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  1. Gudday and hows it going mate dont let a couple of people sour your taste for the forum on a whole we are all fairly good bunch of blokes and you did well sticking up for your self and your family

    You've done really well so far with your truck hardly any B81's were sold in Australia and if there was one around here it would be worth  a fortune 

    Funny thing about these collectors and fruit loops like us you can never win sometimes it seems its ok for some blokes to wheel and deal in old Macks on here and not others dunno but all the carrying on from some wasnt gunna do none of  us no favors 

    Best of luck with what ever you end up doing Im sure what ever decision you make will work out all ok in the end 

    Good luck at college we dont have college in Australia and schools and medical  are all free as well unless you choose to go private most dont 

    I yack with Tim Maikshilo  (hes on the forum) every week or so and all though we both speak the same language  there is some big differences between Australia and the US in health care and education he finds it hard to believe its all free over here and always has been at least all of my life 


    all the best mate and dont let these buggers get you down 

    I dont think there is much chance of that 




    Paul Griffiths



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