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  1. Mack Technician

    Paris under attack

    It’s the Twin Cities, nothing can shock the conscience and as 41 says...she was a first choice to represent. When I can avoid the Minneapolis airport, I drive the extra distance to Chicago. Every other MSP African woman working the desks, security and logistics will be wearing Muslim garb and just as many Muslim male employees in casual wear. That’s my choice, I’m that guy who doesn’t want the pilot wearing a shirt that says “I (heart) Allah”. Without prejudice, any faith that embraces suicide as a means of instant salvation makes me react.
  2. Mack Technician

    Couple of unrelated questions

    Sounds like you don’t have an oil sensor which would explain why the gauge is redundant and inop. Leaky studs are often a removal of exhaust manifold, removal of lower studs and replacement + thread sealant. The upside being lower studs will not be seized into the head(oily), the downside being your going to snap a couple of the upper studs which will be seized into the head(bone dry).
  3. Mack Technician

    Mp7 no fuel to head

    Good find!
  4. Mack Technician

    De-rating and not showing a light

  5. Mack Technician

    Some Texas & New Mexico pictures

    Dig the “Free food, we care so we share” hippy bus. It’d Kinda make you wonder if what your eating got tenderized by the bus wheels the day before?
  6. Mack Technician

    MP8 EGR & DEF Delete ???

    They are doing it to VOE (volvo off-road equipment) also. For the sale to a non-conforming country they will install a strip-it kit and software package. To have it done you need to have your bill of sale, port-of-call paperwork, etc, all in order. There is one specific group doing all conversion work. It's a captured, factory, procedure.
  7. Mack Technician

    Political Stuff

    Speaking of term limits...... Ruth Ginsburg has a shallow pulse and can’t navigate the day without falling and injuring herself. She’s had iron deficiency issues, vertigo issues, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, heart stints, broken ribs from falling. She spent November working from home and January missing oral arguments. She is basically still operating on hospice painkillers.
  8. Mack Technician

    02 etech

    Parts man could tell you with just vin. CCRS = leak free injectors. No return line plumbing (from head) for fuel leakage from injectors.
  9. Mack Technician

    Keep those old girls working

    "Old rust free" is the challenge 'round here.
  10. Mack Technician

    An insider look at our world from a former cia agent

    Listened while I cleaned the garage last night. Final 45 minutes trail off pretty far...…… into kids and Idaho? But the first hour is a real interesting. Cusses like a sailor so a good outside project.
  11. Mack Technician

    Bypass oil filtration

    If a guy was really conciencious, above the line, concerned, for what his engine is doing........ get the wife a new kitchen scale for Christmas. Throw your centrimax on her old kitchen scale after your oil change. Write the normal (carbon loaded) weight on the scale as your baseline. When you see the weight going up you have engine issues. Dirty injector, blowby, etc.. If you’ve never chopped one of your old centrimax open, do it for curiousity. Looks exactly like a big zinc-carbon battery inside. Black, dry, carbon clay.
  12. Mack Technician

    Bypass oil filtration

    IMO- get rid of it. All of the guys I know running those kind of set ups have been skin flints (not driven for a “green”, waste oil free, Earth) trying to stretch their oil changes past a natural interval. In fact, if I had the choice of two, id buy the one without it. The Centrimax is perfectly engineered to remove the AI engines high soot. If a guy checks his oil samples, has a tuned engine, changes the centrimax each round and follows factory intervals you end up around 3% soot and a healthy engine. 5% is max per Mack.
  13. Mack Technician


    Nicely done! I can smell fresh, wet paint when I stare at it. Is that the locker you bought from over the pond? Love the JDeere green.
  14. Mack Technician


    Vlad, I put you on my weather ap. Moscow is sitting on -4C. We’re sitting on -22C. Not a huge spread. Dont forget to also add an engine heater to the R model.
  15. Mack Technician

    Political Stuff

    Trump has a natural gift for identifying right wing spinelessness. He’s like a walking MRI machine. Suddenly you realize so many of these guys (as listed) are just “doing their time”, avoiding conflict and trying to lock in another term. Since McCain is off the ballot.......I’d spend my vote on Romney or Ryan for wasting the ticket in 2012.
  16. Mack Technician


    Bring it on, no complaints here. Sub zero weather is like an alcohol pad. It cleans the riff raff out of the North border. No poisonous snakes. Few spiders. No termites. No cockroaches. No gators. Really, no man eaters beyond an occasional senile bear. No earthquakes, Less mold, Less allergens, No tsunamis, No volcanoes, No hurricanes, No rain 5 months of the year, longer-to-shorter daylight hour swings, 4-8 feet of ground frost to cleanse larva, Flying insects and ticks only 4 months a year and, strike me dead if I’d forget, Ice Fishing. No wall up here, from the south.....only Mexican illegals that come up are the ones who accidentally got on the wrong bus. From North......only Canadians who come down leave because they can’t play hockey 8 months of the year. Further you get from the equator the larger animals get...ex. whitetail in Honduras are poodles. Florida are the size of an average dog. Up here, and Alberta, whitetail hit in hundreds of pounds(Minnesota record was 511 pounds live weight, 402lbs dressed). Same with bear. Only thing that forces people out of the north is old age.
  17. Mack Technician

    MP8 hand primer pump

    I’d make sure i was present to see those soap bubbles.
  18. Mack Technician

    Roto brake can?

    I’m not agreeing or dis......cause Winnie is controversial in any circle, right above religion and politics. Winnie is a deadpan comedian like Bob Newhart. All the friends and cast are what make him funny. Chinese probably can’t “get it”. They think he is an effeminate, yellow Panda, which is an insult to Asians who love the Panda. Tigger is probably legally an honorary Chinese citizen cause he’s actually funny and in the Chinese calendar.
  19. Mack Technician

    Roto brake can?

    Simple physics. “No replacement for displacement”. A square inch= 1 Sq inch. For a roto to have more pounds of force it has to have a mechanical multiplier or a physically larger diameter. Whomever applies that law wins the argument. My wife was in China before the olympics. Other than very poor air quality she said the only thing noteable was spit bags. Guess it’s normal to spit on everything, everywhere, in China. They don’t swallow their mucus because it glows from the inner-city crud it’s filtering out of the lungs and sinus. Bad enough to inhale it, much less eat it too. The socialist police stand on corners handing out spit bags while they tried to clean the presently dried on filth before the Olympics.
  20. Mack Technician

    Scania V8 slashes fuel bills

    Easy enough to like the plastic shell, I just want to know one thing...………….does it have an electric prime?
  21. Mack Technician

    Amazon Challenge......

    If you can find a bigger Amazon rip-off I'll give you 20 "likes". https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200659134_200659134?cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=Google_PLA&utm_medium=Welding > Welding Carts %2B Cabinets&utm_campaign=Klutch&utm_content=48410&&cm_mmc=Google-pla&utm_source=google_PLA&utm_campaign=&mkwid=sCblLYwup&pcrid=39155627516&devicetype=c&gclid=CjwKCAiAmO3gBRBBEiwA8d0Q4qTzjTTLoKyGAcz5ED3WWpY0e6h181p4LozbQUhgxj5dQ4qNWsfEIxoCZDoQAvD_BwE Vs. https://www.amazon.com/Klutch-2-Tier-Welding-Locking-Cabinet/dp/B0713STT2G/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1546625869&sr=8-5&keywords=klutch+welding+cart
  22. Mack Technician

    Amazon Challenge......

    Any main-stream vendor who beats Amazon for overprice? “Amazon Challenge” requires a worse price from an established vendor.
  23. Mack Technician

    Amazon Challenge......

    Better check the seal!!!
  24. Mack Technician

    Amazon Challenge......

    And its not even exotic or hard to find items they are gouging you on? They have some, unique, captured, items you can’t get elsewhere, so set your price in that case........but this is stuff you can find at any corner Hardware Store.
  25. Mack Technician

    MP8 hand primer pump

    Now THAT’S ironic.

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