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  1. Along with the rest of domestic manufacturers like Deere and Cat who install electric primers. Europeans dig cheap, low tech, hand pumps? If Volvo installed an electric primer they might get an extra year of life out of each injector once they start to bubble.
  2. Hey Keith,

    Kamp and I are coming over for Eelpout Festival. Fishing East for a spell then we’ll be moving to the North end of Walker Bay for the weekend. If the bay ice folds we generally stay North of the fault, along 371, right off Kabekona Bridge boat landing. 

  3. Might be a good time to buy your local, firmiliar, knowledgeable, mechanic a case of Old Milwaukee and have him walk you through the steps or assist this round. Good Luck!
  4. I didn’t know what to say Fred......
  5. Yup, small, screw on thread top, for little Mr.Heater type heaters. No, from my understanding not secured or capped. Noah read this post and said “nope”, not a coon. He sent a pic of the shack. It had a hard shell, top and bottom. When collapsed it looks like a closed clam. Nothing but hard shell. He gave credit to the theories that rolled out though, lol. If science can’t explain it, BMT likely will !!!
  6. It’s usually the small fuel return line from the front top barb fitting of your front head. Return lines and suction lines can go bad and not show much leakage. Pressure lines will show. I just fixed a 98 V-II with the little inj spill line leaking at the connection at head. Same symptom. The overflow on those is a flow-thru restricted office, so any leakage of air upstream is a trouble maker. Don’t worry about a bit of start up smoke so long as you go clean and stay clean. It’s less likely to be an inj, so make that the last-step repair option.
  7. Heck yeah, best theory yet H.Seed! A Landfill Monkey(Raccoon). If the portable shack smelled at all like fish....or snack food, etc, naturally the raccoon are going to screw around with it. You always have food in your shack. It’s been unseasonably warm this winter so the coon have been out of hibernation, especially in the city where there’s always a lot to eat. They have monkey hands, 4 fingers + thumb and dexterity to dig, claw, pull and hold. Things love to walk on vehicles like a cat. It easily fills the missing piece of the puzzle, “what shorted the batteries?”.
  8. When there’s no power to the EUP you will flow-through an open center. IOW- If your running 80 psi in your fuel rail...that’s the amount of pressure against the injector tip. If a tip leaks or cracks you get rail flow into the cylinder and lotsa smoke. Injection doesn’t occur till the 80 PSI fuel is trapped & compressed when the magnet induces port closure.
  9. Clueless.....I short them constantly at work and never kill a healthy, running, engine beyond the target cylinder. Are you contacting them to each other or to a dead ground? Break them(terminals) loose at one side and retighten lightly so you can use the one wire to remove and dead out cylinder. Keep in mind these terminals get seized easily, if they won’t loosen, don’t force them. I don’t have the resistance spec available....I’m not at work. Keep in mind you need to disconnect one side of the EUP to get a legitimate, clean, reading. Otherwise you are including a harness and ECU in your math.
  10. www.ksfuel.com if you have the OEM part number call a PAI dealer and you can also save 20%-30%
  11. Only thing to pay attention to is someone screwing up the suspension assemblies. I'm working on a truck right now that sits crooked. When you look at the Z-spring members it doesn't even touch the front hanger on the RFRear, I can stick my fingers in the gap between the spring front slipper pad and spring strike-side. Whoever did the spring work put the wrong spacer in between axle and spring member. One side spring spacer is tapered for caster and opposite side is perfectly flat and square. In the case of what I have you can get an uneven load to one wheel, esp when bobtail. In the mid/early 2000’s Mack over sensitized the fault parameters and we occasionally got ghost codes on working EUP’s. It seemed to have come in with the CCRS vintages. They changed the software to lessen, or desensitize, the ghost code issue/parameter. If you change the EUPs the codes will likely disappear, but I’d require them to show a running issue before changing out. Example-your cold miss could be a failing magnet in the specific EUP your coding on and justify a new one. Aftermarket vendors are selling those pumps cheap, so it may be a worthwhile investment.
  12. You ice fish? Sakakawea? Devils? Missouri? I recall they were running the Devils Lake Perch Express on Amtrak and Perch Patrol....till the tar sand boom took over.
  13. Guess whatever keeps the chickens warm, happy and safe on the way to the McNugget blender?
  14. News people must be cut from the same piece of cloth? The town of Ashland was "Rocked!!!!",...…...I.O.W. -neighborhood dogs were barking.
  15. Always wondered why they called them “Chicken lights”. Google say chicken thieves were stealing chickens off trucks while they drove slowly through dark, unlit streets of cities. Drivers hung lanterns on the sides so they could see what was going on.
  16. Welcome Jim. This IS a great site to learn stuff. Wide diversity of people and Mack experience. Run it. Do oil sampling to see how much metal is on the move inside your engine, don’t want an inspection hole in engine block. Blowby is legal in 50 states. Water is condensate or evaporation of coolant, oil test will verify if it’s only condensate. Knock the chrome covers off EUPs on right side. Make a 3” jumper wire. Start cold. Short out EUPs one at a time to see which hole won’t wake up cold. A tune up with injector tips is a cheap refresher if you can do most of it yourself. Takes minimal knowledge and a good book. If you rebuild, those parts are good for reuse..... so no loss. A free engine manual download is available for OEM engine rebuild and procedures. Go to search window and enter “makeshift manometer” and you’ll find my directions to build a blowby gauge. That will give you a solid number if you want one.
  17. No heavy equipment destruction this round, but worth sharing..... Guy shows up to go fishing with my brother-in-law. Has a Frabill soft-top portable fishing shack strapped to the back of his vehicle, on a receiver rack. It's folded down and bell sled base contains two 12-volt Vexlar batteries charge for business. It also contains four small propane cans charged for business. Rest is just equipment, the total of which is $1K to $1.5K in electronics and equipment. Everyone is fed'n'bed, dreaming of Lake Superior trout flopping on the ice. Middle of the night, about 2AM they awake to the sound of “boom” with a flame reaching 20 feet on occasion. Neighbor said he woke to his dog barking, saw a fire at rear of the vehicle and then the first of four explosions. First blew the hold-down straps off and launched the Frabill chassis onto the lawn. His equipment and shack were ripped apart and burned by the propane bottles. The Suburban was splattered with blobs of melted plastic, but otherwise did surprisingly well. The fire department chief was called to investigate and ruled "foul play", then recanted to "no evidence of foul play" and then finally to "cause unknown"...…..? Only energy source was batteries, but the vehicle was sitting still for hours?
  18. Need to start with the simple causes like fuel pressure low(test), boost leaks(smoke? High pyro?). Codes? Malfunction light?
  19. Imagine the kids work fast to enjoy it before day breaks. It’s a slop-fest up here. Got 5” of snow last night and 8 hours of rain. Was pushing it with the 660 Griz in four lock and stalling out. Like pushing 500lbs of snowman corpses all balled up.
  20. https://moxie.myshopify.com/products/moxie They (company store) are sold-out of product today? Coke is 5 months in on purchase...….they are able to market well enough to create scarcity and others collect $5.04 a can for it?
  21. This should get you home...……. Attn: Relay 2 distribution flow.
  22. 10-4, look past high tech solution, record what components are being effected during the power/voltage drop-out event and work backwards to what they commonly share in PDM.
  23. Good little piece of insurance. If the price of Amazon’s Moxie supply hits $6 for a 12oz (from the current $5.04 a can) folks may start rioting.
  24. Lay under your engine bellhousing and look up the side of the bell. Are you getting an active code?
  25. Think I may have found a competitor...…. https://www.amazon.com/Moxie-Original-Elixir-Sugar-Bottles/dp/B003VWP0VS/ref=pd_cp_325_3?pd_rd_w=OdvF0&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=0WWD26MX1QKZR7F9RJGD&pd_rd_r=aae17315-105f-11e9-88bd-15e7fd3adce8&pd_rd_wg=mVX7o&pd_rd_i=B003VWP0VS&psc=1&refRID=0WWD26MX1QKZR7F9RJGD Chevy 41, HOW MUCH DO YOU MAINE-ITES MAKE ON THE SALE OF A BOTTLE OF MOXIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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