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  1. Something to think about, Remack basics don't come with injectors in them. So you could have the originals still in there if they weren't replaced with the engine.
  2. Getting ready to tackle a leaky flywheel housing. Are there any worries of creating another leak behind the gear plate? Also I'm assuming the starter, pan, air comp, ps pump, and upper gear cover need to be removed as well? I've had training on this engine but Damn it's been awhile!
  3. Thanks guys. After another service regen it finally set a fault code. Ran the diagnostics and it said it needs a reprogram. Off to the dealer
  4. Hey guys, I'm working on a us10 mp7. I have a blinking regen switch with no malfunction light, but the truck will not initiate a regen with the switch. I did a service regen but it was taking forever and I was only getting 700 degrees exhaust temp. I ended up replacing the 7th injector, that got me up to 900 degrees. Still not hot enough although it will complete a regen now, still have the blinking switch. Any ideas?
  5. Sounds like syncro going south. It will get worse, to the point it will not stay in High range.
  6. Thanks guys, apparently there has been an issue with this on the Volvo side but none with mack, here locally at least. Until now. Lol
  7. I have an 08 Gu with an mp7 in our shop that came in a few weeks ago with a completely clogged DOC. It had a large piece of cloth like material that had been partially burned up by the heat, causing it to shred and clog the DOC. Replaced blown out flex pipes, cleaned DOC, truck ran great for 3 weeks. Now its back again with the same issue. This time I realized the cloth like material was actually part of the inside of the flex pipe, the first flex from the turbo. Apparently there is 2 layers a flex with this cloth stuff in between. Anybody seen this happen before? I cant figure out why the pipe is coming apart. Everything went together tight and straight, no reason that I can see for this to happen?
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