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  1. From the folks up here.....
  2. When my dad was getting too old to work on his feet he got his temps and started driving with me till he got his CDL. Bit of a reversal, but some pretty good times together out on those day trips. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Yes and no. I figured the “nerve food” would allow me to dance confidently like the Gumby brother on the video. No such luck. I instead danced more confidently......but like Forest Gump. Hope that answers your question?
  4. The pics off my iPhone 6 are always sideways to the normal perspective. The best way I have found, so far, is to send my pic to my Gmail at a reduced size and post off my Gmail. Otherwise I send them to my laptop, reduce the file's size and upload with few issues.
  5. Open the attachment, it will give you the camshaft match/breakdown and tool number. Timber.pdf
  6. I’d check on what components I need for the south side of the firewall. Kit may not include 2 pos switch, relays(qty 2/hi-lo), 10 amp fuse for hole 22(if you don’t already have one there for neutral switch). I’d also get a jake adjuster feeler fork. The housing won’t be painted so I’d grab a can of Mack Gray(assuming Volvo hasn’t discontinued it). Check the supplied valve cover ribbons to make sure they gave you 4 (not 2) and if they are bonded (updated) and not open ended(string cut). Replace with updated bonded ribbon if not.
  7. Clean your flywheel housing sensor. They tend to pick up clutch metal on magnetic tip.
  8. Cheers Paul, At least if your building in Maine the Vets will have reasonable access to Moxie.
  9. It's not you, Lou, it's the Truck. It's very fixable. 370 is a perfect candidate. I'm a little suspicious of your friend blowing your doors off with his 2006 CV713 w/same set up? Does he go by the handle Old Red Mack, Nelm, Mackncheese, Big John, Dcrow, 03 Big Red, Mackvette, Mudman, Byrohoe or R.E.D.? If yes, then he's keeping secrets so he can laugh at you when he flies past you coming out of the pit.
  10. Start a free range rabbit farm with those. During winter my New Zealand’s would eat as many dry maple leaves as you put in front of them.
  11. Go back in the chassis, dig around and find the power leads or ground run you did not attach to the starter post. Not everyone is getting fed.
  12. Haven't laughed this hard in a while. There's still hope for sanity.
  13. I'd pull the fuel transfer pump and leave the lines attached to it. Pump it, free hanging, and observe the seal of the drive gear shaft isn't leaking into the engine. The three spots this engine can leak fuel into the oil is.... 1. transfer pump input seal 2. Unit pump lower seal 3. gallery plug for the factory drilling. They drill two galleries through the entire length of the block. On each end of the drilling is a plug, so 4 plugs total. The plug hidden under the timing cover could potentially leak, but that is not usually the case. If you did a good job installing the EUP's, and new seals, that narrows it down considerably. Personally, since the pan is empty, and it's easy to do, pull the pan off, lay under it, and have your wife pump the primer while you watch the show from a strategic position. Then you'll know exactly what's going on. Good Luck!...let us know what you find.
  14. Team drivers = 2 pack.....coincidence?
  15. Yup, and if you listen 10 minutes more you’ll be certain a roller is flat-spotting and you need a camshaft replacement.
  16. Did you drain the gas out of the gallery that runs between EUPs before you pulled them out? You can get a shot of dilution if you don’t drain it, maybe enough to show up on your oil sample.
  17. Unless it was a temporary installation, like a seasonal push axle removed during frost-break road limits, it was expected everything was Huck fastened and no reused bolts.
  18. Stared at that pic for a while then recalled the 80's icon they stole that design from.....
  19. Just cause you cut the can open and lick the brown dried soda out of the bottom doesn’t mean your an addict. Right? I mean everybody does that? Speaking of making new addicts..... somewhere in the Midwest the feds (USPS) are bringing a shipment to Maine. Twigs Farmer’s Brewery butterscotch root beer.
  20. I don’t disagree with necessity. You can eventually get sick and tired of a lifetime parole for which you get no credit for good behavior, like with Dave. One time I went in and there was this old fella doing the tests. He looked like he was in great shape for his age, solid built and about retirement age. Talked to him for a while and realized he was one of those disciplined life military guys. Real frank about things, straight talk, no B.S. I asked him “you do this pretty regular, how many do you get?”. He said “I never know with the urine tests, but I had a guy come in a few weeks back, early morning, not a urine test, he pulled the random breathalyzer. He blew positive, a real low number. I said to the guy blowing “what you been drinking, this is suppose to read zero?” He told me “Super Bowl Sunday and his team won”. I threw out the test and zero’ed one for him. You can’t expect this guy to pass clean the morning after a Super Bowl!!”.
  21. Never plan on being a stoner, don't smoke, seldom drink and it fascinates me...…………….Stoner dude sits at home smoking state-approved weed & eat'in Cheetos, Democratic politicians boast whimsically about how many drugs they did in college, the companies CEO has a chrome box for his nose candy and Mr.BlueCollar is told "stay sober, clean, and your going to piss in a cup if you wanna get paid (or score a job)".
  22. It’s a condition physicians are referring to as Rapid Onset Gray Engine Amnesia.
  23. FYI- if you ever get in an availability “pickle” Berry Cam Service out of Minnesota would likely fix that camshaft core. I had him build a cam for my rod decade back. He is tooled for Mack right up till E-Tech I believe.
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