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  1. This guy has a bunch of old iron, used to operate under the name ARAN trading, not sure if that is still the case.  I can look at these trucks or get more pictures for anyone seriously interested, they are very close to me.   Andy

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  2. That's a funny but sad article.  However, I don't know how are cameras gonna do anything except for capture some of these events on video as opposed to pictures. I think the SWIFT HR department is where most of the issues stem from.  Maybe offer a better wage and try to attract more qualified employees?  

  3. That makes sense, the upper push valve is for the tractor, I assumed the lower would have just been for the trailer.  I think the air system is going to be the most challenging part of the truck for me because of how little I know about them.  Thanks for all the replys, it is very helpful.  Andy

  4. 44 minutes ago, Hobert62 said:

    The tractor protection valve is the valve that would supply air to the trailer system/ release trailer brakes." Red knob"     It protects the tractors air supply if the trailer line is broken and lets to much sir escape.   Causes red knob to pop out.    Sounds like someone added the push style knobs and left the flipper valves in place.  Normal would send air through the red airline to the trailer and flip to emergency would shut the air off going to the trailer.  

    I think...

    That would make alot of sense I suppose, but everything still was connected.  Also both push pull valve appear original as well, they share a bracket and have IH branding on them.  Sorry for the bad pic but it might help.  Andy


  5. This is where I get confused, I have the Dry Road/Slippery Road switch, as well as the "Truck Tractor Protection" flip style valve.  One side is labeled NORMAL the other side says "EMERGENCY'.  Then on the other side of the dash I have 2 push- pull style valves, one I pushed in to move the tractor as you would suspect and I presume the other was for airing up the trailer.  The system was cannablized when I got the truck because it hadn't been used as a tractor since at least the mid 80's. Things were disconnected, plugged and in general disrepair, I made a good drawing of the existing system but I think it will have me chasing my tail due to all the uncertainties.  Thanks, Andy

  6. Sorry for the delay with pictures, I've been getting so little done it's depressing.  I'm hoping to spend some time on it this weekend.  The schematic from another make truck may be helpful.  Here are some pictures of the dash valves, I'm not clear how the dash mounted tractor protection valve is supposed to work.  Andy



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