm buying 2 of them
  4. I pay up for one do you know who was making them for watts mack.
  5. As many people wanting them you think someone would be making them
  6. Still looking for a chrome grille shell for a b model will pay up for a nice one
  7. Is there any power steering off a different truck that will fit and work on a b model
  8. Can anyone tell me what a mack 237 waight and a mack 5 speed waight is thanks
  9. Were can I get a chrome grille shell for my b61. Did they make a aluminum shell for the b61. Any help .thanks
  10. Thank you for the help. You done a nice job on yours i like it.
  11. I got a 1957 b 61 with a 673 tubro with a 5 and 3 trans. I got a r model with a 237 5 spd that i want to put in the b 61. Will it fit if so what do i have to change motor mounts fan water pump pullys ect. What will i need to do or change. Thanks Ed
  12. can anyone tell me if a 1984 e-6 350 mack fuel pump will work on my 1958 673 turbo motor and run
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