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  1. I am picking up my first def fluid diesel- a 3/4 ton cummins ram- tomorrow- and I see several brands of def fluid out there- and I realize this small equipment ain't much- but are they all the same or just spend the extra buck and go with the more name brand? I don't think there is a big rig stop closer tha 1 hour with def at the pump.... I am probably talking the 2.5 gallon " wine boxes".
  2. is that 2 lug nuts missing on the front wheel or 2 covers gone?
  3. The internet without conflict would be like bacon cheesebuurger without bacon....and we all know we love bacon....wrapped in bacon,,,,,, on yet more bacon..... where was I? oh yes, net neutrality is a big ol box of stuff noone needs.
  4. hopefully the whole load was fragile the way things were flying around inside.
  5. The new truck is " in transit", due next week. It seems one can't get mile by mile delivery updates..... just a week long range when it "should" arrive. and if you know anybody in the market for a 2000 F350 drw crew cab long bed 4x4 7.3l automatic let me know. Its a one owner forged rod truck....original engine, original trans( but we built it twice ) 177k miles.
  6. on the first day of christmas my true gave to me: a Convoy video featuring that black R series
  7. Its a single axle box truck 26k gvw- but I have a 2006 Pete 335 with a c7 cat. 250 hp , allison 3000, 24' box. It replaced a 2003 IH 4300- that thing was the yugo of trucks. Always an electrical glitch.... would lose throttle response driving down the road, pull over, shut it down for 30 seconds and everything golden for a while. DT466e- was not bad once we replaced the wasted injector but at 190 hp would not get out of its own way. I lke the smaller Pete cab, we did replace the seats with Sears Atlas 2 heated and ventilated air rides, but in all its a heck of a lot better truck than the IH was , and less maintenance. Disclaimer - it makes about 100-150 miles a week in local deliveries in 50 mile runs...nt my primary business to drive. all you can do is drive whatever it is.... I think they all make a POS sometimes......
  8. I have seen the videos, I know the nuts and bolts of it- question is does it really ride better than springs or is it endless farting around with stuff I should not be thinking about, I just don’t know if it’s as practical as a cool mint enema or the best thing since Mack trucks
  9. It supposed to be an open air system that completely replaces the steel coils. I have driven coil sprung trucks, it would seem that the air ride would be a lot smoother. I just don’t know how it works in real life on this light a vehicle
  10. I am looking at a new 3/4 ton truck. I like the ram cummins 2500 but debating on the air suspension. Anybody have one? eta- not sure if this belongs here or elsewhere... mods, move it if you wish.
  11. My brother and I share a 1968 roadrunner, 383 4 speed. We did a 69 chevelle for a friend. a 1962 chevy pickup, a 1946 ford pickup, a bunch of wrecks in the late 80's early 90's( mostly modern stuff, buy 2 cars,, merge them together in the name of repair). Too many to list.
  12. Its still a nation of choice. Its like I tell people when the conversation turns to ( guns, race cars, exotic cars, tractors, diamond earrings, name your luxury). when they ask what one would need ( fill in the blank),,, I tell them need has nothing to do with it. If I am allowed to buy what I want, you buy what you want,,, thats what drives a capitalistic society. I drive a 2000 F350 DRW crew cab flat bed 4 x 4- with a 7.3L. It was the primary machine shop delivery truck for years, now its basic transport ( bought a Pete 335 single axle box truck for delivery). for what it costs me to drive the 7.3 I can't make the payment on something else.
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