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  1. YES! Happy and Better New Year to everyone.
  2. Here's a picture from their website: https://www.essingtonavenue.com/
  3. Another thing to consider for a little more speed would be a two speed rear. I had a '48 Diamond T that topped out at just over 50 mph. I found a vacuum operated two speed that got it up to about 58 mph. It also gives better gear spacing. Do you know if your five speed has OD?
  4. I like it. I see it has factory air.
  5. Merry Christmas and like everyone else looking forward to a better New Year.
  6. As much fun as it would be to drive it home you probably are making the right decision. New England is a super busy corridor and there is also weather to consider. Some years ago I bought a '61 B-68 from a towing company just off I 95 in VA. It was purchased in Upstate, NY and being driven to Fla. It had a vibration that kept getting worse which turned out to be a pinion bearing along with the water pump going out. The new owner never came back for it.
  7. I got it today. Good story with each one of the trucks. It's awesome!
  8. Good eye Vlad. I could never get past the tatoo.
  9. I went back and tried to study the car but keep getting distracted.
  10. The ATHS show is in Harrisonburg this coming June. Should be a good one.
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