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  1. SID55 FMI2 indicates a defective stop lamp switch. make sure your tractor stop lamps are working correctly and that the circuit is not shorted to the parking lights.
  2. I vote just plain nuts, but what would you expect from Beverly hills?
  3. Those sensors are not the same, if you switch them the malfunction light will come on and the oil pressure gauge will not work correctly. I you need to switch a sensor to check the oil pressure sensor operation you can use the fuel pressure sensor, it's the same part #.
  4. The doser fault refers to your 7th injector, FMI 12 will set when the DPF pre-filter temperature does not get hot enough for regeneration to take place. Since your injector is new I would suspect the catalyst is plugged, that can be caused by any engine issue, turbo, EGR system, injectors etc. If they are only cleaning the filter and not the catalyst your problem will not go away. I will always do a test of engine smoke with the DPF removed to see if there is excess smoke coming out by snapping the throttle open always a good indication of engine problems, one time the issue was a damaged camshaft. Good luck!
  5. The backflow valve is located within the filter housing, the problem probably lies in the injectors or cups as stated before.
  6. Slip joints always go toward the front to prevent water and dirt from getting in. If the drive line attaches to the yokes with 1/2 inch fine strap bolts the torque is 125 to 135 ft/lbs.
  7. I'll take a sign a bumpersticker, coffee cup and a calendar!.
  8. That fault is the Aftertreatment Hydrocarbon Dosing Module, calibration value out of range. Could be an air pressure problem or a faulty module
  9. Post the VIN and I'll see what I can find.
  10. Thats the same process that Mack recommends to remove broken stainless exhaust manifold studs in ASET AC engines. The welding rod that is used is not standard rod like 7018.
  11. Stainless cups were introduced in 2010, There are kits available to upgrade engines back to 2007.
  12. I have replaced dozens of coolers on MP engines and have never had any leaks, sounds like one of the seals was damaged during installation. You'll need to remove the tube and check them.
  13. The aftertreatment hydrocarbon dosing module was not put into production until middle of 2010, your engine just has a shut-off valve and 7th injector.
  14. The valve only flows fuel to the injector at engine start long enough to check the pressure sensor then shuts the fuel off. The exhaust temp. gauge only shows DPF inlet temperature 600 is OK, there are 2 more sensors in the DPF, PSID 47 FMI 12 indicates those sensors are not getting hot enough 1000 to 1250 degrees. PPID 329 FMI 4 is a electrical fault of the 7th injector, calls for replacement of the injector. If the EML and shutdown lights are on you will not be able to start a regen using the dash switch, the system is in level 4. A service facility with access to PTT software can run a service regen.
  15. The 4 pin connector goes to the aftertreatment fuel pressure sensor. The ECM opens the valve everytime the engine is started to check the pressure sensor, you can remove the fuel line from the injector and run a hose into a container and start the engine and look for a flow of fuel. since the line is disconnected the ECM will probably log PPID 326 FMI 7. The other faults you mentioned lead me to believe you have a faulted injector if the valve is operating correctly.
  16. Sounds like your talking about the aftertreatment fuel shut-off valve under the air compressor. The 2 pin connector is not a sensor, that connector receives the signal from the ECM to activate the valve to allow flow to the injector. Any oil in that connector may have damaged the valve, but I have never seen that happen.
  17. Does your injector have 2 lines and a check valve going to it?
  18. You will need to get the injectors checked, sounds like one may have fractured a capnut.
  19. The oil pressure regulating valve is located in the oil pump housing.
  20. The sensor is located in the timing gear cover below the breather canister on the right side. I would clean and dry the connector terminals first and see if the code goes away.
  21. Sounds like the crank and cam sensors are hooked up backwards, the ECM will disengage the starter because it sees 4000 RPM.
  22. I've worked at Mack dealerships for almost 20 years and I agree your dealer is full of BS, you should be able to hang meat in the cab at idle. Unfortunately I can't fix it from here, I have had to replace a couple of control panels on 2015s to repair A/C system drop out, cant be sure this is your problem.
  23. If the red lights in the pressure gauges come on at low air pressure but no buzzer the instrument cluster needs to be replaced. The cluster is also a control module ( MID 140) so the cluster needs to be programmed or it will not work. The odometer and system time and date also need to be programmed.
  24. Excess cylinder blow-by is combustion leaking past the pistons and rings,it's possible the engine is worn or has a broken fire ring or two.
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