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  1. Hey there! I just saw your post. I am near St.Louis and I have a 1946 Type 45 Open Cab. I can probably help. Brian
  2. I need a wheel rim, Dayton style 5.00x20. Not the split rim style. Lock ring style please. Split rim has split across the rim. Photos attached.
  3. fxfymn, I have had three opportunities not work out. So I am willing to try anything. I cannot drive it so I must get a replacement.
  4. Ok folks need help. I have a 1946 Mack E, type 45 Pumper. I need a dayton style tube wheel rim. The tire says it is 7.00 x 20. So I found a 7.00 x 20 rim. it's to wide. Measuring the old rim it is 5 inches wide. Any Ideas where to find one. used is ok. I have all the books from Mack Muesium and and order/spec sheet from '46. Those numbers are no help. UGH!
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