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  1. Makes you ponder what video game warfare will look like in 20 years?
  2. You have much prior experience with driving a Mack transmission? Or your first?
  3. Brilliant. Still waiting for our 100 million barrels of free crude from Kuwait and Iraq. Let’s add that to the collection legislation.
  4. I view the party system as a dual chapter labor union with fantastic potential for over-reach, with no one to regulate them properly or bargain against, and no annual dues. I can't vote (for union officers) outside of my workplace labor union any more than you can successfully bring in someone from outside your political union.
  5. The best fuel mileage I have recorded on a Mack truck came out of a fleet of those Maxicruise w/T-2060 hauling lowboys of lumber over flat earth. When you take the synchro out of a Mack transmission you have a bulletproof unit.
  6. Our humble opinion....... The machines our rolling equipment feeds never sleep 24/7/365 days a year. My Super is afraid to purchase any deeper into final 4, particularly on Liehberr Eq.
  7. Case in Point...…Since the internet gives everyone and information advantage you would assume it would force the market to comply, nope. Amazon did drop $50, I think it was like $250 and northern tool was around $70 at one point.
  8. All it takes is a parts guy with coffee twitch to double tap a digit on a manual price install. PAI prides themselves on blowing 30% (or+) off Mack's prices. It would be the first time I've seen Mack beat PAI.
  9. Take that ridiculous thing back and pay whatever restock they charge. PAI Industries sells that same branded kit for $55.34, available, in-stock @ Georgia's PDC. The PAI conversion part number is FKT-1148.
  10. It works out well that they were all wearing white. Just need a pair of Nike's and some purple Kool Aid. When the Hale-Bopp comet makes it's return they will be ready to travel to another planet together to induce feminism upon the poor, unwitting, inhabitants.
  11. In case your fed up with performance issues.....
  12. Pull up a chair, the BMT folks have been working on your issue for a while...……
  13. Are you running an unmodified 2006 AI460 in a granite chassis?
  14. Driving a little Capacity Yard Jockey. They were working through a rain/ice storm, some theories about things freezing solid? They have(had) a good history of not dropping. Not sure if he got a reprimand, we sublet this work to a local railroad company. Worst I've experienced...….I drove/wrenched for Wausau Carriers Inc, on the weekend, bringing newly purchased Stoughton Trailers from Stoughton, WI to Wausau. One Saturday I was on the 2-lane Hwy leading into the industrial park and spied a shiny new Stoughton trailer off in the swamp alongside the road. Yup, it was one of the other guys I was trailing. I knew what I was going to be working on Monday morning.
  15. I think our shuttle truck driver was still feeling the Super Bowl party. Appears some of the ripples aren't going to pound out.
  16. The lightest we’d run is 10W-40. We can park 75% of trucks and off road equipment indoors so we generally use heavy oil, mostly Mobil 1300 15W-40. All 4 of our D13's are running 15W-40.
  17. “New America” cont..... I’m at a CPR and first aid training today. We train on CPR dumbys. One guy said, “hey, why are these things wearing shirts?”. They never had shirts in the past. The instructor said a person (thankfully not from our company) complained about them being naked. It was a national complaint/issue they had to comply with. Cant make this stuff up, it’s an armless plastic chest attached to a head! No doubt the same person watched the Super Bowl half time show last night and began shaking uncontrollably at Adam Levine’s bare chest. The baby CPR dumbys had to get full onesies. Nearly tore it....Took me five minutes to strip the damn thing off cause the babies arms don’t bend and you have to see the LEDs underneath.
  18. Are you sure your not thinking about 2013-2014 winter? That was the year LP, if you could get it here, was selling for $6 a gallon. We hit 80+ total days touching subs. Wikipedia “Early 2014 North American cold wave”. I’m surprised, guessed you would be on quick-punch, thin ice, river system pulling trout and not needing an extension for your auger.
  19. Your a gentleman Heavy “G”. When I started the car I plugged my ears and ran back in the house so I couldn’t hear the 45 seconds of oil-less death clattering.
  20. Ahem...cough....ah, forgetting anyone.... She bottomed at -31 last night...but who’s counting backwards. Not beg’in for pity since I-Falls, MN only cancels school at Zero Kelvin.
  21. It's all in jest, but really? Put it right under a hose cluster?
  22. "Dear Volvo administrator, I'm writing in regards to the primitive, but semi-reliable, Volvo fuel priming system on our D13. Would it be cost feasible, in the 21st century, for you to install an electric lift pump which will prime the filters and lessen the chance some ill-advised person is going to fill the filters with a dirty fill can to avoid the 5 minutes of pumping it requires. All our domestic models have upgraded to electric and we have benefited greatly." "Dear valued customer, We have upgraded our newest model D13 with a fully reliable Bosch fuel primer and repositioned the primer in a strategic location to accent our new coolant/fuel heater exchanger head. A specialty tool, available locally at any hardware store, will assure improved access to the hand pump."
  23. Found it...……. page through this one Mike, good help for power drop outs even if your not seeing a 9-2. 52-sb221032.pd.pdf
  24. Somewhere I have (and you'll remember) the 9 page Service Bulletin Mack wrote during those years. A page by page on restoring chassis ground/distribution connections. Probably a garbage can full of star washers left the back door of the dealership.
  25. Better chance the relays are not the issue. Did you clean and check the chassis grounds.
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