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  1. Spent 3 days this week in a training course with our company’s hydraulics trainer. He drops in from Oregon once a year. We’re going over Marijuana/alcohol regulations being enforced back home and abroad. He says no major fall-out from the pot legalization except kids eating THC candy. Anything we can’t figure out we googled, like why can a CDL driver’s BAC (in a personal vehicle) not exceed .04 when the standard is .08, etc. When it came to CDL and THC there wasn’t a lot of solid, available, info on how they are going to handle testing since it lingers in your circulatory system. Is there chatter in the fleets? Are they treating it as “federal DOT” so zero tolerance across the board, period?
  2. Use 3M weather strip adhesive on the steel stamp covers to keep the gasket from squirting out. Glue it, let it set up for a spell before installing covers, no comebacks with that stuff. Cast... don’t use any sealant. If the cast has a cut relief (in ribbon land) make sure there is no oil and completely dry during installation.
  3. Youch!....get a tar bucket maw, we’re reseal’in the driveway! Soak it with brake clean a few rounds, air bath, spray it with WD40, soak, and brass hammer(piston close to TDC).
  4. Pulling the manifold will show a wet hole. Make sure you run it cold for two minutes before pulling the manifold. Typically......check the timing to make sure you didn’t have a gear slip then buy new tips for all the injectors. Assuming you got a good service life from your injectors, they are essentially spark plugs...when it comes time for one to be replaced the others are usually not far behind. If your cold region consider Fred’s warning about bent tubes. It was popular on those to bend tubes, especially if you had a bad injector applying diesel-pus-super-glue to the valve stem. After a cold night sitting that crud glued the stems solid and bent the tube at start-up. Did a bunch of them from the same issue even with good injectors but driver idled too long, cool, before shutting off for cold night storage.
  5. Requires brains, stupidity and a good prayer life?
  6. Ever get the feeling you being watched.....
  7. Not practical up here, even with available grants and enough groundwater to do a well exchange. I calc’ed it on my 1,700 house when we built in 2010 and the payback was past my life expectancy. Not to mention I’d still have to subsidize the system for two months. Wood boiler is nice with the “fix my Mack for firewood” barder program.
  8. P= pump L= line N=nozzle used to represent all the pre (to mid year) 1998 that had a jerk pump fuel system. E-tech was legally a PLN, but not a Jerk system and so no one ever referred to it as PLN.
  9. Wonder if you had to dump waste oil on the ground to get around a tight turn?
  10. Donald appears to have some Kinda invisible force field around him as He attracts fools like an electromechanical human liberal-knucklehead magnet. They can’t stop bashing their bloodied heads into the see thru wall to get at him. Orchestrated political coup attempts, crooked lib judges trying to stop his constitutional x-orders, finger pointing porn stars, charging RINO attacks, Democrat-paid Russian operatives going after Jr.T, Clinton paid Dossier, crooked & adulterous love-triangle FBI agents, endless investigations, then finally....like chocolate topping on the freak sundae.....this flippy gay black actor trying to change the world by beating his face on a toilet seat while screaming “look what MAGA country whitey’s did to me!”. I’d let him go too. Think of the poor guy being locked in a cage with him for just being caught smoking a joint? Cruel and unusual punishment.
  11. Came home from a Fishing trip to find a box from Maine. In it were cans of Moxie soda, an invasive species in these parts, compliments of BMT's resident philanthropist 41Chevy. Since everyone who tries it (social media) seems to feel inclined to comment I'm throwing mine in too....... Moxie Virgin's stop now if you don't want the spoiler. Brought the cans to a steady 38 F and cracked. Scent is perfumed and pungent similar to a Mennonite store that sells bulk spices. Flavor strikes a memory of dime store candy sticks...… more specifically a softer version of Horehound. Aftertaste is the tricked-out part of the soda. After 15 seconds the sweet dissipates and a dry bitter sets in and holds on. Unique. Stuff is a 10, salute to the Northeast for good craftsmanship. Regretfully, no availability in Wisconsin for the near future. My wife agreed we are keeping the last can (toast) till Paul has a victory over Virginia's "A-Holes".
  12. Other than the secretive methods used to find data, why can’t we see what WE bought? It’s such a stupid question I can’t answer it, which is even more ridiculous. Smoking..... Was doing some research on socialist countries. You assume they steal your personal rights for the collective, they don’t. In China the government still slaps smokers a high-five. Government sells them the tobacco. >60% of all Chinese doctors smoke. Once they control (and tax) a vice it’s time to cash in. Same crap coming down the pike here. Check the ratio on relation of psychosis and Marijuana use.
  13. Shouldn’t. The throttle response software (12b) loads to the vehicle ECU. Your HP upgrade will change the engine ECU software. So they are only related by marriage.
  14. If they are original, and you have the cash, replace them. Otherwise run them. Most of the injector line fires occurred on ASET AC engine and not the ASET AI engines (like yours). Did you shop PAI for parts cost?
  15. After reading about your town I can’t picture what the locals think they have to lose if you build? Maybe I’m misinterpreting the “big plans” they have for the area. Whole place seems basically as Podunk, USA as the economically sleepy town I grew up in.
  16. WOW! That’s the stuff legacies are made of Paul !!! My only thought is put up a sign on the construction site which reads........ “Future 1,140 acre mass grave for soul-sucking green bureaucrats” and see if they go away? These mini-potentates are going to be the ruin of this country.
  17. Built a trough into the lawn's V-slope...……….January rain had filled it, snow kept it there and it froze level with ice. I had a guy come in and epoxy coat my foundation when we built, so the only spot where there was no epoxy (pipe from garage drain into basement) leaked about a quart onto the floor. They V'ed the clay (toward the house) under the garage foundation to make the drains PVC run and backfilled with sand, making a permanent threat of backflow if the drain ever freezes shut....and it did.
  18. Snow phenomenon....It appears that if you get enough snow weight it bears down upon itself, compresses to the frozen ground and becomes a slush gasket nothing can flow through. Then when you add 51 degrees and a 2” rainstorm the water runs BACK at your house and follows the only path of earth that isn’t frozen because it’s tight against the warmed foundation, which is still permeable, and pools up despite the drain tile. Hope your having better luck EZ, it’s good you got snow.
  19. Somebody did this swap on here, not long ago, to a standard, non(should say “less”) emissions E-tech, like a 2001.....and made it work in an ASET AC chassis.
  20. Best picture of the conflict over that little spec of earth is to wiki Abraham (prophet). It outlines the three branch conflict of religions. The ownership conflict starts with the “covenant” and basically excludes Christians and Muslims, or other people’s group, from ownership. Seems kosher (pun intended) except captivity was two parts. The divided kingdom period wasn’t only occupation of Israel (north kingdom). It included Judea(south kingdom), which was also just as much “Israel proper”. The Assyrians captured and enslaved the North. The Babylonians captured and enslaved the South. It was a 70 year dual exile that Daniel, Ezekiel, Esther, etc lived through. It’s also a center bridge of the “Fertile Crescent”, so the birthplace of civilizations. Historical gold, so everybody can’t seem to leave their hands off the prize.
  21. No doubt conservation is key. Its the extortion of law abiding, clean, industry I'm talking about. Take a perfectly law abiding point-user, IOW-some company who takes water out of a river at one point and returns it to the river at one point. Even the parking lot sewer drains are treated and monitored before returning to the river so no run off. We are above two converging rivers. The point (south of us) where the rivers meet is a starting hot spot for nitrates. Ends up one branch goes through farmland and one comes from point-users with no agriculture. The farmland river branch is hot with nitrates, the industrial branch has a clean number of PPM Nitrates. State says "what do we DOOOOOOO!!!!, we need to get the nitrates south of the convergence lowered. Solution: State.....Threaten the point users to bring the PPM lower to compensate for the farms deposits Factory...……. "we can't, it is almost as low as the inlet water" State.... if you can't lower the PPM pay a fine or sponsor a shoreline run-off control program for farmers on the other branch of the river Factory.... send us the fine, we are not going to manage or sponsor your shoreline control program True story, among a host of other crap the state has pulled since I've been here.
  22. I have a 13.5 liter Deer out in the field with a semi-failed OHC. I did install a new follower about 2 years ago and it's still going and passing every oil test. Initially I sent the pic to JD reman and they said for the hours I had...... the new roller was a final lease on life and to replace the engine when the camshaft goes. That follower looked nowhere near as bad as yours. I can't believe you would still have a hardened surface veneer left on your cam ramp.
  23. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong NOAA map a couple days back, but aren't you in a semi-severe drought?
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