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  1. We have a 1984 EM9 400hp, was wondering what its worth. Its in a cab over, runs good, fires right up, just don't need. We run a fleet of RD's running E6 and E7s Thanks Steve
  2. I cant provide you pictures of each, but from my parts book I list, 38,000lb 44,000lb 46,000lb 55,000lb and 65,000lb. My experiance is that the 38,000 is the only non greasable, open trunnion assembly. All of the others are the closed greasable style with the brass bushings, vers the open rubbers on the 38,000.
  3. Looking for aluminum or steel fuel tanks for RD688S 56-59 gallon. Either side, they are interchangable. Mack Part Number 2MB4957AP6. We run a fleet of these trucks so the more the better, we can always use them. Thanks
  4. cobrascj

    Frame Rails RD

    Thanks For the reply. We sent them one of our broken frame rails to match, however they were not confident that they could accuratly duplicate our rails, we were hopping for something a little thicker then stock.
  5. cobrascj

    Frame Rails RD

    We run a fleet of RD688s dump trucks, we are looking for a supplier or manufacture of new frame rails. We hope to increase thickness, these trucks are run on logging roads daily and are worn out. Any help on where to find replacement steel rails is appreciated. Thanks Steve
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