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  1. 9 hours ago, Hobert62 said:

    Congrats on a new page to your book.  


    On 7/7/2017 at 6:51 AM, 57 bcr said:

    Like the "PIONEER" designation  on the ND license  plate,Tracy. 1st time  I noticed  it. How fitting  for Gus! Al  


    7 hours ago, 41chevy said:

    Congratulations! May your life together be as happy and long as Gails and mine 51 years so far from ages 14 to ages 65.  Paul


    1 hour ago, mowerman said:

    Ahhhhhh god love ya and congratulations on the fine job you guys did on it  and the fresh vows. Many years if  pleasure to you both.... bob

    Thanks Bob!!!  We are on the hunt to restore another Mack!  Should be fun! 

  2. We have been off of the site for a few months cleaning shops to start another project... I have to stop and thank the good Lord today... Old Gus #9 carried my grandparents when they first got married and will get to now carry Robert and I as we start our new journey as a married couple... folks.. I found my best friend.  Robert and I met on July 14th of 2016... and we will be married on July 14th of 2018... and it just so happens to fall on the same Saturday that we met... Robert and I work on a lot of old trucks but old Gus has our hearts.. I am working on a book called Old Iron... because I can’t explain what these old trucks do to you, but they do capture your heart and your WALLET... the restoration journey is a hard one but so very worth it in the end.. As I stand in the shop staring at that big old green Mack... I think “ oh how I wish my great grandpa and my grandpa could be here to see this.”  Thanks!   Robert told me the Mack cannot be inside the church that day... damn.. ha!!! 

  3. Thank you Fred and Nessa!  It is so awesome to be able to give something back to such a wonderful grandmother.  To watch her get to drive her dads old Mack truck was amazing...and it had the whole family in tears.  How an old piece of iron has such meaning.  

    No matter what the restoration costs, or how many busted knuckles, sweat, and tears...it was all worth it.  One entire box of tissues!  

    Thank you!  Hug accepted! 

    I am trying to load the videos now!   I will post the links soon!  



  4. We hauled it because it takes 6 hours to get there.  We drove it the last ten miles to grandma's house, and oh did she love it!   She has a message for everyone on BigMackTrucks.com, and I will be posting her video soon!  

    What a day....an awesome day to see my grandmother just "stunned" and emotional... she cried when she got to see the old truck roll into the yard....

    Awesome day  Pictures coming soon!  

  5. It will have the original bumper put back on it, which it was painted green with the number 9 on each corner.. I'm hand painting those!  It needed some major welding and reshaping, not quite finished with it. I have aluminum wheels now for it.. a touch of modernization!   And the bed is being put on in the next couple of weeks.. she will be ready by the waubun parade on July 7th! 

  6. The engine came out of a sand conveyor in the oil fields, a little 4B Cummins,  the transmission is an Allison MT545 and came out of a blue bird school bus and the aftercooler is for a tuner car brand new.  

    She runs like a champ!  The tires are 11R 22-5 off of the bus and fit good with limited clearance but they don't rub... it still has the original drive shaft with 2 inch spacers on each end of the drive shaft, and factory rear end which rolls smooth.   

    Robert made the radiator supports, engine mounts and spacers... along with the custom made charge air cooler pipes, brackets, and wiring harness... we have received a ton of compliments on the old truck...pretty proud of it!  


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