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  1. I agree on the hammer tone green. Looks great. As far as the headliner you should be able to make one from backer board like used for kick panels. It is a good idea also to use some sort of sound deadner before the headliner goes in. Love all the pictures.
  2. I'll take one. I'm not on FB, let me know where to send for.
  3. Mine is a 1960 non turbo. I had the same problem with the shuttes stuck open the temp gauge hardly registered. I checked for a thermostat and there is none. The housing is just a nipple for the radiator hose. I got the shutters to work and now run about 170 degrees. They never open only when you shut it off. I don't know if the low temp does any damage but they sure run better at temp.
  4. Vlad, Good to know. The cracks in mine are hardly noticeable just hope they don't get worse anytime soon. Maybe there is a body filler that would be better suited. I don't really have any recent experience with the fillers.
  5. I used PC 7 two part with a little thinner of acetone a couple of years ago for some pretty big cracks. It did a nice job, sanded out smooth. I do have a couple of hairline cracks showing now. You have to look close but they are there
  6. Yes. Congrats. Any pictures?
  7. Great pictures. Thanks. The Jack Daniels rat rod is wild with the DD sound effects to match.
  8. HarryS

    1955 LTL

    Congratulations on your purchase. Definitely not a "carry on".
  9. Lot's of nice looking iron. Sorry I missed it.
  10. Great pictures. Always look forward to them. Iowa 80 sure has grown since I was there about 15 years ago. Makes you want to go again.
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