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  1. Love that "yellow" F model!

    1. BillyT


      What a small world! My milkman drove a Divco,and I hauled Grumman mail jeeps out of Williamsport Pa in the late 80s.

  2. Bob was asking about you the other day,"laundered" my flip phone in the pocket of my jeans so gotta get another before I can get back to him.Broke my hip recently I don't recommend anyone doing that! I'm walking again without walker, cane etc have been off the site for awhile.

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    2. kscarbel2


      Get well soon Billy!

    3. BillyT


      I'm walking near normal now Ksb, thanks Car lot and Freightrain!

    4. carlotpilot


      glad to hear that bill  keep it up

  3. BillyT

    Anybody heard from Freightrain our friend Bob  was asking about him I told Bob about his chicken lights!

  4. 66,the B model pickup is looking good how about about some overall photos? The first big truck pickup I ever saw was at a truck stop in California in the 90s someone removed the cab and front end from a late model Ford dually and replaced it with a 60s KW cab and front end, looked factory! Very nice.

    1. 66dc75


      I'll have some good photos after it gets striped next Friday

  5. Dave imagine one of today's "three week wonders" having to deal with that situation! My " hotshot tractor" a GMC 7000 puked a throw out bearing 150 miles from the house, the customer let me drop the trailer but I was out of hours.I parked on a hill at a Hardees and slept til morning,caught it in gear and drove it home without the clutch that was no problem but timing it at a couple lights and a stop sign was fun! All because the throw out bearing had no grease fitting. The one I installed did!

  6. Took me a minute to get the jist of your comment! (I'm old) I personally refuse to own a smart phone I have no need for 300 "friends" I've never met! I realize they are fascinating I also realize that the many members who are contractors have to have one (their customers expect it) but every time some idiot walks into me while talking on one or I'm in a doctor's office and every person waiting is staring at one like a zombie I long for the days when I ran several small businesses with a double entry ledger and a #2 pencil! They've already put the local bookstore out of business,libraries will be next. Ok my rant is over!

    1. Ezrider


      it took me a second as well, it was part of why i found it funny. i resisted the smart phone thing for a very long time, i have one now but my use/ability to use it. is fairly limited. if i didn't have some customers that want to communicate by text message i probably would still have a flip phone. my other half still does not have a smart phone. 

  7. General Ike, OD just posted pictures of the week, he was in Lakeland and Daytona!

    1. General Ike

      General Ike

      Uggh... I was in the Bahamas.  I'd have met up with him.

    2. BillyT


      Never been there,any vintage trucks or cars

    3. General Ike

      General Ike

      Lots of old Mack's on the island.  Like much of the Caribbean, the tax to purchase a new vehicle is tremendous (50% or more).  So there are ton's of old R models on the island.  Not so much classic cars.  

  8. Dagotwit, I once delivered a new Ford cab and chassis to Alexandria, was waiting for a bus back to Pittsburgh had a couple hours so I went to a Japanese crab shack and got a plate of crabs and a pitcher of beer! Had never eaten fresh crab before and I was beating the thing to pieces with the little wood mallet they give you! The waitress took pity on me and showed me how to crack its shell!

  9. Dreamer, that's a solid looking bulldog,!Decide on a color yet?

    1. Dreamer


      yes,it will be green fenders and a white cab with a little black accent like our  r model and  our ch612 



  10. 41,what off track question did you ask? I either missed it or wasn't offended by it!

    1. 41chevy


      I asked if you thought the NRA was in any way involved.No big deal I thought. :)

  11. Gray hair, I'm looking at a video of the Corpus Christi coast the weather channel guy says it's getting worse! I'm glad your folks evacuated! I was thru new Orleans after Katrina and saw Homestead and Cutler ridge a couple days after Andrew, you have to see a hurricanes aftermath to believe the power  of wind and water!

  12. Happy birthday Tozzi! Mack pro,here in Hernando County Florida, we have some clouds on and off over the sun! I couldn't find any viewing glasses, people are buying them and scalping the price! I made a cardboard box "viewer" it gives  you a tiny picture on the inside of the box without hurting your eyes! My 12  year old grandson is all fired up about the eclipse! His 10 year old sister isn't as interested!, they got the day off school to look at the eclipse!


  13. Timmy, those loaded trailers have always been  hard on fuel economy! But the empty ones are hard on earnings! LOL 😁 Had a temporary solution when hurricane Andrew hit S.Florida, they paid us the same to bring roof insulation to Miami that they paid us to deadbeat back to La grange Ga to get them more insulation! Was temporary,obviously, hurricane Andrew like most natural disasters created many millionaires! Every junk tri axle dump in America doubled in price and was on its way to Miami! Was a windfall for truck tire repairmen also as the nails and debris on the ground destroyed truck tires!

  14. Lost my post,Gray hair, to continue I would tighten the Strap so they couldn't Jimmy the lock and get in while I was sleeping! The guy that told me about the tanker also said a New York policemen told him If you shoot a criminal roll the body off on the side and leave! Politically incorrect for sure!

  15. KSB,received my car and driver last week, didn't  read the Vw b.s. yet, prefer road tests and nuts and bolts over corporate ethics, but I will read it just to stay informed! My wife's Corolla has the Takata air bags! The rascals sent me a letter warning to not use the r/f seat! They will pay for a rental.car but they are keeping that quiet of course was in one of my automotive publications!

  16. Gonna have to lengthen those shifters so the little guy can split his gears!

  17. Sad end of a beautiful tractor!....define "bird" L0L

    1. Timmyb


      Thanks Billy. Yeah he is devastated about it. He put a lot of time and money into it. 

      Its funny, you sorta become "mates" with your truck, or car, you give them names etcetera. 

  18. The old Chevy medium duty on the end looks like it has possibilities!

  19. Mike, you did change the  fluid,filter and screen right?  They didn't just suck out the fluid and check it,I'm assuming they did, I don't recall the c6  having a drain plug!

  20. The first time I drove a B I was 6'2"  and 170,close but no problem! Now I'm 180, wonder if it makes a difference? He must be a good friend if you let him drive your B!

    1. Freightrain


      He was 6'-1, 320# when we tried to fit him in.  He is down to 280# and slowly working to get even lower.  I'm only 5-10 and 170# so I fit well.  I can stretch my left leg out under the dash and drive comfortably.

      Ya, I've known him for a very long time.  He would have caught on to the two sticks with a little time behind the wheel.   I don't have many people I know that could even come close to getting it moving, let alone drive it down the street.  I'd like to see/hear it go down the road, but no one can drive it?

  21. Carlot,we called those galoshes 4 buckle arctics! Thought of something the other day,have you ever had the check in guy at a dealership deliberately scratch your unit so the dealer could collect damages from your company? Only saw it once. when I had the flatbed, myself and another 0/0 loaded 3 conversion vans at Mark111 in Ocala Florida  for Philadelphia. He was unloading when I pulled up. " Bill, I checked these vans close when we loaded an he's finding all kind of damage,he said! "What we caught the guy doing was scratching the vans right under the chrome strips!  What happens is the dealer gets paid hundreds of dollars to repair the paint, but if the customer doesn't spot the damage in 90 days the dealer doesn't have to repair it!  They do the scratches below eye level and next to a chrome strip or other component where it's difficult to see! Very sleazy!




    1. BillyT


      LMACK, I share your loyalty for the bulldog,but "There is no other truck?" My old Diamond T is spinning in her grave somewhere!

    2. Lmackattack


      Never heard of dealerships doing that but it is a good scam.

  22. Welcome Bucks 25!

  23. Happy birthday, can't believe someone's older than me! 73

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